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It is about "Embolism" and its types

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  2. 2. EMBOLISM: “Detached Intravascular Solid, Liquid or gas mass carried by blood to a distant site.”
  3. 3.  *Venous Embolism/ Pulmonary (DVT) *Arterial Embolism (Post MI) *Paradoxical Embolism (Venous will become arterial: due to ASD/ VSD) *Fat embolism *Amniotic fluid embolism *Air embolism *Septic embolism *Foreign body embolism. Types of Embolism:
  4. 4. *Most commonly from venous emboli from leg veins (DVT) *“Saddle embolus” obstructs main Pulmonary artery *Once a Pulmonary embolus occurs, patient will be prone for recurrent emboli episodes. *Multiple emboli or shower of small emboli in small pulmonary arteries.
  6. 6. *Most arise from Intra cardiac mural thrombi *Left ventricular wall infarction and Mitral stenosis predisposes to thrombi and embolus * Arterial emboli travel to wide variety of sites * Lower limbs, Brain, intestines, kidney, spleen…….any organ.
  7. 7. * Microscopic fat globules enter circulation following fracture of long bones * Fat embolism syndrome:: Symptoms appear 1- 3 days after injury * Pulmonary insufficiency: Tachypnea, Dyspnea, Tachycardia * Neurologic symptoms: Irritability, Restlessness, Delirium, Coma * Low platelets: Petechial skin rash * Fatal in 10% of individuals
  8. 8.  Fracture long bones: Imp.  Soft tissue trauma  Burns  Parenteral lipid infusion  Sickle cell crisis  Acute pancreatitis  Liposuction  Decompression sickness
  9. 9.  Gas bubbles in circulation  100 ml of air is needed to produce clinical effect  Chest wall injury, Neck injury, Therapeutic, Intra-operative  Decompression sickness seen in Deep sea divers
  10. 10. AIR EMBOLISM
  11. 11.  Amniotic fluid into ruptured uterine veins  Grave, but uncommon complication  Important obstetric complication  Sudden onset of severe dyspnea, Cyanosis, Hypotension, Shock, Seizures, Coma.  If survives… Pulmonary edema, DIC AMNIOTIC FLUID EMBOLISM