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NEWISM Driving the explosion of trendwatching.com’s VIRGIN CONSUMERS

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NEWISM Driving the explosion of VIRGIN CONSUMERS The fundamental driver behind the VIRGIN (Sources: Company statements; Chinese State CONSUMER trend? NEWISM. Intellectual Property Office; Startup Britain, all Today, consumers from Dubai to Canada January 2013) can order pizza via a fridge magnet, 3D That’s NEWISM for you: thanks to the usual print their own homeware, and visit a virtual suspects like connectivity, globalization, grocery store on a train station platform. the demolition of barriers to entry and the They live in a world of Chinese luxury democratization of design and manufacturing, fashion brands, social credit cards, and the pace and volume of consumer-facing ultra-transparent sushi kitchens. innovation has never been higher. Which They must navigate through the insane levels means an explosion in VIRGIN CONSUMERS: of choice offered by the 19,000 new apps consumers who, no matter how experienced, that Apple says are added to their store every are inevitably (and endlessly) encountering month, the 18,000 projects on Kickstarter that tons of products and brands for the first-time. were successfully crowdfunded in 2012, the 1.2 Now, on to two things to keep in mind million patents for innovations granted in China when thinking about (and if you’re a B2C alone, or the 480,000 companies registered in brand or agency, catering to) these VIRGIN the UK in 2012... We could go on (and on). CONSUMERS:w w w. t r e n d w a t c h i n g . c o m VIRGIN CONSUMERS 3

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