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Digital analytics: How in-store analytics align with online (6th IELKA conference)

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Over the past 10 years online analytics systems have evolved into a necessary tool for every organization with an online presence. Besides measuring the traffic on an organization's website, they can also be used to integrate different systems and technologies (e.g. social media, mobile application analytics, VR, electronic personal assistants) together, at a very low cost. For organizations with both an online and an offline presence, they can also be used to integrate in-store analytics with online. This integration gives visitors the option to evaluate effectiveness of online campaigns and website interaction based on offline purchases, when done right.
Using just an online analytics platform (like Google analytics) any organization can start an in-store analytics project, in just 4 simple steps.


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Digital analytics: How in-store analytics align with online (6th IELKA conference)

  1. 1. Digital Analytics: How In-Store Analytics Align With Online Panagiotis Tzamtzis Senior Analytics Implementation Consultant
  2. 2. holistic use of solutions at global HQ level data collection: tag management, QA, integrations reporting automation, comprehensive business answers energy analytics and workflow automation sports analytics communication for audience engagement ONLINE MARKETING & ECOMMERCE ANALYTICS EVENTS & SPORTS ANALYTICS ENERGY ANALYTICS
  3. 3. One store - Multiple channels Online analytics infrastructure • Multichannel attribution • Automated data exchange • Programmatic advertising • Data warehousing • Visitor profiling and identification
  4. 4. Bridging the data gap • Track customer’s decision journey • Location performance evaluation • Richer insights for campaign targeting • Website personalization opportunities Aligning online traffic with offline purchases • Offline purchases • Location statistics • Online product traffic • Traffic by location • Online accounts • Product registrations
  5. 5. How to align offline with online 1.Visitor identification 2.Tracking order research 3.Measuring in-store journey 4.Support and follow-up communications