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Facebook best practice guide

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Best Practice Guide
Marketing on Facebook

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Facebook best practice guide

  1. Best Practice GuideBest Practice GuideMarketing on Facebook 1
  2. IntroductionThe Facebook ecosystemFive guiding principles · Build a strategy that is social by design · Create an authentic brand voice · Make it interactive · Nurture your relationships · Keep learningFacebook by objective · Foster product development and innovation · Generate awareness · Drive preference and differentiation · Increase traffic and sales · Build loyalty and deepen relationships · Amplify recommendation and word of mouth · Gain insightsHelpful Resources 2
  3. Best Practice GuideIntroductionAt Facebook, everything we do is about making the worldmore open and connected. This has a profound impact on theway people communicate and interact. We are continuallydeveloping authentic ways for people to connect with oneanother as well as with the businesses, brands and institutionsthey care about, both on Facebook and across the web.Facebook allows marketers to stay connected with peoplethroughout their day whether they are on their computers ormobile devices, at home or at work, watching TV or shoppingwith friends. This allows businesses to create rich socialexperiences, build lasting relationships and amplify the mostpowerful type of marketing – word of mouth.Connecting with people is just the beginning. In the pagesthat follow, you will find best practices for reaching yourbusinesses objectives on Facebook. 3
  4. Best Practice Guide The Facebook ecosystem1 Build 3 Amplify The first step is building your presence with a Facebook Every time someone interacts with your business, that action Page. Pages allow you to create an identity for your business in gets published into the News Feed, creating word of mouth. the social graph - the map of the connections among These organic stories are extremely effective at getting people and the things they care about. If you others to engage and take action, and can be have physical store locations, link your Page IN SI shared with a much larger number of potential with a Place. 1 BUILD G and current customers by using HT S Facebook Ads and Sponsored You can use Social Plugins, the Stories. Facebook Ads include the names Graph API and Apps on Facebook of friends who have already connected to to create social experiences involving your business. Sponsored Stories enable your products and online properties you to increase the distribution of News 2E 3 that are engaging and personalized. Feed stories about your business. NG AM AG PL FY E2 Engage Together, these tools give you the TS I GH I NS Creating these Facebook touch points I effectiveness of earned media, at the allows you to start building your fan base scale and predictability of paid media. Every and engaging with your customers. campaign you run has a lasting impact via the Facebook Like Ads are the quickest way to relationships you build along the way. This is the new acquire fans. Publishing and engaging in conversations word of mouth and research has shown it’s twice as effective with your fans will allow you to deepen relationships and gain at driving results. valuable insights. 4
  5. Best Practice GuideFive guiding principles1 • Social should be baked into everything you do, • Facebook should be integrated with your Build a strategy that not added at the end of a campaign or done on broader marketing efforts and part of how you is social by design the side reach your business objectives2 Create an authentic • People on Facebook are clear and open about who they are - be the same by providing • Facebook is an ideal place to bring your brand personality to life through an authentic and brand voice straightforward information about your business consistent voice3 • People spend time on Facebook communicating • Think about the aspects of your brand that are Make it interactive and sharing with others, so always engage in inherently social and create content that people two-way conversations will be excited to pass along4 • Just like in the real world, building relationships • Keep content fresh and easy to consume, use Nurture your with people on Facebook takes time and ads to stay in touch, and reward people for their relationships requires a long-term investment loyalty through Deals and promotions5 • Facebook allows you to get feedback from • Use reporting tools to learn about your fans Keep learning people in real time, giving you the ability to and the content and products they find most iterate on the fly interesting 5
