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Trang Nguyen Resume Updated Feb 09

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Trang Nguyen Resume Updated Feb 09

  1. 1. Audrey Nguyen 758 Niagara Street/Upper, Buffalo, NY 14213 1(716)903-4811 – 4nguyent@dyc.edu OBJECTIVE Become an expert in the international trade area specializing in operational management. Become a licensed Customs Broker and a Black Belt Six Sigma. EDUCATION D’Youville College Buffalo, New York Jan 04 – May 09  M.S, International Business – GPA: 3.83/4.0 Coursework: Logistic and Supply Chain Management, International Negotiations and Communication, International Marketing  B.S, Information Technology – GPA: 3.73/4.0  Honors: Dean’s List D’Youville Honor Presidential Scholarship recipient Who’s who among Students in American Universities and Colleges  Expected graduation: May 2009 PROJECTS Fall 07 – Spring 08 Graduate Course GRA 622, Graduate Project  Developed and supported hypothesis of relation between value-added approaches in the global textile industry and opportunity for Southeast Asia through Porter’s industrial clusters INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE Sep 08 - Nov 08 Logistic Intern, AccuMED Technologies Buffalo, New York  Assisted in reorganization of import compliance process • Initiated and implemented a systematic import compliance process • Drafted import compliance manual • Created departmental training documents on import process  Assisted in product classification, binding and ruling  Estimated optimized cost savings by 40% Marketing Intern, CitiBank Vietnam, Hanoi Branch Summer 2008 Ha Noi, Viet Nam  Assisted in organizing internal/external training events for bankers  Assisted in processing trade loans and opening new accounts  Supported marketing team in updating clients’ profile on a frequent basis  Lead and delegated specific tasks amongst the interns team Summer 2008 Trade Intern, LeGia Company Ha Noi, Viet Nam  Assisted LeGia Company in acquiring a franchise license with NexCen - Shoebox New York. • Translated all trade related documents (LOI, disclosure document…) • Provided professional opinions on the franchise agreement • Successfully negotiated and came to favorable terms for LeGia Company Marketing Intern, Education Dynamics Mar 08 – May 08 Buffalo, New York
  2. 2.  Lead online marketing campaign for D’Youville College utilizing Education Dynamics’ product UPeers; boosted enrolment from 10% to 30% Interpreter, International Business Conference Sep 12, 2007 Buffalo, New York  Interpreted between U.S and Vietnamese pharmaceutical companies LEADERSHIP and BUSINESS RELATED EXPERIENCE Secretary, SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) Aug 04 – Present Buffalo, New York  Lead 10 students running VITA–Volunteer Income Tax Assistant – with IRS  Improved the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra’s sale by 15% in target market of youngsters Aug 06 – Dec 08 Tutor/Mentor, GEAR UP, YEP Buffalo, New York  Lead student towards analytical thinking in learning any subject  Developed a mentoring; role – model relationship with students Aug 05 – May 08 Founder/President, DYC International Student Club Buffalo, New York  Management - Managed existing and new club activities  Public Relations - Created a positive image for the club on campus AWARDS May 05 – 06 Student Affairs Award of Distinction, D’Youville College Buffalo, New York May 05 – Present Outstanding Leadership and Achievement, D’Youville College Buffalo, New York SKILLS AND Computer skills: Proficiency Windows NT 95/98/2000/XP/2003 INTEREST MS Office skills (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access) Database skills: MS SQL Server 2003, MySQL, Linux Language skills: English – Vietnamese – Bilingual Chinese – Spanish (Introductory Level) Interests: Language, travel, social services REFERENCES Available upon request