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Uwp choiseul constituency branch calls for attention to road network

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Press Release Emanating from the Office of The UWP Chosieul Constituency Branch

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Uwp choiseul constituency branch calls for attention to road network

  1. 1.           Thursday,  September  5th ,  2013   PRESS  RELEASE     UWP  Choiseul/Saltibus  Constituency  Branch  calls  for   urgent  attention  to  road  network.     With  the  opening  of  a  new  school  year  and  the  fact  that   hundreds   will   now   be   commuting   on   a   daily   basis,   the   United   Workers   Party   Choiseul/Saltibus   Constituency   Branch   bemoans   the   dreadful   condition   of   the   road   network   throughout   the   constituency.   The   degradation   of  the  road  network  has  caused  great  discomfort;  it  has   negatively   impacted   commerce,   significantly   increased   cost  to  motorists  and  placed  the  health  and  safety  of  our   people  at  risk.   In   sharp   contrast,   during   the   tenure   of   the   United   Workers   Party,   between   2007   and   2011   the   UWP   Government  engaged  in  a  very  aggressive  and  proactive   Road   Rehabilitation   Program   championed   by   the   then   Tel: 384 5087 Edmund Estephane MP Dennery South Begin forwarded message: From: Rhikkie Alexander <naturesconsultancy@hotmail.com> Date: July 26, 2012 9:38:55 PM EDT To: Donalyn Eco-Agri Vittet <dvittetsfa2007project@gmail.com>, Docus Nikki Mandelle Poleon <nikki7212@hotmail.com>, "Dr. Morris Dr. Morris" <docmmorris@gmail.com>, Andy Daniel <andyg.daniel@gmail.com>, zenith Este Phat Cat <phatcyat22@yahoo.com>, Edmund Estephane <estefast@hotmail.com>, Rohan Mampa Charlery <rohanc9@hotmail.com>, "Ronnie St. Marthe" <ronsta187@hotmail.com>, Tevin Canaries Shaphard <rondey1993@hotmail.com> Subject: FW: Thought of you (look at the picture closely) Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 08:24:49 -0700 From: syloreole@yahoo.com Subject: Fw: Thought of you (look at the picture closely) To: dornelly_al@yahoo.com; pajoshua@hotmail.com; starbatch@hoymail.com; lauguiste@hotmail.com; lauguiste@hotmail.com; naturesconsultancy@hotmail.com; michaelbobb_2000@yahoo.com; bod6056@gmail.com; y2kdartagnan@hotmail.com; georgeduberry@hotmail.com; kioko57@yahoo.com; eli.otte@hotmail.com; evestus56@yahoo.com; charmsda@hotmail.com; floraaldonza@yahoo Email:
  2. 2.     District   Representative,   Mr.   Rufus   Bousquet.   The   program,  despite  being  severely  impacted  by  Hurricane   Tomas   and   scarce   resources,   successfully   rehabilitated   the   roads   in   the   communities   of   Industry,   Bois   Den,   Cocoa,   Franciou   and   Morne   Jacques.   Additionally,   a   number   of   concrete   roads   including   concrete   drains     were   constructed   in   the   communities   of   Morne   Sion,   Ravineau,  Esperance,  Bois  Den,  Jetrine,  Dacretin,  Leriche   and   Morne   Jacques   to   name   a   few.   This   Road   Rehabilitation   Program   brought   enormous   relief   and   pride   to   residents   and   motorist   alike.   The   road   works   executed   at   the   time   facilitated   more   comfortable   communication   between   residents   and   created   much   needed  job  opportunities.   Today,   the   roads   in   Saltibus,   Darban,   Morne   Sion,   Gia   Bois,  Park  Estate,  Mont  Lezard,  Esperance  and  Balca  have   severely   deteriorated   as   a   consequence   of   the   arrant   neglect  by  this  SLP  administration.  The  concrete  drainage   projects   started   by   the   UWP   Government   in   Balca,   Darban,   Jetrine   and   Fiette   have   been   spitefully   abandoned  by  this  SLP  administration.  The  Fiette  road  is   barely  accessible;  a  crying  shame  considering  that  work  
  3. 3.     on  that  road  had  begun  under  the  UWP  administration   only  to  be  left  unattended  by  this  SLP  administration.  The   concrete  road  in  Esperance  and  the  road  in  Franciou  to   date  have  not  continued.     Hon.  Lorne  Theoplhilus  and  this  SLP  administration  were   ushered   into   office   on   the   promise   of   ‘Better   Days’   for   the   people   of   Choiseul/Saltibus.   The   reality   has   proven   woefully  different.  The  common  cry  in  Choiseul/Saltibus   is   that   of   Hon.   Lorne   Theophilus’   abject   neglect   of   and   apparent   disrespect   for   the   people   of   the   Choiseul/Saltibus  and  his  sworn  duty  to  them.   The   importance   of   a   healthy   road   network   to   our   community’s  and  our  country’s  development  cannot  be   overemphasized.   The   United   Workers   Party   Choiseul/Saltibus   Constituency   Branch,   therefore,   calls   on   Hon.   Lorne   Theophilus   and   Hon.   Philip   Pierre,   the   Minister   for   Infrastructure,   to   immediately   arrest   your   gross  dereliction  of  duty  and  address  the  crucial  concerns   of   the   residents   of   the   constituency   by   expeditiously   attending   to   the   degradation   of   the   road   network   throughout  our  beloved  community.     Choiseul/Saltibus  expects  and  deserves  better!            Ends/  
  4. 4.       ___________________________   Gilbert  Willan  Isaac     Chairman     Tel:  384-­‐5087