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Chainsys proposal ki v1-28-feb-2013

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Chainsys proposal ki v1-28-feb-2013

  1. 1. BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION – Oracle ERP Implementation PRESENTED TO: Mr.Gopalan - Group GM- Business Improvement and Optimization Kenafric
  2. 2. Business Process Automation Solution
  3. 3. Agenda- 20 Min  Why Chain-sys? – 5 Min  Why Oracle EBS? – 5 Min  Project -5 Min  Other Discussions- 5 Min
  4. 4. Agenda-1 Chain-sys  Executive Summary  About Chain-sys  Engagement Scope  Engagement Approach & Deliverables  Engagement Timeline  Project Organization and Governance  Chain.Sys Advantage
  6. 6. Vision Statement To provide Accelerated Solutions to Mid-Size Indian customers through our ERP Implementation, Integration, AMS, Technology and Upgrade services
  7. 7. Geo spreads Present in : India, UK, Dubai, The Netherlands, US and Africa Global Delivery Centre- Chennai
  8. 8. • Management Consulting and Product Development Company with 14+ years experience in the ERP space • Strong Partnership with Oracle Corporation •Oracle EBS, Database and Middleware products Reseller •Oracle Certified Platinum Partner •Oracle Consulting Services (OCS/GSD/OSI) Partner • Flagship Product – e.chain SCM/ERP suite • Oracle EBS Productivity Tools – appLOAD suite • Presence across multiple verticals – EPCC, Engineering ,Auto Ancillary, High Tech – Chemicals, Paper – Metals, Glass, Trading – Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing and Projects based Industries Profile
  9. 9. Enterprise Application Solutions
  10. 10. -Business Process Re-engineering - ERP Implementation Roadmap - Apps Integration Strategy Consulting -Pre Implementation Assessment -Core Implementation -Global Roll-outs -3rd Party Application Integration -Pre-Upgrade Assessment -Version Upgrades -Platform Migrations -Application Upgrades -Post Upgrade Roll Outs -Help Desk -Application Support – SLA based -Instance Consolidation -Performance Management -Point Integration Solution Implementation Upgrade Support Oracle Service Offerings
  11. 11. Technology Services • OAF/ADF Development • Business Intelligence using OBIEE • XML Publisher Report Development • Database Administration and Support ( 100 % Support ) • SOA Suite for Integration. Application Integration Architecture • 10g Reports Builder and 10g Forms work • R12 Workflow customizations
  12. 12. Oracle Business Accelerator • Chain-Sys’ Methodology of Implementation • Facilitates faster Go-live as per the standard Business process in available in Oracle EBS • Recommends strongly to adapt the business process available in Oracle EBS without any customization • Allows companies the flexibility to select the accelerator offering that meets their specific business or market requirements. • Chain-Sys is OBA Certified • Key Benefits of OBA – Reduced project risk and cost – Faster time to benefit from Oracle applications – More effective scope consensus – Rapid return on investment – Lower total cost of ownership
  13. 13. As-Is Business Process Study To Be Process Definition Solution Build CRP UAT Data Migration Cutover and Go-Live OBA Data Collection And Tool Run CRP UAT Data Migration Cutover and Go-Live Timeline with OBA and appLOAD Traditional Oracle EBS Implementation Timeline Delivering Value-OBA and appLOAD
  14. 14. How OBA Works?
