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Andy Mohr Ford2713 E. Main StreetPlainfield IN 46168866-950-6530 2008 Ford Taurus X                                    VIN...
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  1. 1. Andy Mohr Ford2713 E. Main StreetPlainfield IN 46168866-950-6530 2008 Ford Taurus X VIN 1FMDK02W18GA44648 Stock P6817 Mileage 71,357 Selling Price $13,990.00 Color Merlot Metallic 866-950-6530 Interior Medium Light Stone Transmission Automatic Details Andy Mohr Ford has a 2008 Ford Taurus X for sale near PlainfieldIN. This Ford Taurus X has an exterior color of Merlot Metallic. The vehicle is VIN# 1FMDK02W18GA44648 and is provided for your convenience if you wish to research this car independently. This 2008 Ford Taurus X is selling for $13,990.00 but please contact Andy Mohr Ford for any special sales or promotions that may apply to this car. You can request those details by using our Free Price Quote form on our website. All Andy Mohr Ford vehicles go through an inspection prior to placing them online for sale. If you would like to confirm todays best price on this vehicle or if you would like additional information, please view this car on our website and provide us with your basic contact information. A member of Andy Mohr Ford Internet sales team member will contact you promptly. Of course we are just a phone call away: 866-950-6530 Dealer Notes Its tax time and we have guaranteed financing on most of our vehicles! Call us now at 317-837- 2009 to get approved on this car!! Want to pay cash???!! Even Better!! Call us at 317-837-2009 right now to get the best deal! Options