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Magical Bail with malaysiawww. Tripmart.com

Malaysia Holidays - Book Malaysia Tours & travel packages at Tripmart. Largest number of Malaysia Tour & holiday Packages available. Go for a Hoilday, travel to Malaysia and its various tourist attractions with Malaysia holiday packages. Explore Malaysia Tourism with cheap vacation packages.

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Magical Bail with malaysiawww. Tripmart.com

  1. 1. 1860-1800-111Discover Japan (with Mt. Fiji and Sumo Museum )DAY 1Welcome to Langkawi Islands - set in a craggy, almost magical setting of limestone outcroppings ris-ing sharply out of the calm Andaman Sea, the mangrove forest here is really an intricate network ofstreams and hidden coves that are home to hundreds of endemic jungle species of wildlife. On arrival,you will be greeted by our local representative who will take you to your hotel in Langkawi. Aftercheck in and some rest, you will proceed to Langkawi Island tour.The tour will take you around the island of Langkawi and along the way; you will pass by padi fields,rubber estates with stops at the following places of interests:UNDERWATER WORLD - One of the must see sights in Langkawi. A whole range of Fresh WaterTropical Coral Fishes and Corals are housed in various aquariums for your viewing. Penguins and oth-er marine life are also available.MAHSURI MAUSOLEUM - This is the burial ground of Princess Mahsuri. Within the mausoleum,buy some local delicacies to savour and buy some local souvenirs for friend back home.EAGLE SQUARE at the Jetty in Kuah Town for a photo stop.KUAH TOWN - Walk around and shop for souvenirs.Finally you will return back to your hotel for an overnight stay.DAY 2After enjoying hot buffet breakfast at your hotel in Langkawi, the day is free for you to explore thebeauty of this island on your own. You can explore the lovely beaches of Langkawi by enjoying beachactivities r simply lay down and rest on the white sand.Overnight stay at your hotel in Langkawi.DAY 3After having breakfast at your hotel, you will proceed to check out and transferred to Langkaw inter-national Airport for your flight back to home.
  2. 2. 1860-1800-111Tripmart International LimitedDevonshire House,60, Goswell Road,London EC1M 7AD, U.K.Tripmart International (P) LimitedThe Concourse,A-2A, Sector - 63, Noida,Uttar Pradesh - 201301, IndiaPhone: +91-120-2427558, 2427559Fax: +91-120-2427558Email: info @ tripmart.comWebsite : www.tripmar.comhttp://www.tripmart.com/package_detail.asp?Package_Code=Japan_001&Site_Location=INDIA&currency_short_code=INR#
  3. 3. 1860-1800-111