  15. 15. Productivity Tools for EBS • Flagship Product – Robust, Backend, Server based Productivity tools for EBS • appLOAD Suite – Suite of 4 tools to enable fast and easy Data Loading, Extraction, Migration and Interfacing • appBI - Pre built Business Intelligence package consisting of ready to use dashboards, data cubes and data pumps for Oracle EBS environments
  16. 16. 1. Tier one Partner for Oracle Consulting /PWC/Bearing Point/KPMG/GE/Accenture/Sony. 2. Large Pool of Oracle EBS talents strong on latest modules and specialized technical skills like OAF/ADF/APEX/XML 3. Fulfillment of the requirement in the shortest time frame 4. Provide account management professionals to manage resources at client place 5. Help customers to gear up for projects that require specialized application skills that don't exist or can't be leveraged internally 6. Cross Train resources continuously to be effective to manage more modules 7. Carefully choose employees with right attitude to fit the clients expectations. Resource– The Key
  17. 17.  Solid technology Practice. Proud makers of e-chain ERP/SCM product. Designed and developed various productivity tools for Oracle EBS 11i/R12.  Thorough Experiments of OBA for R12 modules. We know its strength and how to apply the same for the benefit of the customer.  Productivity tool – appLOAD to the customers benefit on our projects to perform data conversion from your legacy system within a week’s time. These tools helps the customers to achieve data conversion and interfaces without any additional programming effort. Huge savings of cost and time to our clients.  Any customizations identified on Forms and OAF pages can be mostly configured using our productivity tool Forms and Java Augmenter. These tools helps customizing Forms and Java pages without any additional programming efforts.  Strong focus in user training – unless the users are trained 100% the system cannot successfully go-live.  Post production support has always got A+ credit ratings.  Custom Solutions development organization and competency center. Key Differentiators
  18. 18. The Chain-Sys Advantage • Full life cycle R11 & R12 implementations over last 14 years . • Several complex end to end Oracle EBS 11i/R12 implementations (Domestic and International). • 500 plus Highly Experienced Oracle E-Biz Professionals. • Excellent understanding of all Oracle EBS modules. Oracle Technology stack – extensions – Database administration. • 14 yrs of Product development experience leveraged in our technology and consulting delivery . • Strong technology understanding in terms of integration, data conversion and building small bolt-on forms benefits clients enormously to resolve the GAPS. • Flexible and scalable. We have worked on large and small clients. • Effective and Competitive • Bring in methods and project management experience to ensure People, Process, technology and Organization are brought together to achieve project objectives
  20. 20. Double Click for expanded view CHAIN-SYS Success stories Case Study in Oracle Website http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/customers/ action-construction-1-ebs-cs-367211.pdf
  21. 21. 72 Days Implementation Double Click for expanded view CHAIN-SYS Success stories Case Study in Oracle Website http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/customer s/customersearch/shanthi-gears-1-ebs- snapshot-409803.html
  22. 22. 45 Days Implementation Double Click for expanded view CHAIN-SYS Success stories Case Study in Oracle Website www.oracle.com/us/corporate/customers/ patel-integrated-logistics-ebs-079374.pdf
  23. 23. Double Click for expanded view CHAIN-SYS Success stories Case Study in Oracle Website http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/customers /wep-solutions-5-ebs-case-study-364971.pdf
  24. 24. Honda India Oracle Products & Services Oracle Financials, SCM(Pur, OM, INV) BOM WIP Quality Costing HCM CRM Configurator Service provider Chain-sys Challenges and Solutions: HONDA MOTOR COMPANY LTD is a Japanese multinational corporation, known for their automobiles, motorcycles, Aero and power products. Honda has been the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer as well as the world's largest manufacturer of IC Engines. Honda wants to introduce an new order allocation program called WAVE to reduce the number of back orders to the dealers during sales order booking process to develop new planning system called New India Parts System (NIPS) to achieve their business goals HONDA wants to establish Inventory Standard, Order Plan, and Deployment to cross-dock the order types based on the Priority matrix to increase the efficiency level of service to achieve and reducing the turnaround time to the dealers. 24X7 support for the oracle modules like INV, OM, PUR, WMS, AP, AR, FA and GL. Interface Support for Legacy programs: DELITE ,DMS and DCS Post implementation support for WAVE and NIPS programs Data Migration, Management and Roll-outCHAIN-SYS Success Stories Process Improvements •Provide proper information to Dealer- time saved by about 30% •Shortened lead time from order to sales •Reduced stock level and lead time to customer •Customer service ratio improvement •Improve the Customer satisfaction index •Accurately forecast retail and wholesale demand •Improving ordering and planning process •Providing consistent and reliable information to stakeholders in the value chain thereby ensuring a better foundation for decision making and planning
