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2. EXPERIENCED VIRGINS While VIRGIN CONSUMERS might be unfamiliar with a specific new product, brand or sector, they aren’t Why even first timers have high clueless or naïve. Au contraire: years of immersion in consumer societies means that even VIRGIN standards CONSUMERS are well versed in consumerism at large*. That means previous Trend Briefings relating to changing consumer expectations and attitudes still apply: VIRGINS know good service – or even better, SERVILE BRANDS – when they see them. And it should go without saying that they expect FULL FRONTAL transparency – on ethics, business process, even financials – from brands, and will embrace a GENERATION G(ENEROSITY) approach to giving back to society. EMERGING VIRGINS The exception is some VIRGIN CONSUMERS in emerging markets, who may be truly new (or nearly new) to many aspects of consumerism. According to Ernst & Young, 1 billion people in emerging market cities are set to join the global consuming class – defined as those with a disposable income of USD 3,600 a year – by 2025. We could (and will!) dedicate a whole Trend Briefing to these EMERGING VIRGINS: in the meantime there will be much more about them in our upcoming Asia-Pacific Trend Report and South & Central America Trend Report.w w w. t r e n d w a t c h i n g . c o m VIRGIN CONSUMERS 5

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