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trendwatching.com’s infographic PRESUMERS

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Consumers are turning into PRESUMERS, being involved with products and services pre-launch, helped by crowdsourcing platforms and new manufacturing technologies that are finally tipping into the mainstream. Check out the examples of platforms and businesses already catering to PRESUMERS, from Kickstarter and DemoHour to Idea.me, Indiegogo and many more…

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trendwatching.com’s infographic PRESUMERS

  1. 1. PRESUMERS The product, the story, the status: why consumer involvement with products and services pre-launch is set to go mainstream. DRIVING THIS TREND: 1. FIRSTISM: 2. STORIES: Choice saturated consumers want more, faster, better now. What better way to get that than consuming in the future tense. Connecting with cool products and services pre-launch means a great STATUS STORY to share. 4. OFF = ON: Joining forces to fund and promote a pre-launch product means a sense of community. 5. NEW PLATFORMS: Online, consumers talk, participate, contribute, act. So why not offline, too? Growth in crowdfunding platforms and the rise of small-time makers mean its easier than ever to be a PRESUMER. WHO IS PRESUMING? Number of crowdfunding platforms (worldwide): *Based on September 2012 data on Kickstarter users by Quantcast 45% earn more than $ 50,000 a year. 48% are 3. BELONGING: 452 100 April 2012 2007 educated. Money raised on crowdfunding platforms: 0.53B 62% 38% 2.8B 1.4B 2009 2012 2011 *Source: Massolution/The Economist, May 2012 MASS CROWDFUNDING PLATFORMS DemoHour is China's first crowdfunding platform. US-based Kickstarter had launched over 73,000 projects by September 2012. The Porthole glass infusion vessel raised $730,000 Beijing bookstore One Way Street Library raised $37,000 NICHE CROWDFUNDING PLATFORMS A Netherlands-based crowdfunding platform for video games A hyper-local crowdfunding platform based in New York Pie Corps: An artisanal pie company, launched in Brooklyn Tink: a third-person action adventure game from Mimimi Productions …… INNOVATIVE PRESUMPTION BRANDS Hong Kong based ZAOZAO, a "social pretailer" for fashion lovers. Makeably: US-based marketplace for custom-made designed objects. IMPLICATIONS PRESUMERS have opened the lid on a new consumer experience. Want to get going with this trend? How about: • Scan PRESUMER platforms for projects, firms, designers, entrepreneurs that you could or should partner with. • Establish a platform for new designs or products, and let PRESUMERS help you choose which ones to make and sell. • Experiment with pre-sales models and special perks for enthusiastic PRESUMERS. So start thinking PREDUCTION, consider becoming a PRETAILER, and get going! ;-) trendwatching.com | Infographics Monthly Trend Briefing - November 2012 Enjoyed this? Read all our free publications: Want More? 2014 PREMIUM SERVICE trendwatching.com/freepublications/ Need access to all the vital consumer trends, insights and innovations in 2014? Our Premium Service is for you. trendwatching.com/premium/ TREND FRAMEWORK INDUSTRY UPDATES INNOVATIONS DATABASE 2014 TREND REPORT MONTHLY SNAPSHOTS TREND APPLY TOOLKIT