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"Chicago 101" - 11-5-19

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"Chicago 101" was presented by Jonathan Peck and Tom Tresser of the CivicLab (www.civiclab.us) at the Pilsen Alliance on November 5, 2019. Bring us to YOUR community! info@civiclab.us

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"Chicago 101" - 11-5-19

  1. 1. #POWERInstitute WELCOME ● Agenda ● Please sign in ● Make a nametag ● Housekeeping ● Facilitator Introduction ● Attendee Introdcutions TOM TRESSER JONATHAN PECK
  2. 2. “Chicago 101” #POWERInstitute - http://www.powerinstitute.us Jonathan Peck & Tom Tresser November 5, 2019
  3. 3. Workshop Framework Popular Education and Its Usage ● Based on the ideology that we are all students and teachers ● The practice and idea to bring people together in dialogue and action in hopes of transforming as individuals in order to transform society at large. ● Paolo Freire (Brazil), Pedagogy of the Oppressed ● Freedom Summer 1964 – The Freedom Schools
  4. 4. http://www.civiclabhq.us Click on “PI-Chicago 101” Password = “2019PI”
  5. 5. ChicagoCivics.org
  6. 6. ∗ Who lived here first ∗ Population growth ∗ Economic growth/evolution ∗ Latinx migration ∗ Fire & Fair ∗ Roots of modern Chicago Geography & History
  7. 7. Fort Dearborn, 1804 https://chicagology.com/fortdearborn
  8. 8. https://www.chipublib.org/chicago-history-timeline http://teacher.depaul.edu/Documents/Chicago%20History%20Timeline%201800-2008%20updated%204-12-12.pdf http://www.encyclopedia.chicagohistory.org
  9. 9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economic_history_of_the_United_States
  10. 10. http://dcc.newberry.org/collections/chicago-and-the-great-migration
  11. 11. White Chicago Attacks Black Community - 1919
  12. 12. White Chicago Attacks Black Community - 1919
  13. 13. Meanwhile, Latino Population of Chicago Soars
  14. 14. Meanwhile, Latino Population of Chicago Soars Source: “The Latino Neighborhood Report: Issues & Prospects for Chicago” – 2017, UIC Institute for Research on Race & Public Policy
  15. 15. Meanwhile, Latino Population of Chicago Soars In 2017 the US Census reported that Hispanics (designating Latinos and Latin American descendants) = 803,000 or almost one third of Chicago’s total of 2.7 million residents. http://scalar.usc.edu/works/latino-metropolis-a-brief-urban-cultural-history-of-us-latinos---1/latino-neighborhoods-in-chicago
  16. 16. And, yes, there was violence in the streets…
  17. 17. Evolution of National & Local Economy
  18. 18. http://www.radicalcartography.net/index.html?chicagodots
  19. 19. Source: “The Latino Neighborhood Report: Issues & Prospects for Chicago” – 2017, UIC Institute for Research on Race & Public Policy
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  26. 26. ∗ Community areas ∗ Wards/Precincts ∗ Other office boundaries ∗ Civic architecture Political Geography
  27. 27. https://chicago.legistar.com/People.aspx https://chicago.councilmatic.org/committees
  28. 28. Cook County Commissioner Districts in Chicago https://www.cookcountyil.gov/board-of-commissioners
  29. 29. Chicago Mayor controls all this! ● Board of Election Commissioners ● Community Development Commission ● Chicago Planning Commission ● Chicago Park District ● Chicago Board of Education ● Chicago Housing Authority ● Chicago Transit Authority ● City Colleges of Chicago ● Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authority ● Navy Pier ● Public Building Commission
  30. 30. Civic Themes ∗ Big civic plans ∗ The Chicago Machine/The Daleys/Corruption ∗ Push to privatize – the neoliberal “entrepreneurial city” ∗ Civic finances
  31. 31. http://burnhamplan100.lib.uchicago.edu http://www.civiccommittee.org/members
  32. 32. .Planning for us without us...
  33. 33. Da Machine Richard J. Daley 6 terms - 1955 to 1976 = 21 years Richard J. Daley 6 terms - 1989 to 2011 = 22 years In office 43 years!
