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8th grade founding father project[1]

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8th grade founding father project[1]

  1. 1. 8th Grade “Founding Fathers” Project “Founding Fathers” Portrait and Biography ProjectDirections: A 5 paragraph biography and a portrait of a “Founding Father” ofthe United States of America will be due by December 23rd. The following projectwill count as a grade for your art, social studies, English and computer classes(25% Art, 25% Social Studies, 25% English and 25% Computers). Theseprojects will be displayed at the RCCS Art Show later in the year.Process: Time will be given to students to choose a “Founding Father” andselect a picture of them in computer class. The picture selected will be used inart class for the portrait for this project. Time will be given to students tocomplete the portrait in art class. A five paragraph biography of the “FoundingFather” selected will also be due by December 23rd. Time will be given tostudents to complete the biography in computer class. Students will also begiven time in English class to proof read and correct the 5 paragraph biography.5 paragraph biography: At least 2 credible internet sources Bibliography (Hanging indents, same font size and spacing as biography) At least 5 paragraphs (1st – Introduction about chosen “Founding Father”, 2nd - Early Life, 3rd – Career, 4th – Later Life, 5th – Impact/Conclusion) Typed in 12 font Arial or Times New Roman Double spaced The biography must be set up in the correct format (see attachment for example) Make sure the biography is free from grammatical errors
  2. 2. 8th Grade “Founding Fathers” ProjectNameProjectGrade/SectionDate Title First paragraph starts here…