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IEF 2019 Blue Island

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IEF2019 Business Pitch

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IEF 2019 Blue Island

  1. 1. • The core of business of the company is the fish farming and trading of the Mediterranean species Sea Bass and Sea Bream as well as the trading of fresh fish from open sea fishing. • The company was established in 1993 (under the name Blue Island Fish Farming Ltd) as a mariculture unit. • A turning point for the company has been its conversion in 1999 into a Public Company and its listing in the Cyprus Stock Exchange. This development contributed to the growth of the company both in the field of mariculture and in the field of fresh fish trading. • Currently the Company employs approximately 200 persons and its turnover is 23m. Blue Island Core of Business
  2. 2. Vision and Mission Our vision is the continuous growth of our company as regards the supply of products which will satisfy absolutely our customers in the aspects of quality, competitive prices and reliability of our services, for the benefit of our shareholders, stakeholders and the society. We want to ensure the long-term viability of the company, preserving its good name and reputation, and winning the recognition of our customers as one of the best reliable supplier. Our business activities always respect the shareholders, stakeholders, the society and the environment.
  3. 3. • Fry Production, through our subsidiary, Blue Fisheries Ltd at the Akrotiri area.  The annual production capacity of the hatchery is 10 million fry (small fish) weighing 1,8 - 3,0 g • Fish Farming Production, through our fish breeding farm at the Governor’s Beach.  The fish farm has the capacity and the license to produce 1500 tons of fish a year. • Wholesale sales in Cyprus and abroad through our Processing/Packing Unit/Warehouses at the Strovolos Industrial Area.  The facilities handle today more than 3000 tons of fish a year.  Blue Island exports mainly Sea Bass and Sea Bream to Europe, USA, Russia and the Middle East. (About 30% of its turnover). • Retail sales, through our own shops and shops in supermarket chains all around the island.  The presence of Blue Island Plc in retail shops in the Cyprus market is quite significant.  The company has 8 fish markets of its own throughout Cyprus  15 shops in supermarket chains (Alpha Mega and Athienitis) Our Main Fields of Activities
  4. 4. Quality Certifications • The company’s facilities are in line with European Laws and have the European compliance Approval CYF07 and are certified for the following: • Fishery Products Establishment for: • Fresh Fishery Products Plant (mariculture and open sea fish) • Fishery Products Processing Unit. • Dispatch Centre of Live Molluscan Shellfish. • Cold Stores. • Our Processing / Packing Unit / Warehouses have the following Certifications: ISO22000:2005 – Production with modern and safe production methods. ISO9001:2015 – Maximum satisfaction of customers through the supply of products with high nutritional value and quality. OHSAS18001:2007 – Ensuring safe conditions of work through the adoption of modern best practices and standards. Health Certificate issued by the Department of Veterinary Services certifying that no antibiotics are utilized during the fish rearing process. • We are in the process of acquiring the Global G.A.P. Certification
  5. 5. The Challenge we Need to Resolve • Obtain the final approval from the Municipality for our facilities at the Strovolos industrial area by complying with the environmental requirements of the local sewerage board. • Driven by our environmental sensitivity and our effort to acquire the Global G.A.P. Certification we want to achieve the following: Sustainability through the application of environmental friendly methods Increase the environmental sensitivity to the final consumer
  6. 6. QUANTIFICATION OF PARAMETERS MEASUREMENTS ACCEPTABLE LIMITS CONDUCTIVITY 20 mS/cm@20°C 2,50 mS/cm@20°C ORGANIC MATTER BOD: 2655mg/l-3286mg/l COD: 4272mg/l-4366mg/l BOD: 400mg/l COD: 800 mg/l ) Suspended Solids: 350mg/l SUSPENDED SOLIDS 1500mg/l 350mg/l Quantification of Parameters
  7. 7. Proposed Protective Measures • Conductivity • Dilution • Creation of tanks for the collection of sea water and additivity potable water • Reduction of the quantity of the sea water which is placed on the dives and increase the quantity of ice. • Reverse osmosis (RO) • Water purification technology that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove ions, molecules and larger particles. • Remove many types of dissolved and suspended chemical species as well as biological ones (principally bacteria) from water, The result is that the solute is retained on the pressurized side of the membrane and the pure solvent is allowed to pass to the other side. • Separation of solid and clean water • Collection of water placed on the dives and mix with silver nitrate in order to cause aggregation, consequently water salts will be pour into the bottom of the tank after they become crystals. • Deliver Clean water into to the sewer.
  8. 8. Proposed Protective measures • Organic Matter • Collection of animal waste and deliver them to approved incineration plants • Article 23 (1)(b) of regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009 • Suspended Solids • Increased our screens, sieves & filters • Reduction of solid waste (fragments of polystyrene boxes) entering the central sewerage system
  9. 9. Obstacles • Limited Space on the premises • Septic tanks • Infrastructure for Reverse osmosis (RO) • Cost • Maintenance • Silver nitrate • € 170 per 100 gr