  34. 34. John Daley (Younger brother to Richard M. Daley) ● Cook County Commissioner, 11th District - Chair Finance Committee (since 1992) ● 11th Ward Democratic Committeeman ● Former IL State Senator ● Former IL State Representative
  35. 35. Ed Burke ● Alderman, 14th Ward (since 1969) ● Leader of “Vrdolyak 29” that opposed Mayor Harold Washington ● Chair of City Council Finance Committee ● Wife, Anne, is Illinois Supreme Court Justice ● Burke is the lead partner in a law firm that specializes in property tax appeals and which includes clients who do business with the city ● Burke disclosed 2008 income above the reporting threshold of $5,000 from each of 31 law clients that do business with the city. ● Burke has been criticized for alleged conflicts of interest involving law clients and his role as chairman of the Council's Finance Committee.Burke has helped line up millions of dollars in public subsidies to companies that later hired his firm for property tax assessment appeals.Burke law clients which regularly have legislative issues before the Finance Committee have included communications company Ameritech, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange,Yellow Cab Company, and several major airlines and concessionaires at the city-owned O'Hare and Midway airports. ● “Powerful Ald. Ed Burke (14th Ward) is facing more heat in his role as chairman of the City Council's Finance Committee, which operates Chicago's $100 million city workers' compensation program. Whistle-blowers this week filed a complaint with the city's inspector general alleging the program, which pays disability to injured city workers, is fraught with patronage and political hiring. But can Inspector General Joe Ferguson actually investigate it?” [Chicago Tonight - 2/25/16]
  36. 36. Danny Solis ● Alderman, 25th Ward (1996-2019) ● Long time Chair of City Council Zoning Committee ● Founder of Latino Youth High School, Executive Director of the Pilsen Neighbors Community Council, Co-founder, Exec Dir of United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) ● Appointed by Mayor Daley to CHA Board, and RTA Board in 1995 ● Former 25th Alderman Antonio Medrano pled guilt to corruption charges, appointed to aldermanic seat by Daley in 1996 ● Daley appointed him to President Pro Tempore of City Council in 2001 ● After it was revealed that Solis wore a wire for the FBI for two years (Nov 2018), Solis announced he would not seek re-election
  37. 37. Joe Barrios ● Cook County Assessor ● Chair of Cook County Democratic Party ● 31st Ward Democratic Committeeman ● “He holds a position fraught with potential conflicts—none more obvious than those relating to his second job as a Springfield lobbyist, where he presses the interests of clients in a legislature led on the House side by Michael Madigan and on the Senate side by John Cullerton. Both are property tax lawyers whose firms regularly bring appeals before Berrios and the Board of Review. His campaign coffers reflect hefty contributions from the attorneys who appear before him, presenting more potential conflicts of interest. For example, the Chicago News Cooperative reported in The New York Times that the law firm Crane & Norcross donated more than $143,000 to Berrios over the past decade, and between 2006 and 2008 alone, the firm’s clients received $467.6 million in assessment reductions—second only to Madigan’s law firm, Madigan & Getzendanner, which won the largest total of reductions in that time, $490.4 million.” [Chicago Magazine - August 2010]
  38. 38. Mike Madigan ● Chairman, Illinois Democratic Party ● Illinois State Representative (22nd District) since 1971 ● Speaker of the Illinois House (since 1983, except 2 years) ● 13th Ward Democratic Committeeman ● Daughter, Lisa, is Illinois Attorney General ● Wife, Shirley, is head of the Illinois Arts Council ● Son-in-law, Jordan Matyas, is chief lobbyist for the RTA ● “As Illinois House speaker for more than three decades, Michael Madigan has often worked to raise people's taxes. As a private attorney, he works to lower them. Madigan & Getzendanner is one of Illinois' leading law firms for clients filing appeals to contest their property appraisals in an effort to reduce their real-estate taxes. Between 2004 and 2015, the speaker's firm won $63.3 million in refunds for clients, according to a Reuters analysis of data from the Cook County treasurer's office. In 2015, Madigan's practice ranked second among law firms in total property tax refunds, the county data shows.” [CNBC - 2/8/17]
  39. 39. Rahm Emanuel ● Born in Chicago (1959) ● Started with Illinois Public Action, worked on 1984 election of Paul Simon to Senate ● 1988 National campaign director for Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ● Senior advisor, fundraiser for Richard M. Daley’s campaign in 1989 ● Director for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign ● While working for Clinton, Emanuel was on the payroll of Goldman Sachs ● Served President Clinton in number of senior positions, including Senior Advisor for Policy & Strategy ● Generally credited with pushing NAFTA through Congress ● 1998-2000 worked for investment firm Wasserstein Perella (with no MBA or prior experience) where he made $16.2 million from 8 deals ● Elected to Congress (IL-5) in 2002 with the help of Mayor Daley’s patronage army under the supervision of patronage chief Robert Sorich (sentenced to 46 months in 2006). Strongly supported Iraq War. Served on House Financial Services Committee. ● 2005 – Chaired Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and recruited conservative, pro-Wall Street candidates to run, many of whom won and who them later voted against initiatives from President Obama ● 2008 became White House Chief of Staff for President Obama ● In fight for Obama Care, he is credited with taking single payer off the table from the start ● Returned to Chicago in 2011 to run for Mayor after Mayor Daley announced his retirement ● Won election with 55% of the vote ● Sought re-election in 2015 – Emanuel got 46%, Garcia got 34% ● Won re-election in run-off with 56%. Only 573,524 people voted in the run-off! (1,441,636 registered = 40%) - His campaign spent $23 million!
