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Books: A Love Story (keynote file)

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These are the slides I used for the Ignite presentation that I gave at Kiwi Foo in February 2012. It features books that I've loved, and tells a story about why loving books matters. See the notes for the narrative that went along with it. There is no video.

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Books: A Love Story (keynote file)

  1. Books: a love story Tim O’Reilly @timoreilly Ignite!:KiwiFoo February 10, 2012
  2. You may think of the kinds of books I publish
  3. “Time-binding”“Language is a map”“The map is not the territory”
  4. “The poem is the cry of its occasion,Part of the res itself and not about it.”“said words of the world are the life of the world”“searches the possible for its possibleness” -from An Ordinary Evening in New HavenPoetry too is a map, a way of helping us see moredeeply.
  5. “The smallness and themeanness of the towns is atestament to the courage ittook to put them there.”
  6. “The skill of writing is to create acontext in which other people canthink.” -Edwin Schlossberg
  7. • The Open Source Paradigm Shift• What is Web 2.0?• Government as a Platform• The Maker movement
  8. “Rid of formalized wisdom and learningPeople would be a hundredfold happier,Rid of conventionalized duty and honorPeople would find their families dear,Rid of legalized profiteeringPeople would have no thieves to fear.”
  9. Culture is literature, art,music, and philosophy as putto work in your own life, asopposed to “mere education”
  10. More than just a swimming hole: 1066 touches me in 1969 The headwaters of the River Derwent, the river that ran red with blood when Harold, the last of the Saxon kings, fought off Tostig and the Vikings before going down to meet William at Hastings in 1066
  11. A powerful sense of the dangersof predicting the future.
  12. • “One of his central ideas is that human consciousness exists on--and by virtue of--a dangerous edge of crisis, and that the most essential human strength is the ability to dance on that edge. The more man confronts the dangers of the unknown, the more conscious he becomes.”• Full text at http:// tim.oreilly.com/herbert/
  13. A vision of a richer, moremeasured life in animaginary country much likeold New Zealand
  14. “Given that we can liveonly a small part of whatthere is in us, whathappens to the rest?”
  15. Anne of Green Gables
  16. Anne of Green Gables “A girl! What use can she be to us?” “I was thinking maybe we could be of some use to her.” Megan Follows and Richard Farnsworth
  17. • Delacroix paints the Biblical story of Jacob wrestling with an Angel• Rilke treats this same story in his poem The Man Watching
  18. I use it to inspire geeks to work on stuff that matters