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Aliana Jaimes

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For "Civics 101" for i c stars Cycle 43.

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Aliana Jaimes

  1. 1. “Empowered by the Past” ~Brooke Jarvis Article Summary by Alanna Jaimes - Cycle 43
  2. 2. Summary: The article highlights an experimental program called How$martKY running in several rural electrical co-ops, and how it is leading a change in energy consumption by switching to renewable resources and using on-bill financing to make it more financially accessible to everyone.
  3. 3. The Issue Co-ops are leading the fight: to remove our reliability on non- renewable resources and make energy efficiency more scalable.
  4. 4. SolutionChicago is already a huge tech hub, it would be easy to integrate the smart meters into smart homes. But that’s still only a fraction of the populace. Making knowledge of these co-ops available to people without the financial means would greatly benefit this movement. Letting people know their homes will be warmer in the winter, that they’ll save money, explaining how it helps the environment and how it’s giving back to the community; doing all this would be sure to get people to make the switch.