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1. EAGER VIRGINS Why the lust for the new has never NEWISM is not only about the accelerating pace All that means more consumers than ever are of innovation, it’s also about fueling consumer convinced that the ‘new’ will help them improve been stronger appetite for the new, which has never been every aspect of their lives, and thus the rising higher. numbers of eager VIRGIN CONSUMERS, who Mainly, hyper-competition has led to the ‘new’ no want to dive in to, try out, experience and longer being seen as a tired marketing ploy from experiment with the new products and services old brands. Instead, new products and services being launched on a daily if not hourly basis. ARE now actually often more surprising, more Just look at the tech sector (the ultimate NEWISM convenient, more intuitive – and thus better – than posterchild): in mid-2012, the Ouya games established alternatives, if there are alternatives to console raised USD 1.2 million less than 24 begin with. And the ongoing megatrend towards hours after its launch on Kickstarter. Meanwhile, consumers demanding brand honesty too – which in November, the new iPad 4 and iPad Mini new brands uncumbered by legacy can embrace sold 3 million units in three days. But that was a more quickly and effectively than anyone – means whole three months ago: gadget-blogs are now that new brands are often more trusted or even abuzz with news of Panasonic’s Ultra-HD 4K respected than their familiar, historied counterparts. tablet, announced at CES in January 2013. Or On top of that, the usual risk associated with trying Samsung’s prototype smartphone with a the new is now close to zero, thanks to F-FACTOR flexible screen. Or the Huawei Ascend Mate recommendations and the TRANSPARENCY 6.1-inch phablet. And on and on it goes. TRIUMPH of countless reviews.w w w. t r e n d w a t c h i n g . c o m VIRGIN CONSUMERS 4

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