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Organizer management

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This is a tips and guide to all organizers whether you are a newbie or pro organizer. I make this simple as possible to be readable and applicable technically.

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Organizer management

  1. 1. ORGANIZER MANAGEMENT is when the organizer manage the job from scratch, planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring to assessment and evaluation. HOW TO ORGANIZE community / group / events email- marjcolasi@gmail.com/blog@https://marjcolasi.wixsite.com/va-marj-c
  2. 2.  Unlike those who promote more-consensual community building, community organizers generally assume that social change necessarily involves conflict and social struggle in order to generate collective power for the powerless. Community organizing has as a core goal the generation of durable power for an organization representing the community, allowing it to influence key decision-makers on a range of issues over time. In the ideal, for example, this can get community-organizing groups a place at the table before important decisions are made.[2] Community organizers work with and develop new local leaders, facilitating coalitions and assisting in the development of campaigns. (Wikipedia) COMMUNITY ORGANIZING IS A PROCESS WHERE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN PROXIMITY TO EACH OTHER COME TOGETHER INTO ORGANIZATION THAT ACTS THEIR SHARED SELF-INTEREST.(Wikipedia) email- marjcolasi@gmail.com/blog@https://marjcolasi.wixsite.com/va-marj-c
  3. 3. PHASES OF COMMUNITY ORGANIZING I. Preparatory Phase  Leveling off = Team must have a common understanding of company VMGS (vision, mission, goals, strategy) and plan it by using SMART. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound)  Planning and budgeting = every member must know their task on what to do, who will do it, how to do it, when/time to do it. Have clear organizational structure with role and functions not to overlap the responsibility, more focus more efficiency. Initiative to help team mates can easily born.  Equipping the organizer - assess the needs and response into it as much as possible to equip the team or individual.  Program implementation, monitoring and assessment. email- marjcolasi@gmail.com/blog@https://marjcolasi.wixsite.com/va-marj-c
  4. 4. II. Initiating Phase Follow the SOP (standard operating procedures)  Courtesy call.  Communication - Formal letter to the target persons, call or text.  Ocular visitation of the area to familiarize accessibility.  Tapping of existing leader thru house visitation and dialogue.  Courtesy visits and meeting with existing leaders.  Meeting and Planning with existing leaders.  Social Investigation and Community Profiling. email- marjcolasi@gmail.com/blog@https://marjcolasi.wixsite.com/va-marj-c
  5. 5. III. Education Formation Phase  Awareness raising – all seminars, inputs and activities must be leading to VMGS  Trainings – must have the time to continue the progress  Consideration of signs of timed to do Mid-assessment. IV. Organizing Phase  Create a groupings either according to age, area, zone and elect/appoint a leader – group must have at least 1 to 15 members, with regular schedule of activity  Pre-assembly – invite the group members, have a pre-plan, prepare the activity for General Assembly, Go back to the plan and asses it with the leaders.  General Assembly – election of leaders, create a 3 to 6 months community plan, clear organizational structure with clear roles and functions, approval of the community when needed must be done. email- marjcolasi@gmail.com/blog@https://marjcolasi.wixsite.com/va-marj-c
  6. 6. V. Follow – up Phase  Continues necessary additional education formation  Build networks to help the community  Go back to the plan made during General Assembly  A bit visitation and as much as possible be the observer rather than a facilitator.  At least 1 to 3 months maximum of 6 months produce leaders that can facilitate the community.  Evaluation and celebration! email- marjcolasi@gmail.com/blog@https://marjcolasi.wixsite.com/va-marj-c
  7. 7. EVENT ORGANIZING is managing the whole run of an event. Event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of large-scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. It involves studying the brand, identifying its target audience, devising the event concept, and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event email- marjcolasi@gmail.com/blog@https://marjcolasi.wixsite.com/va-marj-c
  8. 8. TIPS AND GUIDE  Planning and Budgeting ( a lot an emergency budget)  Research (know the persons/involve in activity)  Strategic planning - Master the formula of 5W and 1H - Who, What, When/time, Where and How  Implementation - Be detailed oriented. email- marjcolasi@gmail.com/blog@https://marjcolasi.wixsite.com/va-marj-c
  9. 9.  Attitude tips- Load yourself with patience, open mindedness and necessary virtues from time to time.  Create a group member if necessary can help to the success of event.  Run through and meetings must be done when necessary.  Always have a plan A, B  Give gratitude to the responsible persons for the of event. email- marjcolasi@gmail.com/blog@https://marjcolasi.wixsite.com/va-marj-c
  10. 10. GROUP ORGANIZING – (ex. volunteer groups) An organization or organization is an entity comprising multiple people, such as an institution or an association, that has a particular purpose. (Wikipedia)  Appoint a person (organizer) – qualified to handle the group base on their needs.  Integrate with the group do a research. Ex. habit, activities, job, etc  Strategic Planning - Thru group meeting formulate the VMGS with SMART and give the propose a plan. Accepting the plan is owning by the group. With no owning of the program the foundation of individual may be shaken and danger of achieving the Goal may not be meet.  Gather the leaders and appoint/elect a leader to form a ad hoc committee (temporary group of leaders) Give the clear instruction and role of individual for the mean time. email- marjcolasi@gmail.com/blog@https://marjcolasi.wixsite.com/va-marj-c
  11. 11.  Develop a plan with the group – ask every leader to plan with their group and bring it during the meeting of leaders. The plan must be rooted from the consolidated plan of each group.  Formulation of General Guidelines and Policies from grassroots/groups to higher level. Consensus done the more effective it will be.  General Assembly to discuss the plan and the general guidelines must be approved on GA. Election must be made with system how to do it.  Trained the leaders and make a leaders not a boss. email- marjcolasi@gmail.com/blog@https://marjcolasi.wixsite.com/va-marj-c