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Digital Sport Live Events - The Intro

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Finding resources stretched during event time? Not enough people to create and moderate content for the multiple social media accounts you run? Read on...

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Digital Sport Live Events - The Intro

  2. 2. Digital Sport is an events solutions business with a difference. We work with organisers to maximise the use of social media during their busiest times… event days. Resources are often stretched during event time with key staff having multiple responsibilities. This is when social media updates tail off and the opportunity is missed to drive conversation and engage with people both at the event and watching from afar. With over 10 years experience of running live events and 5 years of working at the cutting edge of social media. We can offer the right solutions at the right cost to gain maximum results. All without having to break the bank. about
  3. 3. SOCCEREX GLOBAL CONVENTION 2014 RPA AWARDS DINNER 2014 delivering social
  4. 4. services EVENT CONSULTANCY • Advice on content, tech solutions, technical partners and event delivery • Using social media channels to promote your event • Identify technical solutions and partners to deliver the best event experience LIVE SOCIAL MEDIA DELIVERY • We will supply a team that will run all the event social media accounts. • Work with organising team on objectives for the use of social media at the event • Experience running big screen/social wall moderation • Deliver Q&A solutions for guest speaker/celebrities attending • Daily and wrap-up social media data reports services
  5. 5. Daniel McLaren (Founder) Daniel has worked on events since 2002, in that time they have included international sports events, conferences, networking events and awards dinners. Over the last 5 years he’s been at the forefront of social media and sport. Working on adidas (UK & Global) for leading agencies Carat and We Are Social as well as had clients including the International Cricket Council and YouTube channel Copa90. A well known blogger, speaker and freelance social media strategist, he’s most recently delivered live social media event solutions for the Rugby Players Association and Soccerex. who
  6. 6. daniel@theuksportsnetwork.com 07903 168360 www.digitalsport.co @danielmclaren / @DigitalSportUK contact