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Customer Support: Turning your Nightmare into a Growth Engine

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Talk delivered at WCEU in Berlin, June 2019.
Your customers are your greatest asset. Helping them to be successful with your product/service should be a primary concern for your business. This talk explains how you can deliver excellent customer support by creating a framework that works for your customers AND for you. Define how you want to offer support, set clear expectation about what you can provide, and guide your customers along their way.

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Customer Support: Turning your Nightmare into a Growth Engine

  1. 1. Customer Support: Turning your nightmare into a growth engine Valentina Thörner (@valedeoro) WooCommerce Support Lead @ Automattic vale.pro/DistanceBook
  3. 3. Just a moment, ... Of course, ... Certainly, ... I am sure we can... Octopus syndrome @valedeoro
  4. 4. 3 realities you need to face @valedeoro
  5. 5. They exist! Hopefully. @valedeoro
  6. 6. They pay you! Let me repeat that: Ka-Ching! @valedeoro
  7. 7. They have questions! And you probably have the answer. @valedeoro
  8. 8. 3 decisions to make YOUR life easier @valedeoro
  9. 9. Contact avenues Less is more ● Forum support? For everyone? For paying customers? ● Email/ticket system? ● Whatsapp/Telegram? ● Slack community? ● Facebook group? ● Twitter account? ● Livechat? ● Telephone support? @valedeoro
  10. 10. Expectations Time, energy, availability ● FRT/SLA ● Weekday/Weekend support? ● Business hours or 24/7? ● Knowledge base redirect? ● Tiered support? @valedeoro
  11. 11. Request types Not all requests are created equal ● Bugs ● Basic configurations ● Edge cases ● Customization requests ● Refunds ● Feature requests ● ... @valedeoro
  12. 12. 3 ways to set clients up for success @valedeoro
  13. 13. Self-support Standard answers to frequent requests ● Setup wizard ● JITM ● Email automizations ● Documentation ● ... @valedeoro
  14. 14. Standardized support Similar answers for similar requests ● Automated answers ● Snippets ● Macros ● Forum support visible to everyone ● … @valedeoro
  15. 15. Personalized support (Almost) unique answers for specific questions ● Tickets ● Livechat ● (Forum) ● Messaging apps ● Phone support ● ... @valedeoro
  16. 16. 3 steps towards your strategy
  17. 17. Accept reality >> Make a list of all requests received in the past 3 months @valedeoro
  18. 18. Design your vision >> Analyze your list, cluster the topics >> Decide what kind of support to offer for each type of topic @valedeoro
  19. 19. Guide your customer >> Redesign your website to guide your client where they need to go @valedeoro
  20. 20. Example: getting help at wp.com @valedeoro
  21. 21. Guiding the customer - WordPress.com @valedeoro
  22. 22. Guiding the customer - WordPress.com @valedeoro
  23. 23. Guiding the customer - WordPress.com @valedeoro
  24. 24. Tl;dr Allow your client to find the help they need within the boundaries that you’ve defined. @valedeoro
  25. 25. Thank you! Valentina Thörner valentinathoerner.com vale.pro/DistanceBook @valedeoro