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Yuvee, Inc. announces the “one-thumb surfing” tagline for We...                                http://www.webwire.com/ViewP...
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Yuvee press release 2012.2 announcing the “one thumb surfing” tagline for WebHub® (www.webhub.mobi)

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This is a May 2012 Yuvee press release announcing the "one-thumb surfing" tagline for Yuvee's WebHub cloud app at www.webhub.mobi that takes all the hard steps out of surfing the Web from touchscreen mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets

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Yuvee press release 2012.2 announcing the “one thumb surfing” tagline for WebHub® (www.webhub.mobi)

  1. 1. Yuvee, Inc. announces the “one-thumb surfing” tagline for We... http://www.webwire.com/ViewPressRel_print.asp?SESSIONI... Yuvee, Inc. announces the “one-thumb surfing” tagline for WebHub® (www.webhub.mobi) WEBWIRE – Monday, May 21, 2012 Yuvee announces the “one-thumb surfing”℠ tagline for WebHub. WebHub is a cloud application, meaning that the application is reachable at its website (www.webhub.mobi) from any device with an up-to-date browser, including smartphones. WebHub offers “one-thumb surfing” because users can surf the Web from their touchscreen smartphones using just the thumb of the hand holding the phone. All the hard steps for browsing the Web from mobile are gone: no typing or even remembering URLs, no typing search queries or sifting through search results, no syncing bookmarks, no waiting to get home to look up usernames and passwords, and fewer icons. WebHub organizes the Web into “hubs” and into categories within Hubs. WebHub has a wide and growing number of these hubs and categories, giving people access to a huge range of the Web with almost no effort. There are “hubs” for almost any interest and any type of Web surfer: news junkies, general surfers, shoppers, sports fans, search fanatics, etc. WebHub also lets users create their own, private, personalized and unique Hubs and categories. WebHub is powered by Yuvee’s patented “NeoKeys” technology. Tim Higginson, founder of Yuvee, says: “WebHub gives people the full richness of the Web from their mobile with none of the hassles of mobile surfing.” RELATED LINKS The home page for the WebHub cloud app The download page for the WebHub smarticon access app Youtube channel for WebHub intro and tutorial videos WebWireID156767 CONTACT INFORMATION Tim Higginson President Yuvee, Inc. Contact via E-mail This news content may be integrated into any legitimate news gathering and publishing effort. Linking is permitted. WebWire® 1995 - 20121 of 1 6/22/12 3:08 PM