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TechEvent 2019: More Agile, More AI, More Cloud! Less Work?!; Oliver Dörr - Trivadis


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TechEvent 2019: More Agile, More AI, More Cloud! Less Work?!; Oliver Dörr - Trivadis

  1. 1. More Agile, More AI, More Cloud! Less Work?! Oliver Dörr Cloud Solution Architect
  2. 2. Your Presenter Oliver Dörr Cloud Solution Architect Microsoft Switzerland ~15 years in IT >5 years of Cloud Experience Energy Financial Services / Private Banking Real Estate Tax and Accounting „Every morning you wake up, there is another challenge that could be solved using the capabilities of the cloud“ https://www.linkedin.com/ in/oliver-doerr/Oliver Dörr - Microsoft - CSA 2
  3. 3. Digital Disruption and the 4th Industrial Revolution 1780s 1870s 1970s 2015+
  4. 4. [AUD1] [TES1] Oliver Dörr - Microsoft - CSA 5
  5. 5. W H Y ?
  6. 6. The scale and pace of change2007 $100,000 2013 $700 2007 $40,000 2014 $100 2007 $550,000 2014 $20,000 2000 $2.7bn 2007 $10m 2014 $1,000 1984 $30 2014 $0.16 2009 $30,000 2014 $80 2007 $499 2015 $10 DNA Solar Smartphones Drones 3D Printing Industrial Robots Sensor (3D) An astonishing pace of change is accelerating transformation. Technology is more affordable and accessible than ever before. 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 6 6 8 20 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 Xiaomi Snapchat Airbnb CloudFlare Uber Average Unicorns Tesla Cloudera Facebook Google Typical Fortune 500 years Time to reach $1B valuation or more Source: World Economic Forum
  7. 7. replaced use technology faster, better, and cheaper
  8. 8. Balance of responsibility Balance of control and responsibility depends on the category of the service On-Prem – Physical Machines You own and maintain everything IaaS – VMs, Storage, Networking, etc. Building blocks to create your own solution or apps from scratch PaaS – App Service, Azure SQL, etc. Support services provided, can focus on core business problem SaaS – Office365, Dynamics, etc. Use immediately (if it fits your needs) Applications Data Runtime Middleware Operating system Virtualization Servers Storage Networking Responsibility On Prem IaaS PaaS SaaS Customer Microsoft Containers
  9. 9. “Get Me The Laziest People Money Can Buy” https://blog.codinghorror.com/get-me-the-laziest-people-money-can-buy/ “It's a lot faster to download code than it is to write it.”
  10. 10. From infrastructure to innovation Valuetobusiness Time PaaS IaaS 80% IT time saved 50% faster service deployment Statistics based on five-year, risk-adjusted figures for a composite organization constructed from aggregated interviews with eight Microsoft Azure IaaS customers. Source: “The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Azure PaaS,” a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, June 2016
  11. 11. Build on Infrastructure (IaaS) Build on Platform Services (PaaS) Virtual Machines Stateful and stateless one-off solutions VM Scale Sets Scalable stateless solutions Containers Scalable & orchestrated Docker containers Customization Time to valueExisting Apps Batch Large scale HPC and grid solutions Service Fabric Custom Microservice- based stateless and stateful solutions Rapid development of web, mobile & API solutions Orchestrated workflow- based integration solutions Logic Apps App Service Serverless event driven code. Nano scale services Functions
  12. 12. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/functions/ Azure Functions Serverless event-driven code • Trigger on events & external services / feeds • Pay only per execution with instant scale or via App Service • Choice of languages • Open source runtime runs anywhere
  13. 13. Security and Identity Mgt?
  14. 14. https://thenewstack.io/the-future- of-kubernetes-is-serverless/
  15. 15. Increase agility with containers on demand Secure applications with hypervisor isolation Run containers without managing servers Azure Container Instances (ACI) Easily run containers on Azure without managing servers Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Azure Container Instances (ACI) Azure Container Registry (ACR) Service Fabric App Service Azure Batch
  16. 16. More Agile -DevOps-
  17. 17. Product innovations need to reach customers quickly, and stay available
  18. 18. Software delivery paradox
  19. 19. Accelerating Delivery with DevOps DevOps is the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to your end users. “ ”
  20. 20. Reactive operations DELIVER OPERATEDE VELOP
  21. 21. Moving to proactive operations with Azure DELIVER OPERATEDE VELOP
  22. 22. Deploy continuously and compliantly Monitoring AutomateGovernance ResiliencySecurity
  23. 23. Azure and GitHub are fully integrated with your existing tools and workflow
  24. 24. Organizations that move the first steps in the cloud… • Definitions for a given application’s infrastructure is managed separately from the code for that application. • Often, each is managed by a separate team. This follows the tradition of separating development and operations concerns, but it creates dependencies and can add technical and organizational overhead. • The overhead of changes to infrastructure increases exponentially with the number of applications and services that share it. • This overhead is reflected in time, cost, and risk.
  25. 25. Cloud Native Approach Manage application software and its supporting infrastructure as a single concern. • Application teams define, provision, and manage the resources they need, without needing the Platform team to do it for them. • Having the code together makes it easy to manage, test, and deliver them as a unit.
  26. 26. Organizations that move the first steps in the cloud… Security? Compliance? Control! Developers Operations
  27. 27. Organizations that move the first steps in the cloud… Developers Operations Security? Compliance? Control!
  28. 28. Cloud Native Approach Management Groups Policy Templates RBAC Blueprints Policies Developers Operations
  29. 29. Cloud Native Approach Management Groups Policy Templates RBAC Blueprints Policies Developers Operations This built-in policy audits if SQL database does not have transparent data encryption enabled. Sentinel Security Center Advisor Activity Alerts Monitor Metrics Insights
  30. 30. When DevOps FAILS • #CapacityMgt • IP Address limitation by the Network Team • #Monitoring • #UserAdoptionRate • Mindset • Training • >NO< Trust in your developers and Q&A Team • have a inspection proxy in the middle - instead of using PaaS Services / Firewall • Public PaaS Service endpoints are not allowed
  31. 31. What Else? • Mindset • Workload • Vendor (Microsoft, Amazon, Google) • Connectivity • Hybrid • Identities • Billing
  32. 32. Merci vielmal! Oliver Dörr Microsoft – Cloud Solution Architect oliver.doerr@microsoft.com +41 (0)43 456 69 18 Oliver Dörr - Microsoft - CSA 46
  33. 33. Session Feedback – now • Please use the Trivadis Events mobile app to give feedback on each session • Use "My schedule" if you have registered for a session • Otherwise use "Agenda" and the search function • If the mobile app does not work (or if you have a Windows smartphone / Desktop), use your smartphone browser • URL: http://trivadis.quickmobileplatform.eu/ • User name: <your_loginname> (such as “svv”) • Password: sent by e-mail...