  6. Best Practice GuideFacebook by ObjectiveFoster product development and innovationGenerate awarenessDrive preference and differentiationIncrease traffic and salesBuild loyalty and deepen relationshipsAmplify recommendation and word of mouthGain insights 6
  7. Best Practice Guide > Facebook by Objective Foster product development and innovation By combining OnStar’s virtual advisor in-car telematics service with Facebook’s Graph’s API at the end of 2010, Facebook allows you to learn about your target audience and to understand their interests and General Motors was the firstgenerate awareness car manufacturer to offer friends. For this reason, Facebook can be used to generate new product ideas and innovations. Our drivers the opportunity to post and listen to audio status platform tools allow you to build entirely new social product experiences like an online store that updates from the car through a simple push of a button. displays only your friends’ favorite products, or a car in which you can access your News Feed. You Chevrolet promoted the Sponsored Stories Facebook Ads Pages Places Events Social Plugins Graph API Apps on Facebook Deals innovative service in its “Best can also enlist your Facebook community to help crowd-source your next product idea. First Date” 2011 Super Bowl television commercial. OnStarproduct development & innovation is rolling out the product by Introductory tools Advanced tools inviting customers to sign up for the public beta test of the service on its Facebook Page. Pages Facebook Ads Sponsored Stories Questions Events Graph API Apps on Facebook Social Pluginsdrive preference and differentiation 5 steps to foster product development and innovation 1 2 3 4 5 RBS Insurance enlisted its Run a creative Drive awareness of and Identify and refine your Build a social product Be present and active Facebook community to Pages Facebook Ads Questions Social Plugins Apps on Facebook Graph API campaign to solicit participation in the target audience with experience by using on your Facebook Page determine the features that input for your campaign by promoting Campaign Reporting the Graph API and throughout the product should be included in a newincrease traffic and sales iPhone app for its Direct Line new product it across your marketing and Page Insights Social Plugins development cycle insurance product. It drove a. Run a contest or event to channels a. Optimize your Facebook a. Enable people to like a. Use publishing and people to a custom application on its Facebook Page, where it gather input on Facebook a. Run a Facebook Ads campaigns by testing individual products and Facebook Questions to could present new concepts to by building an application campaign that includes which audiences are more content across the web get feedback, iterate and existing and new customers. to gather submissions Stories Facebook Ads Sponsored Sponsored Stories for Places Pages responsive to different Graph API with the Graph API Events Premium generate future product Apps on Facebook Deals The result was over 600 unique App Used creative Sampling Ads and marketing ideas comments on app features b. Have the community vote b. Use Social Plugins and product names. and provide incentives forbuild loyalty and deepen relationships b. Promote the campaign b. Use this information to like the Activity Feed, participation in your other marketing direct future marketing Recommendations, channels such as TV, email, efforts Comments and Live Stream print or on your website to make experiences off of Facebook social Pages Sponsored Stories Facebook Ads Questions Social Plugins Apps on Facebookamplify recommendation and word of mouth 7
  8. Best Practice Guide > Facebook by Objective Generate awareness Once you have created a Facebook Page that allows your unique brand to shine, it is time to generate To build brand awareness of its relatively new Green Works awareness of your Page, latest product, or current marketing effort. To do this, you can leverage cleaning products line, Clorox ran a Facebook Ads campaign Facebook’s tremendous reach and targeting capabilities with Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories. to grow its fan base and drive traffic to its website. The ads These products offer the benefits of earned at the scale and predictability of paid. That’s because they offered coupons and allowed people to vote on “Green are shown with stories about friends who have already engaged with your business on Facebook. This Heroes” in their community. The effort resulted in about is the new word of mouth and it’s twice as effective at driving awareness. 