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Coolcats don't Use Customzing


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Coolcats don't Use Customzing

  1. 1. Coolcats don’t use CCuussttoommiizziinngg Daniel Ridder & Tobias Trapp AOK Systems GmbH
  2. 2. Customizing can become a nightmare Customizing is useful for value helps, text tables and but the more complex it becomes it turns SAP Business Suite & CCuussttoomm DDeevveellooppmmeenntt into a complex nightmare. Why? How can we do better?
  3. 3. „What the heck is going on?“
  4. 4. What are Business Rules? What is DSM? Business Rules make ERP systems smart since they automate decision-making: − complex calculations − checks and validations − approvement processes − complex checks like ffrraauudd ddeetteeccttiioonn − process control − agent determination for workflows − control of a workflow More and more SAP applications use BRFplus, but you can also use it for free in custom development or BAdI implementations BRFplus is SAP‘s strategic business rule framework and now called DSM
  5. 5. The Trouble with Customizing Frameworks for Business Rules development of a customizing based rule system is expensive interpretation of customizing entries is slow it is difficult to implement if-then-else structures in customizing it is impossible to predict all future requirements like time dependency, randomization, date/time calculations aanndd ssoo oonn in the worst case you are developing an own rule framework having perhaps 5% of the feature set of BRFplus
  6. 6. Online Demo creation of a BRFplus application creation of a decision table simulation generation of ABAP Code
  7. 7. Simplify Applications vs. simplifiy your application – use business rules instead of customizing make rule systems readable – it help in discussion with business experts BRFplus is completely open – with ist API and User Exits you can solve nearly every problem
  8. 8. And how to get started with BRFplus/DSM? excellent content on SCN and a very active BRFplus community ABAP developers can become BRFplus experts within short time IMHO the real challenges are: IT is ready to implement decision mmaannaaggeemmeenntt ttoo make ERP smarter. But what about other departments? Perhaps they got accustomed to clumsy and heavy-weight ERP processes and are not prepared to short and agile innovation cycles? IT and business have to work hand in hand.