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Language is a Map (keynote file)

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The Ignite talk I gave at WPPStream Athens in September 2012. It explains the role of General Semantics and the work of George Simon in shaping my approach to the world.

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Language is a Map (keynote file)

  1. The skill of writing is to create acontext in which other people canthink. Edwin Schlossberg
  2. Language is a map that can help us see more deeplyAlfalfa Oat GrassOrchardGrass
  3. George Simon
  4. Alfred Korzybski: General Semantics
  5. “The map is not the territory.”
  6. Korzybski’s“StructuralDifferential”was a trainingdevice to helprecognize theprocess ofabstraction
  7. The real world isrepresented by aparabola because it’sopen ended andeffectively infinite
  8. Our individualexperiences leaveout much detail ofthe events thattriggered them.And none of thoseexperiences areidentical.
  9. We label ourexperiences.The problemis that many ofus get lost inlabels and forgetthey aren’t theunderlying reality
  10. We become the sum of our experiences andthe stories we’ve told abut them A C “Beingness” “Identity” B D “Experience” “Map”
  11. Knowing where you are in the processhelps you to correct your mapA C “Beingness” “Identity”B D “Experience” “Map”
  12. Positive Reframing• Free Software --> Open Source• dot com bust --> Web 2.0
  13. ACCRS