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The key to adopting a VIRGIN mindset: #3 Don’t ask for commitment: Where once VIRGINS may have wanted a long-term relationship, now many would prefer a one-night stand ;-) Indulge the joy VIRGINS take in playing the field by streaming and renting them products instead of selling. Learn from examples such as designer fashion rental platform thesixosix, or established brands like BMW’s DriveNow short-term car rental initiative, and think in terms of how to give VIRGINS access to your product, rather than just selling it to them. In short, whether you’re a startup or a heritage brand, remember: as NEWISM pushes consumerism to light speed, you simply have to start mirroring the VIRGIN mindset in your own thinking if you want to stand a chance with many consumers. But however you cater to VIRGIN CONSUMERS, remember: make it special. It’s their first time ;-) And if it’s your first time reading our Trend Briefings, please make sure you subscribe.w w w. t r e n d w a t c h i n g . c o m VIRGIN CONSUMERS 9

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