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Blank Screen Creativity

Presentation delivered to the 2012 Learning Innovation Network about "Blank Sc

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Blank Screen Creativity

  1. 1. BlankScreenCreativityUnleashing the creativeprocess, one blank screen at atime. @topgold
  2. 2. I’m Bernie GoldbachLimerick School of Art and Design @topgold
  3. 3. I teach third level creative students how to communicate throughMedia Writing, Public Relations, Social Media and AppliedCommunications in a BSc degree programme.I need to ensure our graduates can populate digital channels with theircreative work.I need to inculcate a collaborative spirit to ensure our graduates canwork with designers, art directors, copywriters, front end developers,programmers, marketers, and analysts.Our graduates need to surmount blank screens and be creative. @topgold
  4. 4. -- My research includes continuous, informal interviews with students.The Process -- Followed ethnographic process recommended by Spradley (1979). -- Digital artifacts (Flickr,Things I’ve done to investigate Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter,blank screen creativity. Audioboo) assisted the data collection process. @topgold
  5. 5. -- Borrows from JasonThe Creative Theodor’s Creative Method and System.Experience -- Learners bring their own devices. -- Teachers identify creative oases.Things worth sharing -- An effective process shares eureka moments @topgold
  6. 6. Learnersarrive in acopy-and-paste modeStudents who actually“engaged in writingassignments... exhibitedhigher levels of critical thinkingand overall understanding oftheir topic...“Thompsett and Ahluwalia, 2010 @topgold
  7. 7. What promotescreativity is aquestioningclassroom.Ask unusual andchallengingquestions.Value diversity.Robert Fisher, 2006 @topgold
  8. 8. A transformation hasoccurred. We havemoved from "atom-based" economy, andtowards one focusedaround the creation,manipulation,communication andstorage of electronicbinary digits or "bits".Nicholas Negroponte, 2000 @topgold
  9. 9. Stress is part of thelandscape with KidsLiving and Learning withNew Media.Mizuko Ito, 2009 @topgold
  10. 10. JasonTheodor’sCreativeMethodIt’s about action, connectionand deviation. @topgold
  11. 11. @topgold
  12. 12. @topgold
  13. 13. @topgold
  14. 14. @topgold
  15. 15. The Creative Method @topgold
  16. 16. ActionStart simple.Draft a response.Record 90 second audio. @topgold
  17. 17. ConnectionCommunities emerge.Sharing happens. @topgold
  18. 18. ConnectionUsing Audioboo to easily aggregateshareable creative work. @topgold
  19. 19. DeviationNew pathways lead tounexpected results. @topgold
  20. 20. Improving Focus @topgold
  21. 21. Essential Elements of Focus -- Capture -- Catalogue -- Review @topgold
  22. 22. CaptureThe tool must always be in your pocket or purse. @topgold
  23. 23. CatalogueAuto-file in a searchable stash. @topgold
  24. 24. CatalogueLeverage searchable community artifacts. @topgold
  25. 25. ReviewCross-reference your own media objects. @topgold
  26. 26. Creative CollaborationMeeting creative people in Google Hangouts. @topgold
  27. 27. Creative CollaborationMeeting creative people in Google Hangouts. @topgold
  28. 28. Failing Collaboration “Most collaborations fail.But we don’t hear about them.” Ewan McIntosh, LIN 2012 @topgold
  29. 29. LearningCreativelyStudents prefer to learncreatively by exploring,questioning, experimenting,manipulating, listening, andtesting.Torrance and Safter (1990) @topgold
  30. 30. ActionIt’s about doing.It is the act of creating.It is about learning how to failwell.It is a journey of 10,000 steps.Jason Theodor (2010) @topgold
  31. 31. ActiveListeningIt’s more than just payingattention.Robertson K (2005) @topgold
  32. 32. FacilitatingThe weakest of us—theEmpaths, the Crazies, and theDreamers—need to break ourinertia and build upmomentum.Theodor J (2010) @topgold
  33. 33. ProductionWe extract significant valuewhen producing sharedreflective documents.Google Docs used in public and privatemodes. @topgold
  34. 34. Critique(There is) an emergingconsensus that the mostengaged and active forms oflearning with digital mediahappen in youth-drivensettings.Mizuko Ito, 2009 @topgold
  35. 35. ConclusionUse the creative method to unlock blank screens. @topgold
  36. 36. Circle MeOr follow me @topgold. @topgold
  37. 37. Happy Creating!Bgoldbach AT yahoo.comwww.insideview.ie @topgold