Sustainable development 2

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Sustainable development 2

  1. 1. Sustainable Development
  2. 2. What is it?Brudtland Comission in1987:"Development that meetsthe needs of the presentwithout compromising theability of future generationsto meet their own needs."Meeting the human needs also in the futureEcological, economical, socialdevelopment
  3. 3. Ecological DevelopmentPreserving the environment for generations to comeConservation of biological diversityPreventing the harms before they occureMaking sure resources wont run out
  4. 4. Economical DevelopmentEfficient use of materials, competent production,recyclabilityBusiness life goes hand-in-hand with nature
  5. 5. Social DevelopmentCitizen can participate in makingdecicions that concern themEveryone deserves to live in arightful and fair societyKeywords: equality, justice, compassion!
  6. 6. In everyday lifeInstitution like schools and workplaces can play theirpart in the developmentFor example: ecofriendly cleaning, officework, cafeteriasetc.Passing on the information, taking resposibilitySmall changes can make a huge difference in a long run
  7. 7. In our school Our school has a sustainable development group thataims to make the school more environmentally friendly.
  8. 8. What can YOU do?RecycleTurn off devices &lights you dont useDont destroy thenatureUse common sense!Be fair andcherish yourfriendshipsUse publictransportation
  9. 9. SourcesMinistry of foreign affairs of FinlandYmpäristö.fiWikipedia
  10. 10. SourcesMinistry of foreign affairs of FinlandYmpäristö.fiWikipedia