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11 days Grand South East Asian Tour -www. Tripmart.com

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11 days Grand South East Asian Tour -www. Tripmart.com

  1. 1. 1860-1800-11111 Days Grand South East Asian TourDAY 1Welcome to Singapore, most modern city and one of the cleanest of the world. As you land atChangi Airport, again worldd top airport, you will be meet our local representative who willtransfer you to your hotel in Singapore.As you move out of the Airport, you will discover the clean and green environments andmandmade marvels in and around the city to your Hotel. Check in to your hotel and getimmersed into the beauty of this Island City Country.After taking some rest, proceed to Singapore City tour. The tour will enable you to explore thevibrant Chinatown, Singapore colonial landmarks, Little India, National Orchid Garden and theiconic Singapore Merlion (Singapores mythological creature that is part lion, part fish).You can also combine your city tour with a 30-minute flight aboard the Singapore Flyer (atadditional cost). You will finally return back to you hotel in the evening for an overnight stay.DAY 2After enjoying hot breakfast in the morning, you will proceed to Sentosa Island in the afternoon.Youll travel to this island haven by scenic cable car, see pink dolphins at play in the DolphinLagoon, visit the Underwater World oceanarium, see the Images of Singapore story and enjoythe multi-sensory sound and light water show Songs of the Sea.This action-packed, family-friendly tour of Sentosa Island is guaranteed to please children andadults alike. Youll be definitely be amazed by the playful antics of the pink dolphins at theDolphin Lagoon, with their tail-flapping, calling and synchronized tail-walking. Your view offascinating sea life gets even closer at Sentosas Underwater World. Youll be taken on a voyageto the bottom of the sea as you walk through a transparent underwater tunnel with close-up viewsof more than 2,500 sea creatures.At Images of Singapore youll experience the colorful culture and vibrant heritage of Singapore,retold through life-size figures, aipnimatronics and special effects. Enjoy Songs of the Sea -Singapores multi-sensory extravaganza. The world-class water show features dramatic effects,water jets, lasers, burst of fire and foot-tapping music in an underwater setting, transporting youto an enchanted world where mystical sea creatures, a dashing young hero, beautiful princess andall things magical come to life.You can also enhance your Sentosa experience with a visit to Sentosa CineBlast (at additionalcost). The Sentosa CineBlast is a mind-blowing cinema simulation ride. Its sure to put anadrenaline-fulled smile on your face! Later on return to your hotel for an overnight stay.DAY 3You will have breakfast at your hotel in Singapore. The day is at leisure. You can explore this
  2. 2. 1860-1800-111wonderful city at your pace and your own way. You can visit Merlion for a picture perfectphotograph of this beautiful city. This area has lot of amazing man made architecture like famousMarina Bay Sands, Esplanade.You can take a ride on Singapore flyer at your own expense. Singapore Flyer gives youbreathtaking views of the city from 165 mt, on a 30 mintues ride. Later on during the day youcan explore of numerous shopping places of Singapore. Especially, the orchard road which is thebest place to shop in Asia. You can visit shopping malls like ION Orchard, Ngee Ann City, PlazaSingapura and many more.You will spend overnight at your hotel in Singapore.DAY 4After enjoying hot buffet breakfast, its time to check out of your hotel in Singapore and proceedto Singapore Airport for a flight to Kuala Lumpur. On arrival in Kuala Lumpur, you will meetour local representative who will take you to your hotel in Kuala Lumpur.Malaysia – a destination which gives you true essence of Asia with it multi culture populationhaving Malays, Indians, Chinese and many other ethnic groups. After check in, you will proceedto a Kuala Lumpur City tour. Kuala Lumpur is where the new embraces the old, where modernsophistication meets colourful tradition. The City of Lights offers a blend of vibrant architectureand historical beginnings. It allows the opportunity for visitors to experience