  25. 25. Industry Avantha Power Oracle Products & Services Oracle – Finance, OPM, Purchase,Inventory Implementor Chain-sys www.Chain-sys.com Challenges and Solutions: Avantha Power & Infrastructure Limited (formerly BILT Power Limited)(APIL) has four captive thermal power plants with a capacity to generate 95 MW. These plants are located in Bhigwan, Ballarpur (both in Maharashtra), Yamunanagar (Haryana) and Sewa (Orissa). The 30 MW power plant at Bhigwan is undergoing expansion and is being upgraded to 60 MW. Around 6 MW of the power generated by this plant is currently being outsourced to the town of Baramati. Plans are also afoot to establish two IPP plants in Madhya Pradesh and Korwa, Chhattisgarh. These plants will have the capacity to produce 600 MW each. Due to geo spread and various modes of operation monitoring the inventory, coal accounting and boiler efficiency monitoring was big challenge. In Oracle EBS the same was mapped. Data Migration, Management and Roll-outCHAIN-SYS Success Stories Process Improvements Oracle MAC to Oracle SLAM: The Avantha charged all the WIP issues to consumption. In Oracle EBS R12, using SLAM the Raw material and product valuations and costing needs where successfully mapped. Enthalpy Balancing: The Boiler efficiency monitoring is one of the key objective and the same was implemented successfully. Lot/Sub-lot reorganization: Oracle OPM Inventory was migrated into Oracle Discrete Inventory module. Implemented the new discrete functionalities along with OPM functions. Data transformation from lot/sub-lots to no controls. Usage of sub-inventories and locators. Accurate costing was achieved. New Quality Models: Quality collection plan for procurement, Lab samples, grading processes through Oracle Quality module. Project Costing: Client was capturing project costs against projects by having a separate segment in COA in legacy. In EBS R12, through Oracle Project Costing module, project costs captured at tasks level and interfaced to Oracle FA for capitalizations Maintenance Cost: Maintenance costs were captured manually prior to Oracle EBS. In the new EBS R12, through Enterprise Asset Management, preventive and breakdown Maintenance activities are handled to automate the capturing of material and resource costs. Daily Business Intelligence: To have better visibility Daily business Intelligence was implemented.
  26. 26. Industry Industrial Manufacturing Chemical Oracle Products & Services Oracle – Finance, OPM, Discrete, Retek and Distribution. Implementor Chain-sys The Ballarpur Group is the largest manufacturer of writing and printing paper in India,. Of the Ballarpur Group’s seven manufacturing facilities, six in India and one in Malaysia, three of the Indian facilities and the Malaysian facility will be operated by Bilt Paper PLC and the remaining three Indian facilities will be retained by the Ballarpur Group. Bilt Paper PLC is focused on the manufacture of bulk coated and uncoated paper and viscous grade fibre while the rest of the Ballarpur Group will focus on the manufacture of copier paper, speciality paper and tissue paper and Retail and OSSB. Challenges and Solutions: BILT has six manufacturing facilities which produces paper. But within the manufacturing facilities the third party applications used to control the shop floor activities are different and the no.of variants in the FG are in thousands in each plant. The OPM formula and recipe are huge. Data Migration, Management and Roll-outCHAIN-SYS Success stories BILT uses four other applications which need to be integrated with Oracle EBS in real time. The procurement application called – ARIBA is utilizing the item id; In the reimplementation the item id will be changed in R-12; With Hetrogenous item ids it is difficult to maintain the history. Similarly for the MES BILT uses a application called “OPTIVISION”; The migration of the interfaces are challenge here too. BILT has Retail Division too. For which BILT uses Oracle Smartshop and for R-12 the touch points were refurbished. To handle and automate the data flow Chain-sys has used its own product APPLOAD. The cutover happened on 31st of March and gone live on 08-Apr-2011. For BILT’s office stationary division the discrete process and complete p2p and O2c Was implemented.This is one of the most complex and diversified business process and brought to single instance and truth from single source is achieved.
  27. 27. Excel Industries Limited Industry Excel Industries Oracle Products & Services Oracle – Finance, OPM, Purchase,Inventory Service provider Chain-sys Challenges and Solutions:Since its inception in 1941, Excel Industries Limited has been known as a pioneer in the area of crop protection chemicals. Quality expectations is high and Excel expected EBS to stream line costing and quality as the industry is equivalent to Pharma and it has decided to implement Oracle EBS. Chain- sys has taken over OPM implementation and re-engineering of the implementation. Its Plant in Rohe and Lotte are also mapped in Oracle EBS completely. Data Migration, Management and Roll-outCHAIN-SYS Success Stories Process Improvements Costing: OPM costing has been implemented and it is used to monitor the operation efficiency completely.The Raw material and product valuations and costing needs where successfully mapped. New Quality Models: Quality collection plan for procurement, Lab samples, grading processes through Oracle Quality module. Book closing: Monthly, Quarterly and Annual closing has become very easy and Tax return submissions are mostly automated. Maintenance Cost: Fixed asssts implemented helps them to monitor the assets.
