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Dan Elder, MS
Dan Elder, MSCreating Change one Leader at a Time um Topsarge Business Solutions
Blogs Overview,[object Object],,[object Object],Dan Elder, MKMP,[object Object],Collaboration Specialist,[object Object],  and  Digital Media Advisor,[object Object],,[object Object]
What’s a blog,[object Object],Part web site,[object Object],Part journal,[object Object],Part free-form writing spaces that,[object Object],Have the potential to enhance writing and literaryskills while offering a uniquely stylized form of expression.,[object Object],An effective medium for many business owners who lack strong computer skills,[object Object],A blog is about creating a conversation,[object Object]
What’s a blog?,[object Object],A Blog is a web site that often provides commentary or news on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries.,[object Object],A Blog is a web site that allows an author to publish instantly from any Internet connection. A blog can be interactive,  allowing you and customers to begin conversations, or add information published there.,[object Object]
Distinct attributes,[object Object],Unlike threaded discussions, only the author of a blog can create a new topic, called making a post, for a discussion.,[object Object],Unlike email, blogs are sites where authors post in reverse chronological order.,[object Object]
Related terms,[object Object],Weblog,[object Object],Blogging,[object Object],Blogger,[object Object],Blogosphere – all blogs, or the blogging community. Also called blogistan or just blogspace.,[object Object]
Blogging statistics,[object Object]
Blog Search Engines,[object Object],Feedster:,[object Object],Blog Search:,[object Object],Google Blog Search:,[object Object],Bloogz:,[object Object],Blogdigger:,[object Object],Bloglines:,[object Object],Technorati:,[object Object]
What blogs are NOT,[object Object],A place to just turn in papers.,[object Object],A replacement for a message board.,[object Object],Something that will sit there and run itself.,[object Object],Benign, boring document without hyperlinks,[object Object],or references.,[object Object],A place to write in the 3rd person.,[object Object]
What blogs ARE,[object Object],A place to share your reflections about your,[object Object],passion.,[object Object],Part of a conversation.,[object Object],A tool to extend class conversation outside,[object Object],the classroom.,[object Object],A place to site your opinions.,[object Object],A place where decision makers are looking,[object Object],to spot trends and opinions.,[object Object],A place to promote yourself and your opinions.,[object Object]
Why Should Businesses Blog?,[object Object],Blogs are easy to create.,[object Object],Many are free. Those that are not free,[object Object],are affordable.,[object Object],You can build a worldwide audience for your  opinions.,[object Object],You can syndicate your blog, that is, make the blog available to Internet users who subscribe to their blog.,[object Object]
Why You Might Not Want to Blog?,[object Object],It takes time to keep a blog updated.,[object Object],No confidentiality.,[object Object],The worldwide audience may be scary.,[object Object]
Where to blog,[object Object],LiveJournal,[object Object],WordPress,[object Object],TypePad,[object Object],Moveable Type,[object Object],Posterous,[object Object],Tumblr,[object Object]
Features to Look For,[object Object],Reader comments,[object Object],“Track back” to other blog posts,[object Object],Easy RSS feeds,[object Object],Design templates,[object Object],Post to future dates,[object Object],Categories,[object Object],Blogrolls,[object Object]
Six habits of good bloggers,[object Object],• If you mention it, hyperlink it.,[object Object],Get a good title.,[object Object],Write and then cut in half. Someone once,[object Object],said, “I would write a shorter letter, but I,[object Object],don’t have time.”,[object Object],Write and then format.,[object Object],Draw a picture.,[object Object],Make sure you set your pages to archive.,[object Object]
Blog checklist	,[object Object],Blog Title,[object Object],Share Buttons,[object Object],Subscribe by Email,[object Object],Calls to Action,[object Object],Social Media,[object Object],Blog Categories,[object Object],Next Step,[object Object],Comments,[object Object]
Blog Title,[object Object]
Blogs,[object Object],Questions,[object Object],Visit for details on how we can help you with your social media strategy. ,[object Object],,[object Object],,[object Object],Time Saving Tips for Social Media Management,[object Object],Thank You,[object Object],@dandotelder,[object Object],,[object Object],,[object Object],,[object Object],Dan Elder, CKMP,[object Object],Collaboration Specialist,[object Object],  and  Digital Media Advisor,[object Object],,[object Object]
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