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The key to adopting a VIRGIN mindset: #1 Keep it simple: Cast off industry convention and (if you’re an established brand) previous product iterations, and reimagine your product from the ground up, so that it makes sense for the way consumers live now, and is intuitive to use right out of the box. See how VIRGIN BRANDS Lytro made photography effortlessly simple for VIRGINS by releasing a camera that could focus after taking the shots. Or learn from Nest, who made thermostats intuitive, sexy and sustainable. 2012 saw big brands thinking like VIRGINS, too: witness the Nike+ Fuelband, an end-to-end service – including wearable device and online platform – that finally made tracking activity through the day easy. While for Microsoft, ripping up two decades of user experience and pivoting to a touch-led tile interface in Windows 8, meant creating an interface that caters to VIRGIN CONSUMERS.w w w. t r e n d w a t c h i n g . c o m VIRGIN CONSUMERS 7

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