  28. 28. Spartan Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd. has got the distinction of being one of the Fastest Growing Construction Equipment manufacturing company in India. Oracle E-Business suite R12 - E2E implementation . Modules Implemented Fin/SCM/BOM/WIP/Oracle CRM (integrated with SMS),HRMS-echain Lakshmi Machine Works Limited is a leading Textile Machinery Manufacturer in India and one among the three in the world to produce the entire range of Spinning Machinery. Oracle E-Business suite upgrade with re- implementation . Modules implemented Fin/SCM (Pur,OM,INV)//BOM/WIP/Quality/Costing/SCP(advanced supply chain management)/HCM/CRM,Configurator Automotive Leaders in Steering wheels. Companies supported includes SONA KOYO STEERING SYSTEMS LTD, JTEKT SONA AUTOMOTIVE INDIA LTD, SONA OKEGAWA PRECISION FORGING, and SONA SOMIC LEMFORDER Oracle E-Business Suite R11.5.10.2 and R12.1.3
  29. 29. Non-Profit Organization. Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.3 – Financials, Supply chain, CRM and HRMS. Leading Internet leader in Matrimony, Jobs, Property, Automobiles, Classifieds, Loans etc. Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.3 – Financials, Supply chain, CRM and HRMS. Namma Cargo Services was founded as an international freight forwarding company with a long-range strategy of providing comprehensive and integrated logistics and materials management services for international project forwarding. Oracle E- Business suite upgrade From 11i to R12 They are using a Legacy application for major of their business transactions. We integrated the legacy and oracle application and Finance module was fully on Oracle application
  30. 30. A Partial List of Clients
  31. 31. Engagement Scope Our understanding of your engagement objectives ERP Solution : Now, Kenafric Industries plans to have a fresh look of the requirements and to have a complete and a robust system having a long term view of next ten years. Chain-sys will conduct detailed study ,understand the requirements and propose and implement scalable solution considering the expansion and stability for next ten years. Scope Of Work
  32. 32. KI KENAFRIC Food Inv. Orgs Inv. Orgs Foot wear Stationary Confectionary
  33. 33. Over All Architecture- Proposed for Kenafric Requisitions Bids & RFQ Purchase Orders Oracle E-Business Suite General Ledger Payables Receivables MFG System Inventory Purchasing Order Management Planning MFG Productio n Inventory Payroll ShippingBank Reconciliationi.Portal Interfaces
  34. 34. Module Scope Modules Inventory Purchasing Order Management Manufacturing Oracle e-Business Suite R12 Financials (AP, AR, CM, GL & FA)
  35. 35. Book Orders Maintain Inventory PlanProcure Make Shipment Finance All Product, Customer, & Supplier Information Integrated Process Flow Quality Oracle Process Manufacturing PO Receipt Warehouse Transfers Inventory Adjustments Issues Purchase Requisitions Purchase Orders Blanket PO/Releases Supplier Management Forecast Master Production Schedule MRP Customer Quotes Customer Orders Customer Management Quality Data Collection Inspection Rejection Pick Release Ship Confirmation Despatch Documents Customer Receipts Supplier Payments Finance JVs Bank Reconciliation Fixed Assets
  36. 36. Oracle EBS R12 – Integration in a Nutshell
  37. 37. Formula Management Inputs Brine Main product Cl2,Lye Co-products- N2 Gas, HCL By-products Waste Recycle
  38. 38. Order to cash process PricingShippingInventoryFinancePointofsale Receive PO from the customer Create Sales order Sales Booking Availability Check Price the sales order lines - Discounts - Surcharges - Deals Delivery Shipment Freight Carrier On-time shipment analysis Shipping documents Reservation Allocation Inventory Depletion Debtor’s Ledger Invoice Creation Cash Receipt Final Ledger Process General Ledger Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS)
  39. 39. Order to cash process automation Objectives  Improve the order entry and order fulfilment efficiencies.  Reduced time for order to cash processes.  Seamlessly integrate sales and distribution system.  Improve customer satisfaction with better communication  Automates the sales force functions.  Robust and flexible pricing engine.  Provide accurate Order promise dates.  Minimize Bad-debts. Improve cash flow.  Complete Statutory needs to be addressed.  FG Transport association with Customer Invoice
  40. 40. Procure to pay process automation benefits  Best of class procurement and payment processes.  Optimize the material cost and purchasing lead time.  Improve the supplier selection strategy. Supplier base analysis.  Paperless Purchasing office.  Improve Supply chain visibility between suppliers and companies.  Work with Excise department and sales department confident.  Integrated budgetary controls.  Electronic approvals and audit trails.  Collaborate seamlessly over Internet with Suppliers - Optional  Review and improve quality on material receipts.  Robust Supply chain engine for sourcing.  Robust and flexible Sub-contracting process.  In-built Bar-code integration capability – Optional Enablement  Improve Inventory Tracking and Traceability.  Reduced time for Payable invoice and payment processes.  Statutory needs well addressed.