the fascinatingmixture of culture, fine traditional arts, and colorful urban and rural lifestyle.Among the must sees are the Petronas Twin Tower at Kuala Lumpur City Centre [KLCC], TheanHau Chinese Temple, Independence Square-Moorish Buildings & Cricket Club, NationalMonument, National Mosque, and Railway Station, Kings Palace, Royal Selangor Pewter[largest pewter factory in the world], Batik Handicraft and demo.You will return back to your hotel for an overnight stay.DAY 5You will enjoy hot buffet Breakfast in your hotel. After enjoying the breakfast, rest of the day isat leisure. You can explore the beauty of this city at your own pace and on your own way.Overnight stay at your hotel in Kuala Lumpur.DAY 6After enjoying hot breakfast in the morning, you will check out the hotel in Kuala Lumpur andproceed to Kuala Lumpur Airport for a flight to Bangkok to reach Pattaya. Our localrepresentative will transfer you to the airport form hotel.Thailand is the perfect and one of closest holiday destination. On arrival at the Bangkok airport.You will be transferred from Bangkok to your hotel in Pattaya. Day is at leisure, you can explore
  3. 3. 1860-1800-111the beauty of Pattaya at your pace and your way. Overnight stay at your hotel in Pattaya.DAY 7You will enjoy hot buffet breakfast at the hotel. Later on proceed for Koh Larn Coral Island Tripfrom Pattaya including Seafood Lunch.Coral Island is the most popular excursion from Pattaya. Your transfer to Coral Island would bethrough a speed-boat. You will spend the day at this stunning island, mesmerized in its naturalbeauty and transparent waters.Enjoy a tranquil getaway, relax on the beach or enjoy some snorkeling the choice is yours. Theisland also offers a range of water sports including water skiing, parasailing and windsurfing. Ifyou dont want to get wet you can view the coral from a glass bottom boat (at an additional costpayable direct).Youll be served a delicious seafood lunch. Later in the evening, return back to your hotel inPattaya for an ovenight stay via Speed Boat.DAY 8After enjoying hot breakfast at your hotel, the day is at leisure. You can explore the island atyour own pace. Pattaya has lot to explore :-- Pattaya local market- Marine aquarium full of magnificent tropical fish- Cliff full of tame monkeys and- Oyster farm.Overnight stay at your hotel in Pattaya.DAY 9After enjoying breakfast in Pattaya, you will check out of the hotel and proceed to Bangkok tocatch a flight to Phuket. Our local representative will assist you in the process.On arrival in Phuket, check in to your hotel and unwind your self. You can enjoy the beauty ofPhuket on your own. Overnight stay at your hotel in Phuket.DAY 10After having sumptuous buffet breakfast at the hotel, you will proceed to Phang Nga Bay Tour(with lunch with James Bond Island) by luxary Speed Boat from Phuket.Phang Nga Bay is where verdant limestone islands, honeycombed with caves and aquatic grottossoar perpendicularly to heights of 984 feet or more, from almost perpetually calm waters.
  4. 4. 1860-1800-111You will also visit to the Pearl Farm on the island, Hong Island and James Bond Island - madefamous from the movie The Man with the Golden Gun. You will explore the Grotto Caves andnavigate amongst the labyrinthine mangrove swamps.Enjoy a great lunch on Panyee Island or Sea Gypsy Village - a village built entirely on thewater. After lunch your tour will take you to Khai Nok Island or Naka Yai Island (depending onthe tides) for swimming and snorkeling if you are an adventurous traveler. Later in the eveningwe return back to the hotel in Phuket for an overnight stay.DAY 11After enjoying breakfast in the morning, its time to check out of the hotel. After check out of thehotel, you will proceed to Phuket Airport to catch a flight back to home, taking along happymemories of this memorable experience.Tripmart International LimitedDevonshire House,60, Goswell Road,London EC1M 7AD, U.K.Tripmart International (P) LimitedThe Concourse,A-2A, Sector - 63, Noida,Uttar Pradesh - 201301, IndiaPhone: +91-120-2427558, 2427559Fax: +91-120-2427558Email: info @ tripmart.comWebsite : www.tripmar.comhttp://www.tripmart.com/package_detail.asp?Package_Code=SIN_KL_THAI_001&Site_Location=INDIA&currency_short_code=INR

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