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Business Informatics Center Rozman Ltd.
          Center za poslovno informatiko Rozman d.o.o.

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  1. 1. BICERO Business Informatics Center Rozman Ltd. Center za poslovno informatiko Rozman d.o.o. Services & specialties Do you need to gain insight and optimize business processes in your company? Do you want to see the whole picture of your business? Do you care about knowledge loss when your employees leave your company? Are you too busy to prepare, track and manage information and communication projects? Have you ever faced missed deadlines, wrong results and under-estimated resources - time, money, people? Stuck with information and communication technology investment or budget calculation for the next year? Do you know how to improve quality of services and products in your company? Do you find ISO9001 standard too generic to apply it to you business, but you want it anyway? Are new information and communication technologies appearing too quickly to study them and implement them in your company? Can you evaluate business impact of new technologies? Do you want to know which information and communication infrastructure is the best for your size of the company? Buy or lease hardware and software? Are you building new information system and need an independent IT architect? Can you avoid legal traps and bad contracts when starting your information projects? Are you aware of and know how to use newest risk insurance methods for IT projects? If you recognize yourself in any of listed above or similar problems, don't hesitate to contact us. It is delight for us to help you! dr. Tomislav Rozman tomislav.rozman@bicero.com Skype: tomirozman M: +386 41 692 020 director www.bicero.com T: +386 2 60 50 14