Pistol Intallation Revised

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13. Mar 2010

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Pistol Intallation Revised

  1. Driller Football [email_address] Looking for Secondary O-Line/D-Line Coach 2006 C.I.F SEMI-FINALIST 2005 C.I.F CHAMPIONS 33 C.I.F CHAMPIONSHIPS (#1 CA) MOST WINS IN CA (675) 22 UNDEFEATED SEASONS (#1 CA) 7 TIME STATE CHAMPIONS
  2. The Bakersfield High School The Pistol Offense: Basics and Terminology BHS [email_address]
  3. I pose this question to our BHS football Team What can keep you from being successful? Answers; -No Money -No Time -No Transportation -Divorce Family -No Grades -Injuries The Answer is can keep you from being successful. We can find away to be successful…. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
  4. We evaluate every aspect of our program each year. Driller Football EVALUATE GOALS Practice Game Personal Enthusiasm
  5. WIN TODAY 80% of Football is Practice... 20% is Game Practice is not fun..... Getting better is!
  6. Positive Talk Tell them how to do it right (Whale Done) No wasted reps How can practice be fun? Motivate Enthusiastic The Wheel of Torture
  7. Driller Phiosophy Great Enthusiasm! Treat Players with Respect Out Work our Opponents Play Best 11 Coach Details! Represent our school with Pride Develope our Players in ALL AREAS Maslow's Hiearchy
  8. Offensive Philosophy
  9. Offensive Philosophy WIN TODAY Control the Clock Our Offense is our Best Defense Balance... 60/40 70/30 80/20 90/10 100/0
  10. Offensive Philosophy WIN TODAY Eliminate Stoppers *Turnovers *Stupid Penalties *Blown Assignments Clock Management Etc.....
  11. Offensive Philosophy WIN TODAY Coaches Must have position Philosophies BIG 3's
  12. OFFENSIVE LINE B E F Belt= Feet= Eyes= Big 3 Stance = Med Ball etc.. Get off ball @ belt level. Control the Neutral zone second step race. Agilities, Hip Flexion, cross-fit, crowther, sled work, Olympic lifts, 3 sec squat, 1 X 20 etc.. Eyes to second level. 2 versus 2, high high, low high, low low, low high Cards, numbers. Figure out a way to WIN! Keep feet moving.. Short choppy steps. (Jerry Campbell Stomp the arch) Bear Crawl, Raise Drill, Agilities Ladder, Bags, Cone Drills, hill….. BEF
  13. Running Backs Big 3 B B B Ball Security= Blow'em up= Balance= Must win turnover ratio. High & Tight, 5 Points of pressure, Gauntlet, coach punch. Stance, HIPS!! Sink Hip, Hip Flexion, Turn, Rocker, Cut,.. Bags, Ladder, cones, Squat Jumps, Olympic Lifts, Cross fit, etc… Finish the Run! Finish the BLOCK!! Cut Drill vs Bag, Gauntlet, Goaline, Run through end zone, Olympic lifts, Cross fit etc.. THE 3 B's
  14. Quarterbacks Big 3 E E E Execute= Educate= Evaluate= Examine the defense: Box and Secondary. Let the player and the coaches know what you see. Make the proper read and key. Take what the defense gives us. The 3 E's
  15. Receivers Big 3 G E T Touchdown= Execute= Get off= GET Stance, Hands, Club Punch, Salute & Pin, Hook & Saw Etc…. Run Tech.., Power Angles, Agilities, Hand games, Leverage Drills…… Proper route to coverage, attack leverage, secondary blocking, proper breaks, Catch the ball.. Agilities, ball drills, hip flexion, etc…. Make the big play. Make the big block. Block second level equals TD! 1 vs 1’s, rope drill, sled, shimmy drill etc….
  16. WHY RUN THE PISTOL? We Believe: * Snap is safer and simpler then gun *Plays hit quicker then gun * Creates better angles then under center *Great backside qb reads (Veer) * Qb drops are deeper which creates better vision * Great deception for boots and playaction passing
  17. Driller Offense We are an Inside Zone Team We kiss for the O-Line and use multiple formations to confuse the defense. *Counter Plays *Backside Reads *Playaction *Reverse Try to keep Defense Off Balance
  18. Driller Offense
  19. QB= 2.5 to 3 Yards 1 Back= 7 to Vision 2 Back= Heels @ 4.5 O-LINE= 2 to 3 Feet
  20. Multiple Formations * Stess on the Defense * Out number the Defense strong or weakside * Multiple looks- Same plays
  21. BASE
  22. Full Back Sets : Red and Yellow (white) and Rocky
  23. Tailback Set : Lou and Ray (white) Bell and Bear (light blue)
  24. Right Left
  25. Sir Sol
  26. Rover Lover
  27. Rover Trips Lover Trips
  28. Rover Open Lover Open
  29. Mars Pluto
  30. Dallas
  31. Dallas Snug
  32. Trips Right Trips Left
  33. Trips Right Open Trips Left Open
  34. Bunch Right Bunch Left
  35. Bunch Right Open Bunch Left Open
  36. Strike Steel
  37. Rover Quads Lover Quads
  38. Practice Plan DEFENSE 4:05 MIX MIX MIX MIX TEAM 3:55 Team Circuit Team Circuit Circuit Veer Pass Load Pass Midline Pass Circuit Veer Load Midline TEAM 3:40 ½ Line Circuit 40 50 3-3 1/2 Line Veer Load Midline Screen Circuit Bubble Smash Quick GROUP 3:25 Inside Zone 40/50/3-3 Mesh Veer Midline Load ½ With WR ½ With RB Switch @ 3:17 91 Cover 3 91 Cover 2 96/4 Cover 3 96/4 Cover 2 GROUP 3:10 INDY Pass Pro INDY INDY INDY INDY 2:55 INDY Sled 2 vs 2 Crowther Special Teams INDY EDD’S Special Teams K.O PUNT K.R PUNT RET. 2:40 O-Line RB Quarterback WR
  42. End Of Pistol Installation [email_address] BHS We are in need of a Secondary And O-Line/D-Line coach. Thank You for Your Time and Interest