30,000 fans on the Green Works Page and a 12 percent increase in awareness of the Green Works brand, according to agenerate awareness Nielsen study. Introductory tools Advanced tools Sponsored Stories Facebook Ads Pages Places Events Social Plugins Graph API Apps on Facebook Dealsproduct development & innovation 5 steps to generate awareness 1 2 3 4 5 In the Spring of 2010, Mars Create a Facebook Integrate Social Plugins Post interesting content Run Sponsored Stories Use Facebook’s unique Chocolate North America Pages Facebook Ads Sponsored Stories Questions Events Graph API Apps on Facebook Social Plugins Ads campaign that and the Graph API, such with clear calls to to promote people’s reach and targeting launched M&M’S Pretzel. encourages people to as the Like Button, action that encourage actions from the capabilities to optimize Mars used Facebook to seeddrive preference and differentiation awareness and demand take an action that will into your website and interaction and sharing News Feed to the right and iterate on your for the new product by be seen by their friends mobile experiences a. Applications on Facebook column of their friends’ campaigns developing a custom Facebook screen application called the M&M’s a. Keep ad destinations a. This allows the actions can be used to build viral a. Try different targeting Pretzel Vending Machine. The on Facebook people take off of Facebook awareness campaigns a. Sponsored Stories for App techniques: Likes and application enabled 40,000 of to show up in the News Feed b. Promoteon Facebook or Interests, Friends of the brands fans to get a free b. Encourage liking to buildAds Pages Facebook Questions Social Plugins Apps launches Graph API Used allow you to amplify and be amplified through Connections and standard sample delivered to them promotions with Deals or every time someone connections and make and allowed them to invite Sponsored Stories interacts with your app demographic future campaigns moreincrease traffic and sales Events on Facebook two friends to also receive a effective b. To maximize message recall, free sample. As a result, Mars b. Sponsored Stories for Page distributed 120,000 samples to Posts can be used test different creative for its customers within 48 hours. c. Keep text simple, highlight to ensure your fans see each target group special offers, tell users your posts what to expect, have a strongAds to action Facebook call Sponsored Stories Pages Places Events Graph API Premium Apps on Facebook Deals Sampling Adsbuild loyalty and deepen relationships 8
  9. Best Practice Guide > Facebook by Objective Drive preference and differentiationgenerate awareness Facebook is a great place to build preference and differentiation for your brand over competitors. In an effort to reinvigorate its brand among the 18- to 34-year- SponsoredFacebook, people discover your brand through trustedSocial Plugins On Stories Facebook Ads Pages Places Events referrals from API Graph their friends. Then drive Apps on Facebook Deals old audience, Shane Company launched a Facebook campaign preference by interacting with and rewarding your fans. Think of your Facebook Page as a key touch to re-engage with them and become more relevant. Itproduct development & innovation point that you can leverage to bring your brand to life for your customers in real time. used Premium Poll Ads to invite people to nominate their favorite diamond shapes and vote for their favorite marriage proposal scenario. Shane also invited fans to tell Pages Facebook Ads Sponsored Stories Questions Events Graph API Apps on Facebook Social Plugins their own stories on its Page. This stimulated discussiondrive preference and differentiation and interaction between the Introductory tools Advanced tools audience and the brand in a fun way that reinforced the brand as “your friend in the diamond business.” Over 20,000 people responded to the polling Ads, reinvigorating the brand. Pages Facebook Ads Questions Social Plugins Apps on Facebook Graph APIincrease traffic and sales 5 steps to drive preference and differentiation 1 2 3 4 5 Understand what Define the gap between Launch an integrated Think about how to Check in with Facebook Ads Sponsored Stories people currently think your Pages Places current perception brand-building Events Graph API integrate Premium Facebook into on Facebook customers to Sampling Ads Apps your Deals of your business and and your brand’s campaign to drive your products, website understand whatbuild loyalty and deepen relationships why they think it is desired perception or preference and or mobile apps to make is resonating and When adidas Originals launched its global, cross- unique and relevant point of differentiation differentiation them more personal whether you have media campaign in early a. Listen to what people are a. Create a campaign