  41. 41. Procure to pay process PlanningReceivingInventoryFinancePurchasing Purchase Requisition Purchase order Approval PO Taxes Supply chain planning PO Receipt Inspection Goods Receipt Notice Inventory Addition Creditor’s Ledger Invoice Creation Supplier Payment Final Ledger Process General Ledger Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) DRP Orders RG Registers
  42. 42. Finance process objectives  System Based P&L and Trials – Every month  Analyse 3600 with Flexible accounting structure.  Best accounting standards in place.  Automate the Bank Reconciliation.  Flexible reporting of financial statements as you need.  Effective financial controls through period close processes.  Electronic approvals and audit trails.  Achieve Daily close.  Robust and flexible Tax engine.  Improve cash management.  Consolidate the financial statement across multiple entities  Hierarchical account mapping.  Drill down reports. Comparative reports.  Manage all fixed assets.  Compare budget with actual.
  43. 43. Finance processBudgetingPayablesReceivables Cash Management FixedAssets General Ledger Journal Voucher Post GL Balances Balance Sheet Creditor’s ledger invoice/ CM/ DM Debtor’s ledger invoice/ CM/DM/ Adv Deposit Approve Account Bank statement Fixed Assets Depreciation Retirement Journal Profit and loss Budget Heads Budget PO Encumberance Cash Receipt Receive against invoices Account Approve Account Supplier’s payment Account Pay against invoices Trial Balance Bank and Cash Book Bank Reconcilia tion (BRS) Cash Forecasting
  44. 44. Supply chain management objectives  Optimize your inventory.  Reduce Inventory cost.  Improve customer satisfaction through on-time delivery.  Reduce cost on transportation through Transportation planning.  Constraint based planning.  Holistic planning. Single Supply chain plan for entire enterprise.  Approve your suppliers for sourcing.  Automatic creation of Purchase requisitions and shop floor orders.  Robust Hybrid Manufacturing system.  Item codification. Flexible Classification of items.  Improve inventory accuracy.  Get accurate sales order and shop floor components available to promise dates.  Business intelligence reporting.
  45. 45. Supply chain management process Supplychain planning Demand Shopfloor managment PurchasingSupply Purchase orders PO Reqs On-hand Balances Shop floor order Supply chain plan Forecasting Sales orders Safety Stocks Shop floor order Purchase Requisition Purchase Order Receipt Invoice In-Transit Reserved and Allocated Qty Release Allocation Product Completion Unconstrained Constrained Availability Engine
  46. 46. The Approach
  47. 47. 48 Team Organization
  48. 48. Project Monitoring and Review Team (Senior Management Personnel) Name Qualification and Experience Skill Set Role Thiyagarajan. R 15+ Years Diversified Experience in Various Areas like Domain, EDP, IT and ERP Management Domain, EBS ,PMP and Deliveries. Delivery Head Sathya Narayanan.N CA, ICWAI, Over 20 years of Experience including 6 years of Apps Experience Domain, EBS and expert in PMO. PMO Manojkumar.N CA, ICWAI, Over 16 years of Apps Experience including 6 years in Oracle ERP . Oracle Financials with India Localization, Strong Leadership skills SME-Finance Murugiah.S M.Sc., Paper Tech IIT Roorkee M.Sc, Comp.Science Total of 15 Years of Manufacturing experience and 7yrs of Oracle Apps experience All round functional skill set in the entire basket of Oracle Applications with strong Solution Design skills and Technical skills VP Arunkumar.V B Tech, Over 12 years of Experience including 7 years of Apps Experience All round functional skill set in the entire basket of Oracle Applications with strong Solution Design skills and Technical skills SME-SCM Ganapathy.A B.E., Computer Science. Over 10+ years in Oracle Applications with total 6 years of experience as Oracle Developer Oracle Applications Technical Consultant in Customization. Data conversion with Legacy system and Application Development SME-Tech
  49. 49. 50 General Questions?