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Learning UX Everyday

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Everyday I am learning, relearning and reminded of simple lessons in UX.
Yes, as designers we have constraints, but never lose focus: It is always about the best User (Guest) Experience we can deliver.

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Learning UX Everyday

  1. 1. Learning UX Design Everyday
  2. 2. Recently Realized… I was repeating lessons in UX Design over and over. • I Had to Ask for Help • Sat Down and Wrote Some Things Out • Always Looking to Learn More
  3. 3. Design Isn’t the Hard Part
  4. 4. “If it was easy, we wouldn’t have jobs” Matt Carthum
  5. 5. There Will Always Be Problems Problems are Opportunities, Not Roadblocks • If Defined like a School Assignment, Would be Easy • There Isn’t a 100% Guaranteed Recipe • Same for Other Roles
  6. 6. The Hard Part for Designers, Product Managers & Developers is: • Defining the Problem • Alignment, Constant Discussion & Meetings • Presentations & Reviews • Lots of Meetings • Collaborating Remotely • Going Back to the Drawing Board • Deadlines
  7. 7. What is the Hard Part for You?
  8. 8. Give Them What They Want…
  9. 9. Give Them What They Want… Then Show Them What They Need
  10. 10. Break It In Front of Them Show Why It Does or Doesn’t Work… 1. Start by Telling the Story 2. Present What Is Expected - “Here is what you asked for last time…” 3. Then Show What Works - “This alternative - our recommendation - is stronger…”
  11. 11. “Show What Can’t Be Unseen” Priyanka Kakar
  12. 12. Design Facilitates the Conversation
  13. 13. Presentations are Not a Sales Pitch A Dialog with Visual Aides • The Difference between Alignment and Agreement • Understand How to Move Forward • Collaboration Happens in Conversations
  14. 14. “Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing” Peter F. Drucker
  15. 15. How Do You Move Things Forward?Walk the Middle Path
  16. 16. Experts Open to Change Partnership is Like Creating a Great Comic Book • Writer Can’t Approach Like a Novel • Illustrator Can’t Approach Like a Painting • Right Combination that Adds Up to Great Story in the Mind of the Reader (User)
  17. 17. This is Not the End Product…
  18. 18. This Is…
  19. 19. “Your product is not the code, the art or schematic. It is the memory the Guest has of their experience.” Josh Gorin
  20. 20. Listen, Then Use Judgement
  21. 21. Me
  22. 22. Listening and Hearing are Different Everyone Puts Themselves in Center of the Venn Diagram • Consistently Delivering Means Working in Concert • Develop the Ability to Anticipate • Best Referees Say What Others Know to be True
  23. 23. “The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.” Peter F. Drucker
  24. 24. Thank You