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Sketching Session

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Everybody can sketch. It's not about artsy stuff, but problem solving and visual communication. Sketches don't need to be perfect, but they need to convey a solution / an idea.

The session will take 45 mins (1 hour):
* 5 min (10 min): Intro (Idea / Problem)
Discover the idea that will be tackled. Explain the rules.
(Discover 3 ideas we can sketch upon and vote on your preferred one. Depending on what was voted, we will start sketching on the winner idea.)

* 20 min (30 min): Sketch
Everyone will sketch a solution for the idea / problem selected.
You can propose just 1 sketch or multiple.
You can sketch entire screens or just small UI components.
Ugly is ok. The sketch doesn't need to be fancy (boxes, stick figures and words are fine).
A sketch is the first step towards an idea / solution.

* 5 min: Gather
Everyone will stick their sketch(es) on a visible panel creating a board full of sketches.
We keep the sketches anonymous.

* 10 min: Voting
You will have 3-5 voting dots. You will go in line over the proposed sketches (like in an art gallery) and vote on the ones that you think if will solve the problem or that we should follow.

* 5 min: Conclusions
We will gather / scan the voted solutions and see how we can integrate them as a solution.

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