that and unique been successful 2010, the leading apparel and footwear brand decided saying about your business supports your desired a. Use the Graph API to enable a. Monitor your Wall and to use its Facebook Page as on your Page and use perception across your people to shop based on use Page Insights to see a home base from which it Pages Sponsored Stories Facebook Ads Questions Social Plugins Apps on Facebook Questions to survey them typical channels (TV, print, what their friends like what’s working could display and distribute radio, Facebook, etc.) all of its exciting new audio- b. Use Page Insights toamplify recommendation and word of mouth b. Use Social Plugins to create b. Run a Nielsen Brand Effects visual content and product understand what they are b. Create Facebook Ads and a social experience for study (where available) information. By creating highly interested in Sponsored Stories with people engaging with to ask questions or run relevant content, the company Friends of Connections built a community of advocates your brand polls to understand how who supported the brand and targeting to show people perceptions changed c. Use Apps on Facebook to has seen a steady increase in how their friends have post-campaign Originals store traffic. bring your brand to life on Apps on Facebook Sponsored Stories Facebook Ads Pages Events already interacted with Social Plugins Deals Graph API your Page c. Use your own brand your brand tracking measurement toolsgain insights 9
  10. Best Practice Guide > Facebook by Objective Sponsored Stories Facebook Ads Pages Places Events Social Plugins Graph API Apps on Facebook Deals Increase traffic and salesproduct development & innovation Facebook turns purchasing into a social decision by enabling people to show what they like and have In the summer of 2010, Levi Strauss & Co. began a cross- purchased, both online and in the physical world. On Facebook, you Apps on Facebook Pages Facebook Ads Sponsored Stories Questions Events Graph API can create viral promotional Social Plugins media campaign to launch its Fall 2010 Workwear Collection. events, publicize offers or run Deals. Every time someone RSVPs, clicks, or checks-in, that action As part of the campaign, a 40 percent-off offer on Facebookdrive preference and differentiation gets shared with all of their friends. This combination of word of mouth and your ability to deepen for one Work Wear item drove a two-fold increase in traffic to engagement with your customers at the point of purchase (either on your website or in store) is levi’s.com within 15 minutes of being posted on the Facebook incredibly powerful at driving traffic and sales. Page. For an in-store discount offer, Levi’s clocked about 400 Pages Facebook Ads Questions Social Plugins Apps on Facebook Graph API interactions with an Event Ad, but it got 1,600 people showingincrease traffic and sales up in its stores with RSVPs, Introductory tools Advanced tools showing there was a four-times viral multiplier of what the brand was able to do with its ad spend. Facebook Ads Sponsored Stories Pages Places Events Graph API Premium Apps on Facebook Deals Sampling Adsbuild loyalty and deepen relationships 5 steps to increase traffic and sales 1 2 3 4 5 Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Decide on a sales goal Run a creative Create a social Drive people to point Drive people to point created a Deal that incentivized and the promotionalStories Pages Sponsored Facebook Ads campaign to share Questions that experience at the pointon Facebook purchase online Social Plugins Apps of of purchase off-line its customers to check in on activities that will help promotion through of purchase their mobile device, while at a. Use Facebook Ads with a. Make sure your Page the cinema, to receive a freeamplifyyou get there recommendation and word of mouth Facebook Ads and Page a. Use the Graph API to allow offers that take people to is connected to a pint glass and the chance to publishing people to like specific the point of purchase – be geographic Place see a free movie screening. transparent that clicking Every time someone checked a. Consider using an products b. Use Deals and Premium in, that story got published to application or exclusive tab the ad will take you off all of his or her friends, creating b. Integrate post purchase Event Ads to drive people to create a promotion that Facebook a powerful word-of-mouth sharing so that once a user in store Sponsored Stories Facebook Ads requires people to like your Pages Events Deals Social Plugins Graph API Apps on Facebook effect. The offer successfully has checked out, they have b. Every time someone drove people into the cinema, c. Run Sponsored Stories for Page or