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Final unoed_ppt

  1. 1. Dirección IluminadoProfessional Students
  2. 2. IntroductionOur vision: Bring innovation in the Education space. Our services will not only help the students but will provide a great deal to Schools & Teachers as well.
  3. 3. Gap Analysis Learning as a Student Learning as a Professional Up to 3rd Up to 2nd Up to 10th Up to 12th year of Graduati year of • Computer Training Post • Finance Training on Graduati • General Training on • Foreign Language and Culture More Training Critical Career Decision, subjects & More • Career Path Analysis Academics, modules, Modules, • Around the world update Sports, extra curricular Practical vocational • Project Management Training activities, Computers, Training, TrainingCommunication, Arts etc. Project etc. • Healthcare etc. • Technology
  4. 4. Our Goal Professional Learning at School Learning Up to 10th Up to 12th• Computer Training• Finance Training• General Training• Foreign Language and Culture Training• Career Path Analysis• Around the world update Time• Project Management Training• Healthcare• Technology Program Benefits: • Quick learning • Able to choose career • Ahead of others with additional skills & technological knowledge • Good knowledge of 3 Ts in advance (Technology, Terminology &Tools) • Better analyzing skills • Able to identify the alternatives
  5. 5. ServicesOffers for StudentsEducation AssistanceIndustrial TrainingAdditional LanguageTechnical TrainingQuizzes, Brain Storming Sessions, Group Discussions on live situationsCareer DevelopmentPersonality Development: Students’ presentations and seminars Offers for Schools School Management System Project Management System BI Tools Training Program for Teachers E-learning Modules Education Insights Website & Software Support
  6. 6. Core Team Sourabh Bansal (Master’s from IIT, Chicago), Ejender Pal Singh (Master in Finance, articles on Nano robotics and Bionanosensors Sikkim Manipal University) , worked on published in Healthcare Encyclopedia. different CRMs, Data modeling & business analytics projects) Experience: (5 years) Experience – (6 Years) • UNO, Chicago (Education):worked with eChalk vCustomer, New Delhi : Worked in quality, implemented School portal in 12 schools in business development, Business excellence & Chicago. marketing • Morrisey Associates, Chicago (Healthcare) Indiamart : Data Modeling • SRS Group India (Real Estate, Cinemas, etc.) LivepageiN : Data & Market Analyst • VCustomer India(MIS head) Currently Expertise – Expertise – Analytics, Excel, Presentation • School Information Management, Portal. Quality Assurance • MS SharePoint, Oracle, SQL. Business Intelligence • Data Management, PMP. BPO, customer service & soft skills • Presentations, e-Learning Modules. Salesforce.com, analytics & email campaigns • Quiz: Electronic, Verbal etc. Open Source, CRMs, CMS • Microsoft Offices and Tools. Data Modeling, dashboard & data analysis • Mathematics in lab.Vision – Vision –To help students learn the course through structured and applied manner. I believe that students at school level have great potential. They should beDevelop activities for conceptual courses. motivated to act well to identify and achieve future goals.Help school to monitor and regulate the performance of students. Our sessions will make students think out of the box. They will be able to see the world outside the bubble.
  7. 7. Dirección Iluminado Thank You