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Glossophobia - Stage Fear

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Beat the fear

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Glossophobia - Stage Fear

  1. 1. Glossophobia
  2. 2. Is fear good? Think about it.. Actually fear is good. It’s your natural defense system. You shouldacknowledge that.. There will be no life without fear. In case of public speaking, it will improve your body language.. It will inspire you to prepare well… I think middle of the stage is not thegood place to be fearless.. You don’t want to very casual there.. Now let me ask you again.. Is it good??
  3. 3. What’s your anxiety level?You feel relaxed on the stage after starting presentation. High LevelLow Level Your anxiety keep increasing when you are presenting.
  4. 4. We already know your reasons…. • Fear Of Failure • Self Doubt • Eyes on me • Personal Disabilities • Fear Of Other People Judging You • Perfectionism/Expecting Too Much Of Yourself • Lack Of Preparation • Dont Know How To do it
  5. 5. Let’s fight back…. • Take a plunge • Mind matters • Preparation is the king. No other way. • Your audience is on your side • Reach out to like-minded people • Take criticism positively • Its’s ok if it’s not perfect • Don’t forget. Everybody has experienced it.
  6. 6. One is stage anxiety and the other is Social Anxiety… What is social anxiety? Fear in socialsituations. Social anxiety is bigger enemy. Follow tasks which we discuss in the session to beat it. Social Anxiety Stage Anxiety
  7. 7. Increase your “Hi, Hello, How are you”.. Start Talking to people… Show genuine interest inthem..Be interactive.. Try to be the part of conversations… There will be another session onthis.. Interpersonal skills..Your audience is special
  8. 8. Feel free to contact www.FocusWithTokas.com www.Facebook.com/FocusWithTokas info@FocusWithTokas.com +91 8285111260-64