share the content the option to publish to likes a product on your with over 5,100 people Place Check-ins to amplifygain insights b. Use Sponsored Stories their Wall website, boost the story checking in. Through this word of mouth Deal, the company distributed to ensure the friends of with Sponsored Stories for c. Create Deals to drive people nearly 10,000 pint glasses and someone who interacts Domains in store and have them saw a much higher level of with your campaign, see check in so the action gets engagement on its Page. that action published back to their Pages Questions Campaign Reporting Page Insights friends on Facebook Apps Brand Effects and Chatter Studies API data can be integrated (not widely available) with internal measurement systems 10
  11. Best Practice Guide > Facebook by Objective Pages Facebook Ads Sponsored Stories Questions Events Graph API Apps on Facebook Social Plugins Build loyalty and deepen relationshipsdrive preference and differentiation Facebook is fundamentally about relationships. The people who like your Page are saying that they Sephora uses the publishing feature on its Facebook want a relationship with you. ThisSocial Plugins Pages Facebook Ads Questions connection allows you Graph API Apps on Facebook to build and deepen relationships with your Page extensively to foster conversations with its clients. most loyal customers and allows them to spread the word about your brand to their friends. Because The company has created an Offers tab on its Pageincrease traffic and sales of the information people share about themselves on Facebook, you can create highly custom and where fans get information on special deals. Sephora personalized experiences to drive engagement and loyalty over time. uses the Graph API on its site to allow customers to like and recommend individual products to their friends. Facebook Ads Sponsored Stories Pages Places Events Graph API Premium Apps on Facebook Deals Sephora has created a highly Sampling Ads engaged community that discusses and shares products Introductory toolsbuild loyalty and deepen relationships Advanced tools on its own. Pages Sponsored Stories Facebook Ads Questions Social Plugins Apps on Facebook 5 steps to build loyalty and deepen relationshipsamplify recommendation and word of mouth 1 2 3 4 5 Since research showed that Remind people that you Develop an authentic Ask questions, listen Use the Graph API and Let your fans know many of its customers were are on Facebook and Ads Sponsored Stories Facebook personality and voice Pages Events and be responsive, Social PluginsSocial Plugins to createApps on Facebook are special and Deals Graph API they already on Facebook, Sub-Zero there to communicate take part in a two-way more personalized reward them for their and Wolf Appliance, decided a. Create a publishing calendar to establish a brand presence with themgain insights conversation and relevant online relationship with a Facebook Page. There, b. Post stories that people care a. Promote your Facebook a. Use Facebook Questions to experiences to build a. Thank them for their people can read content on about, ask questions and kitchen designs, recipes and Page in offline marketing drive engagement and learn loyalty engagement encourage participation related topics. The company collateral has created an ecosystem c. Publish in the early b. Appoint someone on your b. Run Deals and special of customers and prospects, b. Integrate Facebook into morning or late evening team to monitor your Page promotions to your kitchen designers and Sub-Zero your website with Graph Pages Questions Campaign Reporting Page Insights daily Apps on Facebook with Brand Effects and and interact API data can Facebook community and Wolf dealers who are all Chatter Studies be integrated API to make sure your people in an authentic(not widely available) way with internal participating in discussions and measurement systems c. Provide them with exclusive sharing content on its Page. customers are part of your information, updates, and Facebook community events c. Use Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories to stay top of mind 11
