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Naming a brand

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Science in naming a product

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Naming a brand

  1. 1. The science for choosing amemorable Brand Name
  2. 2. The Importance of a Name• The average person is bombarded with over 3000 messages everyday- one wants to reduce buyer confusion and engender recognition through the use of one’s name.
  3. 3. The Importance of a Name• A name can inspire, excite, motivate and entice.• It is very critical that the brand carries the right name• A good brand name gives a good first impression and evokes positive associations with the brand• A good name provides clarity and recognition
  4. 4. What is a good name ?• Apple/Nike/Orange: Strong logos and easy to remember names but not connected to the type of business it does. Still consumers have to strong recollection of these brands• Federal Express/National Broadcasting Corporation: Manufacturer desires, consumer decides. A good name hence is Fed Ex and NBC• Duracell: signifies a quality of the product like durability. Another example being Stronglas from AIS Glass.
  5. 5. Naming Process • The Marketing Filter – Define the product’s features, functions and benefits, the qualities that would appeal most to customers, how the product differs from competition – Ex: The word “Power “ or “Speed “defines high octane fuel with certain essential qualities as opposed to a flat, unleaded fuel.
  6. 6. Naming Process• Semantic filter – Its important to find out will the name work in the global market place? – Negative connotations, tongue twisting challenges and cultural and religious affronts are frequent foreign language hazards – Federal Express in Latin American countries, “Federal” conjured a negative image of “federals”
  7. 7. Naming Process• Phonetic filter: • the phonetics filter incorporates pronunciation, readability, rhythm, tone and vowel/consonant arrangement.• Ex: Super Shell is simple to pronounce and not Shell Super!
  8. 8. Naming Process• Sound symbolism filter: • We have to keep in mind that a corporate or brand name is often seen not heard, so it is important to consider how it will look on packaging, letterhead, signs, websites etc
  9. 9. Naming Process• Legal filter: • It is important to find out if it is legally available. • Name should not have any negative connotations
  10. 10. The Do’s and Don’ts of naming• A brand name has to be memorable, distinctive, easy to pronounce and work globally• Keep it simple. The longer a word is the less likely you are to remember it• Avoid clichés like ultra, pro, global hi tech, as they have been used too often• Coined words have been successful Pentium, OXO• Reinvent a real word. Apple has nothing to do with technology much like Shell and petroleum
  11. 11. ORIGIN OF SOME BRANDNAMES• Abbreviations / Acronyms :FedEx, Telco, Unisys, Microsoft, IBM, Amul, KFC• Arbitrary : Apple, Orange, Tamarind• Classical : Maruti, Ganga, Ashok• Foreign Languages : Samurai, Sansui• Founders : Godrej, Bajaj, Gillette• Symbolism : Mustang, Tiger Biscuit
  12. 12. Some more….• Combination/Semantic : Nutrasweet ,Victorinox, Pagemaker• Oxymoron : True Lies, Intimate Strangers Lowe Alpine• Descriptive : Pudin Hara , Hajmola , Airbus , Duracell, Energizer
  14. 14. Client Brief • Vitrified is getting popular • Need brand differentiation in the market • Create a brand name that cues Vitrified • Should cue Vitrified
  15. 15. Who we are talking to ?• Builders and Architects• Key influencers ( Trade )• Secondary audience ( End user )
  16. 16. The Task• Recommend a brand name for Vitrified tiles
  17. 17. Competitive brand names• Western Vitro• Marbonite• Sonora Vitro• Rock Slab & Asian Vitrified• Marbito• SOGO Vitrified tiles• Vamora Vitrified tiles
  18. 18. Approach• Looked at the following : Style Technology and Bigness Premium Strength
  19. 19. Cues with Style• VitroSleek• VitroSmooth• VitroZing• VitroLife• VitroLine• VirtoPride• VitroLook
  20. 20. Cues with Technology & Bigness• VitroTek• VitroTech• VirtoFit• VitroSuper• Vitro-Q• VitroSpace• VitroFloor
  21. 21. Cues with Premium & Strength• VitroGloss• VitroPremia• VitroGLow• VitroTouch• VitroStrong• VitroSupreme
  22. 22. Thank you