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Mauss jadin knowledge_acquisition_cc2013

  1. 1. Knowledge Acquisition via Facebook.Learning Facts and Concepts aboutintercultural communication.Mag. Dr. Tanja Jadin, Denise Mauss BSc MACross-Cultural Conference, 8.5. 2013, Steyr
  2. 2. Page 2Learning with Facebook?Cross-Cultural Conference, 8.5.2013, SteyrAnd helps to learn facts and concepts?2
  3. 3. Page 3BackgroundSocial Web-Based Learning: emphasize communication, Collaboration Exchanging information Small learning contentCross-Cultural Conference, 8.5.2013, Steyr 3
  4. 4. Page 4Research QuestionIf and how could the use of a social web-based learning scenariosupport knowledge acquisition?Cross-Cultural Conference, 8.5.2013, Steyr 4
  5. 5. Page 5Facebook Course aboutIntercultural CommunicationCross-Cultural Conference, 8.5.2013, Steyr 5 Cultural Dimensions of Geert Hofstedes and Fons Trompenaars Cultural standards according to Alexander Thomas Stereotypes Schulz von Thun’s square of culture and development
  6. 6. Page 6Cross-Cultural Conference, 8.5.2013, SteyrLearning ScenarioConducting a learning scenario followed by anevaluation:Medium: Facebook GroupLearning Scenario based on predifened learning goalsParticipants: 19 students (15-30 years old)Duration: 3 weeks, daily Posts (incl. Easter holiday)6
  7. 7. Page 7Course process Moderator posts daily information about the topicintercultural communication Format: Texts, Videos, Images Participants are being asked to answer Questions /exchange personal experiences Participants can answer by posting commentsCross-Cultural Conference, 8.5.2013, Steyr 7
  8. 8. Page 8ExampleCross-Cultural Conference, 8.5.2013, Steyr 8
  9. 9. Page 9Learning Scenario| SettingCross-Cultural Conference, 8.5.2013, SteyrPre-QuestionnaireFacebookClassPost-QuestionnaireComparison ofKnowledge1 Week1 Weeks3 Weeks9
  10. 10. Page 11Categories of the KnowledgeAcquisition Test General knowledge about interculturalcommunication Stereotyping and its effects Cultural dimensions of Trompenaars and Hofstede Cultural standards according to Alexander Thomas Schulz von Thun’s square of culture anddevelopmentCross-Cultural Conference, 8.5.2013, Steyr 10
  11. 11. Page 12Results: Knowledge Acquisition Analysis via Wilcoxon Test:Z(N = 16) =-3.519, p < .05 highly significant increase from M = 4.5 (SD = 1.5)to M = 11.8 (SD = 5.5) of 29.5 possible pointsCross-Cultural Conference, 8.5.2013, Steyr 11
  12. 12. Page 13Results: EvaluationCross-Cultural Conference, 8.5.2013, SteyrAverage rating grouped by categories5 =“Very positive“ / 4 = „Rather positive“ / 3 = “Partly positive“ / 2 = „Rathernegative“ / 1 = „Very negative“12
  13. 13. Page 14Conclusio Knowledge can be transfered by using Facebook Learning scenario was constantly rated well by theparticipants Complementary use of Facebook in highereducational could be imaginedCross-Cultural Conference, 8.5.2013, Steyr 13
  14. 14. Page 15Critical Points Which role should the Instructor take? Profoundness of Contents: very basic Poor structuring of contents Flexible class timesCross-Cultural Conference, 8.5.2013, Steyr 14
  15. 15. Page 16Social Media Learning Guidline Be aware of what you share! Don‘t share criticalinformation. Moderate the group! Engage participants! Share and discuss experiences. Post micro content. (short messages) Use different kind of media (Text, Pictures, Videos) Reflect your learning goals! Reflect the learning scenario at all!!! (how long,who…)Cross-Cultural Conference, 8.5.2013, Steyr 15
  16. 16. Page 17Thank You!Mag. Dr. Tanja JadinDepartment Communication and Knowledge MediaUniversity of Applied Sciences Upper Austriatanja.jadin@fh-hagenberg.atCross-Cultural Conference, 8.5.2013, Steyr 16