  12. Best Practice Guide > Facebook by Objective Pages Facebook Ads Questions Social Plugins Apps on Facebook Graph API Amplify recommendationincrease traffic and sales and word of mouth Silly Bandz wanted to attain 1 million fans and to allow its customers to interact with Facebook Ads Sponsored Stories Pages Places Events Graph API Premium Apps on Facebook Deals its products. In order to do Everything you do on Facebook is viral because all actions are published Ads Sampling into the News Feed and are this, it used a combination ofbuild loyalty and deepen relationships Facebook Ads and integrated lasting. People expect to discover things on Facebook through their friends. Rather than thinking the Graph API into its website with product Like Buttons. of driving recommendation as an independent objective, sharing should be built into all of your Every time someone clicked on one of the ads or liked one of its Facebook activities and campaigns. Here are some of the Facebook tools that help amplify word of products, a story was published back to all of his or her friends, mouth andSponsored Stories Pages recommendation. Facebook Ads Questions Social Plugins Apps on Facebook creating a powerful viral effect. As a result, Silly Bandz was able to surpass its 1 million fanamplifyIntroductoryand word of mouth recommendation tools Advanced tools goal and learned a lot about the products its consumers are most excited about. Sponsored Stories Facebook Ads Pages Events Deals Social Plugins Graph API Apps on Facebook 5 steps to amplify recommendation and word of mouthgain insights 1 2 3 4 5 Healthy Choice wanted to Encourage people Create great content Integrate Social Plugins Use Facebook Ads and Learn and iterate grow its Facebook community to like your Page that encourages sharing and the Graph API Sponsored Stories to a. Use Page Insights to and get more people to try its Pages Questions Campaign Reporting Page Insights Apps on Facebook Brand Effects and API data can a. This opens the and keep it fresh with the Like ButtonChatter Studies create word of mouth be integrated determine the content frozen foods. It launched an (not widely available) with internal innovative progressive coupon communication a. Post video content to on all of your online at scale measurement systems people are most excited campaign. The value of the channels between you and stimulate sharing properties and at any a. These products allow you to about engaging with discount increased with the your customers point of purchase show your brand’s message and sharing number of people who liked b. Use a publishing calendar Healthy Choice’s Facebook Page b. It also creates an a. This creates more to your target audience with b. Use Campaign Reporting that includes exciting and signed up for the coupon, association between opportunities for actions stories about their friends to determine what type of creating a viral multiplier product announcements your brand and that that will be published who have already engaged creative and targeting gives effect. By incentivizing people and promotions with your business to share the offer Healthy individual into the News Feed and you the best results c. Be active in two-way Choice was able to get almost content that can be used 60,000 people to connect to its conversations in Sponsored Stories Facebook Page – a 900 percent increase over its original fan base, and was able to distribute 50,000 coupons. 12
  13. Best Practice Guide > Facebook by Objective Facebook Ads Sponsored Stories Pages Places Events Graph API Premium Apps on Facebook Deals Gain insights Sampling Adsbuild loyalty and deepen relationships Facebook allows you to learn about your customers both by observing their actions and by engaging 1-800-Flowers.com uses the Graph API to integrate the Like with them Sponsored Stories It isFacebook Ads place to learn who your customers are and what they think about Pages directly. a great Questions Social Plugins Apps on Facebook Button throughout products on its website. It has used the you. Facebook makes it easy to incorporate your customers into your product development cycle popularity of items to make merchandising and productamplify recommendation and word of mouth and marketing campaigns and iterate quickly. You can do all of this in real-time, globally. When used development decisions. In addition, the company is actively, these insights can help improve your business by helping you stay aligned with the people frequently asking its Facebook community what it would you serve. like to see from the brand and using ad optimization models to determine the best creative, Sponsored Stories Facebook Ads Pages Events Deals Social Plugins Graph API Apps on Facebook targeting and mix of Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories for Introductory toolsgain insights Advanced tools the brand. Pages Questions Campaign Reporting Page Insights Apps on Facebook Brand Effects and API data can Chatter Studies be integrated (not widely available) with internal 5 steps to gain insights measurement systems 1 2 3 4 5 In March 2010, VisitBritain, Use Campaign Reports Learn from Learn from the two- Learn by integrating Use advanced began a Facebook Ads for your advertising Page Insights way conversations that Facebook login and campaign metrics