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mLearn: Lessons Through Exploration

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An overview of the progress of the mLearn project at Charles Sturt University, what we have learnt and what we plan to do next.

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mLearn: Lessons Through Exploration

  3. 3. Session 1Student trials - ITC594, EML302 & MRS222LibrarySESSION 2Apps in Nursing: Simulation and resourcesiPads for AccessibilityDemonstrating mathematics using an iPadiPads for TeachingiPads for WritingMobile Devices for Digital Media
  4. 4. Subject OutlinesDesign and development of a web appLearning ResourcesMobilising existing content
  5. 5. How didwe do it?
  6. 6. What HAVEwe learnT?
  7. 7. Devices aredesigned tobe personal
  8. 8. DeviceLimitationsNot everything is betterWiFi only models were limiting their mobilityDevice became a distraction at timesNon mobile friendly access
  9. 9. DeviceAdvantagesPortabilityApplicationsTouch InterfaceDigital Literacies
  10. 10. The LearningCurveNo like-for-like comparisonsLack of a visible file system, availableapplications and incompatible file typesFocus on the technology rather than the skillsand concepts related to subject content.
  11. 11. About theipads
  12. 12. 1. Connectivity2. CONTENT3. SUPPORT4. EXTENSIBILITY
  13. 13. What didSTUDENTSSAY?
  14. 14. The device cannot replace theirlaptop/desktop100% of students used the deviceto read.100% of students accessed CSUInteract92% want textbooks and learningmaterials available
  15. 15. TABLET IS THECHOICE FORAccessing InteractAccessing student.csuReading learning materialsReading the textbookTaking to classTaking on practicum
  16. 16. LAPTOP IS THECHOICE FORWriting an EssayUsing PebblePadWriting a blog
  18. 18. Existing resources are too specificThere is a lack of consistency indevelopmentDiverse content across our broadcourse profileContent needs to be decoupledfrom presentation
  19. 19. content needs toflow like water,changing its shapeto match everypresentationchannel
  20. 20. SubjectOutlines
  21. 21. What’sNext?
  22. 22. Rollout of SubjectOutlines for201330Continuation of thedevice trials
  23. 23. Development anddelivery of mobilecontentCentral CSU MobileResource
  24. 24. COMING SOON:Expressionof interestfor 2013
  25. 25. KEEP TALKING Twitter - @timklapdor Blog - timklapdor.wordpress.com IMAGE REFERENCES The Geocacher - http://goo.gl/7muk1 PE.2011::078/365 - http://goo.gl/RJnXE Reading Folklore on the iPad - http://goo.gl/6nI8D One of my Learning Spots - http://goo.gl/p0yoH Our Direction - http://goo.gl/lMWCU the right direction - http://goo.gl/VZtJJ