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Weight Training Routines For Women

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For tips on weight training routines please visit: http://www.eweighttrainingroutines.org

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Weight Training Routines For Women

  1. 1. ==== ====For More Great Weight Training Routines Tips Check This Out:www.eweighttrainingroutines.org==== ====Its surprising to know that many women avoid weight training because they fear they mightbecome too big and bulky. The truth is, training with weights is the ultimate way a woman can geta firm and fit body. Some women dont realize that weight training cannot make them bulk up andbecome masculine like it would a man because women dont produce as much testosterone asmen do. Instead a woman that performs weight training will get a firm,fit, and cellulite free lookingbody.Also, for the woman trying to lose weight, weight training will increase your metabolism which willhelp you to lose weight faster. As you can see there are many benefits weight training can providea woman. To help you begin your routines the right way, these 7 tips will help you.1. Develop A Pattern: Developing a habit or pattern for your routine will help you to stayconsistent and consistency is the key to achieving your goals.2. Train Often: You should train as often as you can. Commit yourself to train at least three daysout the week.3. Focus On Compound Movements: Compound movements are exercises that works your largermuscle groups and helps you to achieve positive results faster. The bench press, dead lifts, andsquats should be a part of your weekly routine because these are some of the best compoundmovements.4. Use Free Weights Over Machines: A lot of women head straight for the machinesand avoid the free weights. Mainly because they because they believe the machines are easierand the free weights were made for men. However, if you want that lean sexy look then freeweight compound exercises are much better. Machines are okay but you should make freeweights like dumbbells and bars your first priority.  5. Keep The Number Of Sets Low: Men typically perform 10 to 15 sets of a certain body part intheir weight training, but women shouldnt do no more than 5 sets. Train hard and keep thenumber of your reps between 7 and 8.6. Plan Your Diet: When your weight training your diet will become important. You should plan asimple diet and stick to it. The best diet plan will include a portion of carbs, proteins, and essentialfatty acids. Create a diet plan you can easily follow each week.7. Give It Time: Allow your weight training routine to develop for a month and decide if its workingor not.
  2. 2. Weight Training Routines For Women is the easiest way to improve your female shape. Theseexercises will help you to Gain Strength plus a Lean and Toned Body. If your looking for moreexercises to add to your Routine-----> Click Here.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=David_Dowdell==== ====For More Great Weight Training Routines Tips Check This Out:www.eweighttrainingroutines.org==== ====