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Happy memorial day

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Whether you're planning a road trip or staycation, here are five tips to celebrate in patriotic style.

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Happy memorial day

  1. 1. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY ! Whether you're planning a road trip or staycation, here are five tips to celebrate in patriotic style. Memorial Day is a great a day to honor those who've served our great nation.
  2. 2. Give back to those who served.There are many ways you can help by giving your time or making a charitable contribution. For example, in the pastToco Warranty has been a proud supporter of Operation Homefront, an organization that provides emergency assistance to the families of service members and wounded warriors. Visit their website at www.operationhomefront.net to learn how you can help. Attend your local parade or celebration. It’s a great way to reconnect with your neighbors and show your appreciation for those who served. Got a convertible? See if you can help your local veterans by driving them along the parade route. Fly the flag.Whether you wave a hand-held flag at your local celebration or hang Old Glory at your home, this is definitely a day to paint the town red, white and blue! Pack a picnic.After all, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer! Pack a blanket and picnic basket and drive to your favorite park for a relaxing lunch or dinner with family or friends.
  3. 3. Get your car ready for summer. Be sure you have washed off the last of the winter road salt from the underside of your car and check your fluids – including your engine coolant. Click these warm weather car maintenance tips. Enjoy the weekend! More details aboutToco Warranty feel free to visit - https://www.tocowarranty.com/vehicle-coverage Article Resource - https://www.tocowarranty.com/toco-cares/happy-memorial-day