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GPT3 API vs. Reality

  1. GPT3 API vs. Reality Natural language book finding on LibraryThing. Tim Spalding, LibraryThing March 28, 2023
  2. My Business: Book Lovers and Libraries LibraryThing (Goodreads cloned us) TinyCat (Libary catalogs for small schools, churches, etc.) Syndetics Unbound (Makes “real” library catalogs better.)
  3. Everyone is talking about AI • Right?
  4. The “Holy Shit” Moment • I’ve long been a skeptic. • Was I right? • Called an all-company meeting after GPT4 came out.
  5. What Can We Do With This? • Recommendations? No. • Data-filling. No, ick. • Writing stuff, summaries? Yes, ick! • Classification • Yes, but not that interesting • Finding books?!?
  6. Problem 1: Hallucinates ISBNs
  7. Problem 1: Hallucinates Text
  8. Problem 2: Hallucinates Books
  9. Problem 3: Slow “I haven’t watched this many progress bars since the 90s.” — Benedict Evans Problem 4: Out of date GPT3/4 cut-off at September 2021
  10. Solution: GPT3 + Reality® • Query GPT3 • Ask for JSON • Don’t ask for explanations, commentary, etc. • Parse each book against LibraryThing • Throw out the crap • Use only our versions of the data • Deliver only real books, no comments
  11. Unexpected Problem: JSON hallucinations
  12. Reaction: Good
  13. Learnings • Hallucinations are a big problem • Everything is hallucinated, even format • Reality can put a check on hallucinations • Don’t use where important • GPT is still slow •
  14. Thank you! Tim Spalding, LibraryThing March 28, 2023