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Best practices for increasing revenue per guest

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With the rise of millennials and technology-savvy travelers, guest expectations are evolving.

Hotels are finding that general marketing is failing to cut through the noise and build loyalty with repeat guests.

With more advanced marketing techniques and an increased level of personalized communication, hoteliers can can drive a higher revenue per guest through the entire guest lifecycle.

In our FREE webinar, learn how you can improve your revenue per guest with Guest Lifecycle Management.

During this session, hoteliers will learn about:

How loyalty has changed in today's technology-driven marketplace
Building emotional loyalty
Strategies in action: Improve the end-to-end guest experience
Best practices for increasing revenue per guest

Our webinar panelists are:

Betty Mok, director product marketing, Revinate
Donna Quadri-Felitti, Associate Professor, NYU
Kevin May, Moderator and Editor, Tnooz
Nick Vivion, Producer and Reporter, Tnooz

This webinar took place on Thursday 26 February 2015.

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Best practices for increasing revenue per guest

  1. 1. Ways to increase revenue per guest Webinar 26 February 2015 #GuestRevenue
  2. 2. Your hosts Kevin May Editor & Moderator Tnooz Nick Vivion Reporter & Global Events Lead Tnooz
  3. 3. Your presenters Donna Quadri-Felitti Associate Professor Hospitality and Tourism/Chair, NYU School of Professional Studies Tisch Center Betty Mok Director of Marketing betty@revinate.com @Revinate
  4. 4. Ways to Increase Revenue per Guest
  5. 5. AGENDA A different approach to revenue The growing need for CRM in Hospitality Understanding the guest lifecycle Ways to increase revenue throughout the guest lifecycle
  6. 6. ABOUT REVINATE • Focused on Hospitality & Restaurants • 24,000+ hotels in 160 countries SaaS tech company based in San Francisco Offices in Singapore, Sydney, Dubai, Amsterdam and NYC
  7. 7. A different approach to revenue
  9. 9. 9 REVENUE IS MORE THAN A SINGLE BOOKING Booking On Property FeedbackSearch
  10. 10. 10 IMPORTANT AREAS OF FOCUS MARKETERS Source: “Digital Roadblock: Marketers struggle to reinvent themselves” Adobe, March 2014
  11. 11. The accelerated need for CRM in hospitality
  12. 12. 12 THE NEED FOR CRM What is CRM? “Customer relationship management (CRM) is a comprehensive business model for increasing revenues and profits by focusing on customers. CRM uses advanced technology to maximize the firm’s ability to add value to customers and develop long-term customer relationships.” Johnson, M.W., and Marshall, G. W. (2008) Relationship Selling, 2nd Edition. McGraw-Hill Irwin. New York.
  13. 13. ARMING YOUR HOTEL WITH THE RIGHT DATA Lucy Jones Check In: 12/16 Nights: 2 Rate: $125 Email: ? Phone: ? Stay History: ? What a hotelier sees: Available data:
  14. 14. Research Check-in Booking Golf Simulator Scheduling a wake up call Resolve an issue Survey/ Review Booking Loyalty Campaigns Trip Planning CRM ENABLES GUEST LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Wine Special at Bar
  15. 15. Understanding the guest lifecycle
  17. 17. IDENTIFYING THE RIGHT ENGAGEMENT POINTS 17 Pre-Stay In-Stay Post-Stay dinner reservations local events golf more towels wi-fi taxi to meeting airport shuttle local flavor upgrades Re-engagement check-in/out social sharing airport shuttle loyalty perks feedback local flavor social sharing activities planning tee times
  18. 18. Ways to increase revenue throughout the guest lifecycle
  19. 19. PRE-STAY: UPGRADES 19 • Capture guest contact info especially email address • Start collecting preferences and other general information • Match it to historical stay info • Use that information to create targeted communications *If the guest books through an OTA, be sure your front desk agent collects the email at check-in
  20. 20. PRE-STAY: TARGETED AMENITY PROMOTIONS Occupancy low for upcoming weekend Openings for their high-end golf simulator
  21. 21. PRE-STAY: EXAMPLE OF EMAIL NURTURE 21 WHEN GUEST BOOKS STAY TWO WEEKS BEFORE STAY DAY BEFORE CHECK-IN DAY OF CHECK-IN CONFIRM BOOKING with CTA for guests to list preference s TARGET: social proof promotion INCENTIVE to fill out preferences ADVANCED CHECK-IN with room upgrades ADVANCED CHECK-IN with room upgrades WELCOME EMAIL personalized offerings WELCOME EMAIL with general offerings
  24. 24. POST-STAY: SURVEY PUBLICATION CAMPAIGNS 24 Increase review frequency Climb the ranks in popularity TripAdvisor Survey Publishing 409% 2 6 5 4 3 1
  25. 25. POST-STAY: ‘BRING THEM BACK’ CAMPAIGNS’ 25 Hi Asha, Registration is open for the 2015 Ottawa Marathon. Come stay with us again at a discounted rate!
  27. 27. NEXT STEPS 27 1. Examine your hotel's approach to measuring revenue performance. 2. Perform a guest data review. What do you know about your guests and how are you capturing guest data today? 3. Brainstorm ways customization can be employed to enhance your guest experience. 4. Evaluate your current tools as well as those available on the market to facilitate this process.
  28. 28. Hotel CRM MarketingAutomation Introducing inGuest Superior guest experience and revenue $$ + THE REVINATE APPROACH
  30. 30. COME SEE US: ITB CONFERENCE IN BERLIN 30 March 4-8 in Berlin, Germany Meet Revinate for a live demo of inGuest ->> Hall 6.1 – Booth 101 Learn about next generation hotel marketing ->> Friday march 6th at 15:30 @ Tech Theater Schedule a personal meeting at ITB ->> Email thomas@revinate.com
  31. 31. Questions? Contact:betty@revinate.com
  32. 32. Thank you! Send your questions and comments to kevin@tnooz.com Replay and presentation of webinar will be available on www.tnooz.com