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Azure Days 2019: Keynote Azure Switzerland – Status Quo und Ausblick (Primo Amrein)

Die Azure Cloud ist in der Schweiz angekommen. In dieser Session beleuchtet Primo Amrein, Cloud Lead bei Microsoft Schweiz, die Einführung der Azure Cloud in der Schweiz, berichtet über die Erfolgsgeschichten und die Lessons Learned. Die Session wird mit einem Ausblick auf die Roadmap abgerundet.

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Azure Days 2019: Keynote Azure Switzerland – Status Quo und Ausblick (Primo Amrein)

  1. 1. Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland Trivadis Azure Day – Oct 22 Primo Amrein – Cloud Lead
  2. 2. • 2’000 live webcast viewers • LinkedIn Launch Article: >1000 likes, >150 reshares, >4000 views • #TheCloudCH: top Twitter trend during event, 13K impressions
  3. 3. Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland
  4. 4. Customer: • Bio Partner Schweiz is the leading organic wholesaler in Switzerland Case: • «Cloud First» strategy versus on-premise to further expand business • Azure and Managed Services (Monitoring, Update and Incident Management) • Later: Office 365 implementation and Teams roll-out Customer Benefits: • In line with the Swiss philosophy, the management wants to keep data in Switzerland • Lower latency with Swiss DC • Flexibility, agility to drive innovations fast & more IT resources to implement digital change
  5. 5. Situation: Solution: Impact: “Having Azure datacenters in Switzerland, Amsterdam, and other locations lets us future-proof our business.” Drones are appearing in Switzerland’s skies, and skyguide, the air navigation service provider for Switzerland, wants to be ready for them. It sought a disruptive technology for managing drone traffic. —Robert Fraefel, Head of Swiss U-space, skyguide Skyguide deployed AirMap UTM, a service platform for drones and operators that runs on Microsoft Azure, to create a drone traffic management system for Switzerland. The global presence of Azure datacenters helps skyguide meet the data protection needs of all European customers and economically scale its airspace management services for drones. Customer: skyguide Industry: Government Size: 1,500 employees Country: Switzerland Products and Services: Microsoft Azure Read full story here
  6. 6. AI-based Platform for Medical Applications The Cardio Explorer test is clinically tested & approved and already in selective use at University Hospital Basel or Hirslanden Clinic Zurich Cause Problem Solution No simple and accurate test available Cardio Explorer: timely detection avoids heart attacks 12% of worldwide deaths The easy-to-use Cardio Explorer test allows • early detection of a narrowing of the coronary arteries • higher accuracy than many established standard tests such as stress ECG • detection of 7 times more potentially life-threatening stenosis compared to primary diagnostics today • significantly lower costs without any risk exposure for patients Why Azure Cloud Switzerland? • Sensitive health data • Global roll-out plans • Scalability and agility Coronary Heart Disease is the leading cause of death Stenosis (narrowing) of heart arteries cause heart attacks
  7. 7. swiss energy exchange swenex swenex deployed into the Swiss Data Center as part of the Early Adopter Program Why Swiss Data Center? • Legal & Compliance: Swiss Data Residency • Proper Geo Redundancy Set-up for Public Sector end-clients • Local Connection • Lower Latency About swenex swenex is a leading energy service company in Switzerland for end clients in the field of permanent energy management (energy procurement, energy data management and billing).
  8. 8. • Early Adopters • Partners Involvement • Corp Timing • Local Timing • Pro-Active Communication Lessons Learned
  9. 9. • Azure IaaS and some PaaS (Azure SQL DB, Cosmos DB) launched in August 2019 • Further Azure services will be deployed in Switzerland step-by-step • Office 365 follows roughly 3-6 months after the launch of the Swiss region • Dynamics 365 and Power Platform follow in 2020 Rollout Sequence
  10. 10. Live Services Application Gateway Key Vault Azure Cosmos DB Load Balancer Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 Log Analytics Azure DNS Private Zones Redis Cache Azure Resource Manager Service Bus Azure SQL Database Service Fabric Azure SQL Database/Managed Instance Site Recovery Azure SQL Database/SQL Data Sync SQL Data Warehouse Azure Service Manager (RDFE) Storage/Disk Storage Backup Storage/Hot/Cool Blob Storage Tiers Cloud Services/Av2-Series/Dv2-Series/Dv3- Series/Ev3-Series/M-Series Storage/Managed Disks Cloud Services/Instance Level IPs Virtual Machine Scale Sets Cloud Services/Reserved IP Virtual Machines Av2-Series/B-Series/DS- Series/DSv2-Series/DSv3-Series/Dv2- Series/Dv3-Series/ESv3-Series/Ev3- Series/F-Series/FS-Series/M-Series Event Grid Virtual Machines/Instance Level IPs Event Hubs Virtual Machines/Reserved IP ExpressRoute Virtual Network ExpressRoute/ExpressRoute Circuits VPN Gateway ExpressRoute/Gateways VPN Gateway/Virtual WAN
  11. 11. SAP-on-Azure • M-Series are already deployed and ready in CH DC ‐ SAP HANA certified ‐ Powerful specialized hardware ‐ Optimized for SAP Workloads • In addition, SAP is also in the process to enable their own SAP managed services offering “HANA Enterprise Cloud” based on the Microsoft Swiss DCs
  12. 12. Extract of services planned to launch in the weeks and months after go-live: • Azure Firewall • App Services / ASE • Azure DB for PostgreSQL / MySQL / MariaDB • Azure Kubernetes Services • Logic Apps • Functions Azure Services Roadmap https://azure.microsoft.com/en- us/global-infrastructure/services/
  13. 13. Main CH DC Value Proposition vs e.g. EU • Local Data Residency, including contractual commitment that customer data at-rest stays within Switzerland • Latency • Informal measurements show considerable improvements over AMS/DUB • Please note there will be no Msft official numbers on latency
  14. 14. • With Azure, regional uplifts are standard and of course Switzerland also falls under this • Azure in CH North is on average 10-20% more expensive than Amsterdam, depending on workload – this is within the expected range • CH West has a further uplift – per the global standard for Azure disaster recovery sites Pricing
  15. 15. Managed Process for Onboarding • The Swiss DCs have the purpose to enable digital transformation primarily for Swiss clients • The Azure region in Switzerland sees a high demand from both Swiss and international clients • At first, we prioritize Swiss clients and partners with a requirement for local data residency • Clients and partners are onboarded through a managed process where eligibility is qualified • Don’t hold back, we’ve enabled access for dozens of additional clients after launch • It is foreseen to open the region for general access in the coming months