  40. 40. ● 2 recent Governors convicted of corruption ● 1 City Clerk sent to prison ● 33 Aldermen convicted of corruption since 1972 ● “Hired Truck Scandal” - $40 million/year - “Between 1996 and 2004, companies in the Hired Truck Program gave more than $800,000 in campaign contributions to various politicians, from House Speaker Michael Madigan to Gov. Rod Blagojevich to a host of Hispanic politicians. Mayor Richard M. Daley got at least $108,575 and his brother, John Daley, and his ward organization took in more than $47,500 from firms in the Hired Truck Program in the same period.The scandal eventually sparked a Federal investigation into hiring practices at Chicago City Hall, with Robert Sorich, Mayor Daley's former patronage chief, facing mail fraud charges for allegedly rigging city hiring to favor people with political connections. On July 5, 2006, Sorich, 43, was convicted on two counts of mail fraud for rigging city jobs and promotions.Nick "The Stick" LoCoco was also of prime concern. He was discovered as the city employee whose primary job was to determine which trucks were used for work with the city's transportation department. LoCoco, a well-known mob bookie, was later charged but did not make it to trial because of a horseback riding accident.” [Wikipedia] ● Operation Greylord investigation of the Cook County courts in the 1980’s found almost 100 lawyers and judges who were eventually sent to jail, disbarred or suspended for illegal actions. ● Operation Silver Shovel was a FBI probe into political corruption in Chicago during the 1990s. Illegal activities from labor union corruption to drug trafficking, organized crime activity and elected city officials on the take were unearthed and 18 officials were convicted of corruption offenses.
  41. 41. Police Corruption John Burge (1947 – 2018) Served in Chicago Police Department 1966-1990 Arrested in 2008. Convicted of 3 counts of obstruction of justice,1 count of perjury. 2011 – sentenced to 4 ½ years, released in 2014.
  42. 42. The Murder of Laquan McDonald
  43. 43. Police corruption continues to unfold…
  44. 44. Neoliberal Market Mentality 1. Market dominates, can do no wrong, business drives civic success become tropes 2. Give-aways to business drive urban planning 3. Austerity mentality sets in – no resources for neighborhoods, the poor, the down-and-out 4. Corrupt practices over decades devalues the word “public” and sets stage for… 5. Privatization and out-sourcing of city services becomes normal, accepted way of delivering formerly public services 6. Market solutions to public problems becomes “common sense” – but will NEVER work 7. Concept of “citizen” replaced by “consumer” and we loose idea of the Public Good 8. “City Beautiful” thinking drives planning – pushing poor people out – Chicago becomes more like Disneyland and the Loop expands south and west 9. Because Mayors Daley were in power for so long, their underlings now litter our entire civic infrastructure – leading major foundations, think tanks, boards of nonprofits, business ventures, banking, Big Law and academia – which stifles oppositional thinking or different ways of thinking about the Right To The City (which is a global movement)
  45. 45. Neoliberal Market Mentality
  46. 46. The Push To Privatize
  47. 47. The Push To Privatize
  48. 48. The Mayor, the media, the aldermen, the downtown civic groups, the foundations all say that Chicago is BROKE. Don’t believe them. Read the book. Organize using the book.
  49. 49. Get trained to win. www.powerinstitute.us • “TIF 101 – Organizing for Economic Justice – 11/12 • “Community Organizing 101” – 11/19 • “Grassroots Campaigning 101” – 11/25
  50. 50. Evaluations, please. www.powerinstitue.us