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Microsoft & IoT

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Session about "Microsoft and Internet of Things" at #NuvolaRosa - Naples (Italy) 12 May 2016

Main Themes:
Internet of Things
Windows 10 IoT Core
Windows Azure Services
Windows IoT Hub
Stream Analytics
Azure Blob Storage
Power Bi

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Microsoft & IoT

  1. 1. Clemente Giorio Emerging Experiences Microsoft MVP Research & Development at Crionet @tinux80 Clemente.Giorio@Outlook.com Microsoft & IoT
  2. 2. Embedded devices
  3. 3. Internet of Things
  4. 4. IoT: gain value from Your Things Connectivity Data AnalyticsYour Things IoT is not just about collecting data, it’s about how you can use these data to gain VALUE Money New Business Models Happy Customers
  5. 5. IoT 2010
  6. 6. IoT 2015
  7. 7. IoT is an Inflection Point Hardware is cheap Connectivity is pervasive Development is easy New Innovative Scenarios Huge benefits fuel demand
  8. 8. IoT sample scenarios Pay per Print Smart vending machines Wearables for fitness and healthcare Connected cars Smart energy & Home Automation Industrial automation
  9. 9. Many “Things” Connect devices that empower and enable your people …and connect to other “things” across your enterprise Microsoft IoT Services …and use services that allow you to connect and manage the Internet of your things, and transform your business with insights. Other “things” Vehicles SensorsChips Buildings and Infrastructure Assets LoB Assets Devices POS Terminals Industrial devices ATMs Medical devices Automation Devices PCs/ Laptops Handheld Scanners TabletsSmart Phones Power BI for Office 365 Line-of-Business Services Cloud Platform and Services Data and BI Services HDInsight Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service Microsoft’s view
  10. 10. “” IoT Industry & IT Partners Vehicles SensorsChips Buildings and Infrastructure Assets LoB Assets POS Terminals Industrial devices ATMs Medical devices Automation Devices PCs/ Laptops Handheld Scanners TabletsSmart Phones
  11. 11. Microsoft IoT Comprehensive solutions from device to cloud IoT Editions Power a Broad Range of Devices 20 years of history in embedded devices One Windows platform for all devices Enterprise-ready, Maker-friendly Designed for today’s IoT environments Free IoT Core edition! Cloud-Based IoT Services & Solutions Easy to provision, use and manage Pay as you go, scale as you need Global reach, hyper scale End-to-end security & privacy Windows, Mbed, Linux, iOS, Android, RTOS support Azure IoT
  12. 12. Windows 10 IoT & UWP
  13. 13. Universal Windows Platform
  14. 14. A bigger opportunity with one Windows Windows 10 *For GA + 1 year for qualified devices
  15. 15. …and one app platform One Store + One Dev Center Full Support for Existing Code SDK + Services Adaptive User Interface Natural User Inputs
  16. 16. Windows 10 IoT Editions For Industry Devices Windows 10 Enterprise (IoT) Desktop Shell, Win32 apps 1 GB RAM, 16 GB Storage For Mobile Devices Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise (IoT) Modern Shell Mobile Chassis requirement 512 MB RAM, 4 GB storage For Small Devices Windows 10 IoT Core / Pro Dedicated devices No Shell/Store/MS Apps 256MB RAM, 2GB storage Universal Apps Windows Device Services • On all Windows IoT clients • Extends value of Windows for OEMs • OS telemetry, update management, interoperability • Azure IoT-ready Requires desktop or desktop apps– Win32, .NET, WPF, etc. ? Requires a Shell experience, multiple applications, Windows first-party applications, or mobile voice? Otherwise
  17. 17. Your first Windows IoT project
  18. 18. Your first Windows IoT Projects in few steps 21 1. You need a compatible board, a micro SD card (8GB min), Ethernet cable 2. Download Windows 10 IoT Core for free 3. Install Windows 10 IoT Core in your micro SD 4. Plug the micro SD in your board 5. Start your board and wait 6. Develop your app using Visual Studio 2015 (Community edition) 7. Deploy your app on your board
  19. 19. www.windowsondevices.com
  20. 20. DEMO – Windows 10 IoT Core
  21. 21. Windows 10 for IoT Devices The power of Windows and the Windows ecosystem on my embedded devices gets me to value faster OneWindowsPlatform Secure Connected One Windows core scalable across devices One universalapp and driver platform Onemanagement and deployment approach Enterprise-grade security Advanced Customizationand lockdown capabilities Continued innovationand support Local connectivity Cloud connectivity Device services Windows 10 IoT for Industry Devices Windows 10 IoT for Mobile Devices Windows 10 IoT for Small Devices
  22. 22. Windows Universal Platform Common & Consistent APIs Modern app dev experience Develop immersive user experiences Single UWP with apps/tasks running in parallel Languages • C++ /CX • C#, VB • JS • Python • Node.js UI Frameworks • HTML • Xaml • DirectX APIs • WinRT • Win32 • .NET • Wiring Deployment and Execution • APPX • XCopy • App Isolation Tools • Visual Studio • PowerSh ell