campaign to raise brand campaigns and occur on your Page API with your online awareness and attract a. See the demographic a. When you run large potential visitors to the UK. The Sponsored Stories breakdown of who is a. Watch, listen and respond measurement tools advertising campaigns, campaign drove customers to a. By testing different interacting with your when you use Facebook a. Track individual behavior, use Nielsen Brand the Love UK Facebook group Page and what they are Effects studies (where on VisitBritain’s Facebook targeting options, you Questions, Apps on engagement and Page, where it posts something can learn more about interested in Facebook or publish purchasing available) to track related to the UK to discuss your audience the effectiveness of every day. It has learned your campaign on brand about its customers, as well building objectives as generated a groundswell of opinion and debate about the UK. Unlike billboards where you have no idea whether people like them or not, VisitBritain appreciates the fact that without a massive spend, it can write a post and know within 10 minutes whether it is resonating with people or not. 13
  14. Best Practice GuideHelpful Facebook ResourcesAbout Facebook Pages Developer & Platform ResourcesFacebook Stats www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics Create a Page www.facebook.com/pages/create.php General Resources www.developers.facebook.comPress Room www.facebook.com/press.php Pages Page www.facebook.com/FacebookPages Examples of Site Integrations developers.facebook.com/showcase/ Pages Best PracticesHelpful Facebook Destinations www.facebook.com/FacebookPages?v=app_7146470109 Facebook Platform Page www.facebook.com/platform Most Popular Facebook Pages pagedata.insidefacebook.com/ Developer Blog developers.facebook.com/blog/Facebook www.facebook.com/facebook Vertical Directory of Pages www.facebook.com/pages/ Facebook Application DirectoryMarketing Solutions www.facebook.com/marketing www.facebook.com/apps/directory.php Alphabetical Directory of PagesFacebook Studio www.facebook-studio.com www.facebook.com/directory/pages Social Plugins developers.facebook.com/pluginsFacebook Ads www.facebook.com/facebookads FAQ for Facebook Pages Graph API developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/api/Facebook Pages www.facebook.com/facebookpages https://www.facebook.com/help/?topic=pages Open Graph developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/Facebook Platform www.facebook.com/platform Terms and Guidelines www.facebook.com/terms_pages.php Authentication developers.facebook.com/docs/authentication/Applications on Facebook Usernames for Facebook Pages www.facebook.com/username Post Purchase Sharingwww.facebook.com/applicationsonfacebook Usernames for Facebook Pages FAQ developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/dialogs/Facebook Live www.facebook.com/FacebookLive https://www.facebook.com/help/?page=900 Facebook Credits developers.facebook.com/credits/Webinar Center Reporting IP Infringement on Pages SDKs and Tools developers.facebook.com/docs/sdks/www.facebook.com/adsmarketing/index.php?sk=webinarcenter www.facebook.com/copyright.php Developer Roadmap developers.facebook.com/roadmapPopular Facebook Blogs General Legal and Permissions Live Status of Platform developers.facebook.com/live_statusThe Facebook Blog (official blog) www.blog.facebook.com/ Facebook Brand Permissions Developer Discussion Forum forum.developers.facebook.net/ www.facebook.com/brandpermissions Developer’s Policy Wiki developers.facebook.com/policy/Inside Facebook www.insidefacebook.com/ Promotions Guidelines PermissionsAll Facebook www.allfacebook.com/ www.facebook.com/promotions_guidelines.php developers.facebook.com/docs/authentication/permissions Statement of Rights and ResponsibilitiesAdvertising & Sponsored Stories www.facebook.com/terms.php LocalCreate Facebook Ads www.facebook.com/ads/create/ Copyright Infringement www.facebook.com/legal/copyright.php?howto_report Places Information www.facebook.com/placesGuide to Facebook Ads www.facebook.com/adsmarketing/ Facebook Places Page www.facebook.com/facebookplacesAds Page www.facebook.com/FacebookAds Recommended Facebook Providers Facebook Places Help CenterSponsored Stories www.facebook.com/sponsoredstories www.facebook.com/help/?topic=places Preferred Developer ProgramExternal Ad Policy guidelines developers.facebook.com/preferreddevelopers Find Deals on Facebook www.facebook.com/dealswww.facebook.com/ad_guidelines.php Ads API Tool Providers Deals Info for businessesHelp Center for Ads www.facebook.com/adshelp developers.facebook.com/adsapivendors www.facebook.com/deals#!/deals/business Deals Help Center www.facebook.com/help/?page=18844 14