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Set Your KPI’s

  2. 2. Key Performance Indicators Critical for any organization or structure is to set KPI's  KPI = indicator showing how far have you have succeeded in achieving your strategic objectives. tk management consulting
  3. 3. Key Performance Indicators Vision KPI’s are the indicator showing how far have Mission STRATEGY you have succeeded in achieving your & Values strategic objectives Customers KPI Sales KPI Internal Business KPI Processes HR Development tk management consulting
  4. 4. Guidelines on setting KPI’s  Formulating & Communicating KPI’s The measure of success must show clear, specific and measurable performance indicators The measure of success must be declared explicitly and in details, so it is clear what is being measured  The measure of success must be communicated through all of the organization Regular communication is as critical as setting the KPI’s tk management consulting
  5. 5. Guidelines on setting KPI’s Relevant to Strategy Does the settled KPI’s have a clear link with the strategic objectives of the organization? Control Are the KPI’s and achievements under regular control? Action What actions can be taken to improve the performance of the organization? Simple Are the KPI’s easy to explain? Credible Are KPI’s easy to manipulate? tk management consulting
  6. 6. KPI Dimensions tk management consulting
  7. 7. KPI Dimension Measures employees output (units/ transactions /sales / vale), the uptime levels and how employees use their time – sales to assets ratio, revenue from new customers, sales in the pipeline Measures the ability to meet and/or exceed the requirements and the expectations of the customers tk management consulting
  8. 8. KPI Dimension Measures the overall effectiveness of the organization/structure in generating profits (Profit contribution by segments, by customers, by margin spreads) Measures the time (hour, day, week, month) in which employee tasks are completed (on- time delivery) tk management consulting
  9. 9. KPI Dimension Measures how effectively the organization/structure incorporates the quality control - best practices to streamline operational processes Measures how effectively the organization/structure leverages exiting business resources (sales per channel, conversion ratio) tk management consulting
  10. 10. KPI Dimension Measures how effectively the organization/structure achieves economies on scale and scope of work with its people, staff and practices to control operational and overhead costs (cost per unit, ext. ) Measures the ability of the organization/structure to maintain competitive economic position in line with the industry (market share, customer retention, account penetration) tk management consulting
  11. 11. KPI Category Dimension The actual raw data values as measured (e.g. sales volumes) The comparison of the changes in performance of one value relative to the same value at different time (e.g. percentage change in sales vs last year ) tk management consulting
  12. 12. KPI Category Dimension The addition of the weighed average of the several similar measures that result in an overall composite indicator of performance (customer satisfaction, survey results, focus groups and product returns/profitability) Multiple measures, such as standard deviation and variance that capture the spread and distribution of the performance (sales distribution by geography, by channel) tk management consulting
  13. 13. So WHY setting KPI’s  They mirror your organization vision  They set goals on all organizational levels  They are based on legitimate data  They drive action tk management consulting
  14. 14. Did you set the KPI’s for your structure? tk management consulting