  23. 23. DEMO Develop UWP app for Windows 10 IoT Core
  24. 24. 30 What can you develop? https://microsoft.hackster.io/en-US
  25. 25. Azure IoT Services
  26. 26. Presentation & Business Connectivity Data Processing, Analytics and ManagementDevice Connectivity Resource constraine d devices Existing IoT devices IoT SDK Solution UX Application Business Logic Stream Processing and Analytics Business Integration Connectors and Gateway(s) Field Gateway Cloud Gateway Data Path Optional solution component IoT solution component IoT SDK Personal mobile devices IP capable devices IoT SDK Business systems Device Provisioning and Management IoT end-to-end scenario using Azure IoT services IoT Hub Stream Analytics Azure Blob Storage Power BI Windows 10 IoT Core UWP, C# Application
  27. 27. Device Connectivity – from sensor to cloud * Field Gateway is currently a concept that may represent Microsoft, 3rd party or custom capabilities at a hardware or software level Field Gateway* CoAP, AllJoyn, OPC VPN/ExpressRoute OPC, HTTP, CoAP Field Gateway* CoAP, AllJoyn, OPC IoT Hub AMQP, HTTPS Protocol Gateway (Cloud Service, VM) AMQP, HTTPS MQTT, Custom Protocols Data Path Optional solution component Azure IoT solution component Device IoT Client Device IoT Client Device IoT ClientDevice Device Device Protocol Gateway (Cloud Service, VM)
  28. 28. Azure IoT Services
  29. 29. Raspberry Pi 3 Windows 10 IoT Core UWP app on RPI3 const string deviceConnectionString = "HostName=***;DeviceId=****;SharedAccessKey=***";
  30. 30. • Designed for IoT • Connect millions of devices • Service assisted communications • Devices are not servers • Use IoT Hub to enable secure bi-directional comms • Cloud-scale messaging • Device-to-cloud and Cloud-to-device • Durable messages (at least once semantics) • Cloud-facing feedback • Delivery receipts, expired messages • Device communication errors • Per-device authentication • Individual device identities and credentials • Connection multiplexing • Single device-cloud connection for all communications (C2D, D2C) • Multi-protocol • Natively supports AMQP, HTTP • Designed for extensibility to custom protocols • Multi-platform • Device SDKs available for multiple platforms (e.g. RTOS, Linux, Windows) • Multi-platform Service SDK. IoT Hub https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/iot-hub/
  31. 31. https://github.com/Azure/azure-iot-sdks Device Explorer: useful tool to view the messages sent between device and cloud Connect your app with Azure IoT Hub
  32. 32. Stream Analytics https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/stream-analytics/
  33. 33. Components of an Azure Stream Analytics Application Azure SQL DB Azure Event Hubs Azure Blob StorageAzure Blob Storage Azure IoT Hub Reference Data Query runs continuously against incoming stream of events Events Have a defined schema and are temporal (sequenced in time) Stream Analytics
  34. 34. Power Bi https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/
  35. 35. Power BI Overview Data sources Power BI service SaaS solutions e.g. Marketo, Salesforce, GitHub, Google analytics On-premises data e.g. Analysis Services Organizational content packs Corporate data sources or external data services Azure services Azure SQL, Stream Analytics… Excel files Workbook data / data models Power BI Desktop files Data from files, databases, Azure, and other sources Data refresh Visualizations Live dashboards Content packs Sharing & collaborationNatural language query Reports Datasets01001 10101
  36. 36. Data visualization with PowerBI • Highly accessible analytics – Cloud based dashboard and analytics tool, • 360º view of business KPI’s • Customize dashboards to address concerns and performance metrics. • Cross platform support – View data via web platform, on any device • Pre-built dashboards – Utilize standard dashboards for rapid deployment, based on popular solution demands. • Real time capabilities – Ingest, analyze and display data as it happens • Secure access – Secure, live communication with data source • Query data – Intuitive, natural language query tool • Integrated systems – Integrate with other business systems and enrich device data with intelligence from other business systems, eg: CRM, ERP
  37. 37. What else can you do?
  38. 38. References • C# course - http://aka.ms/mvacs • IoTHelpers on TecHeroes - http://aka.ms/thiot • IoT Hub SDKs on GitHub - github.com/azure/azure-iot-sdks • IoT Suite - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/server-cloud/internet- of-things/azure-iot-suite.aspx • PowerBi O365 Trial - https://powerbi.microsoft.com/it- it/documentation/powerbi-admin-signing-up-for-power-bi-with-a- new-office-365-trial
  39. 39. Questions? Ask in our Forums  Sviluppo su Azure: http://aka.ms/svilupposuazure SQL Server: http://aka.ms/sqlserverit Windows 10 Infra: http://aka.ms/win10itproit Windows server 2012 e 2008: http://aka.ms/windowserverit Sharepoint e Visual Studio: http://aka.ms/sharepointvsto Windows Store e Universal Windows Platform: http://aka.ms/windowsapplic
  40. 40. Thank you 