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Model 1

  1. 1. Describe the disadvantages of large numbers of tourists visiting a tropicaltourist area such as Barbados.Do not be put off by the reference to Barbados. Answers can be about anytropical area. You have studied Jamaica as a tropical tourist destination.Level 1 (1-4 marks)These marks are for people who only make simple statements e.g. - jobs are seasonal - many jobs are poorly paid - money leaves the country - culture is lost - tourists cause noiseLevel 2 (5-6 marks)Longer, developed sentences are needed e.g. - Although the weather is hot all year round the tourist jobs are seasonal as most visitors arrive in the summer months. - Many jobs taken by local people are low paid, the best jobs being taken by overseas workers. - Most hotels are foreign owned so most of the profit made goes overseas. - Traditional jobs like farming may suffer because tourists want European style food, which has to be imported. - Hotels, airports and roads spoil the visual appearance of the island and cause noise, air pollution and litter.Level 3 (7-8 marks)Linked sentences needed with at least 2 disadvantages discussed in detaile.g. - Tourists spend most of their money in hotels, which are usually American or European owned. Most of the profit goes overseas, with usually only 10-20% of the income from tourism staying in the country, usually in the form of low wages paid to low skilled local people. - The local farming community is damaged as land is sold to foreign developers and food supply to locals is reduced, forcing up prices. Much of the food eaten by tourists is imported either because local production is insufficient or because tourists prefer European type foods. There may be a shortage of workers on traditional farms as wages are lower than in tourist jobs. - Local traditions and customs may be under threat e.g. due to the introduction of European foods. Tourists may show a lack of respect for local customs and religious beliefs e.g. inappropriately dressed visitors going into mosques and temples. Social problems may be introduced or made worse e.g. drunkenness, drugs and prostitution.