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What Does the Equity Administrator Do, Anyway?

  1. WHAT DOES THE EQUITY ADMINISTRATOR DO, ANYWAY? Presentation to Library Assembly Timothy Hackman April 18, 2017
  2. OUTLINE • What are the University of Maryland’s goals re: Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion? • What does the Equity Administrator do? • How can the Equity Administrator help me? • Q&A
  3. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND GOALS Key Documents: • Equal to the Best: 2016 Strategic Plan Update for the University of Maryland, • Transforming Maryland: Expectations for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion, (2010) • Transforming Maryland – Higher Expectations: The Strategic Plan for the University of Maryland (2008)
  4. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND GOALS • Vigorously recruit, enroll, retain, and graduate low-income and underrepresented ethnic minority students (undergrad and grad), in all disciplines, as well as female students in STEM disciplines. • Increase need-based financial aid resources to support low-income students. • Vigorously recruit, hire, tenure, and promote underrepresented-minority faculty in all disciplines, as well as female faculty in disciplines where they are underrepresented. • Foster an inclusive climate, where there is a strong sense of community and where students, staff, and faculty from all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds feel welcomed, valued, and actively engaged -- Equal to the Best, VII, p. 20
  5. ROLE OF THE EQUITY ADMINISTRATORS Advise the University President and administration on: • The recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce; • Facilitation to resolve complaints by students and employees, in consultation with other appropriate campus personnel and offices; • Ways in which to foster respectful, professional, and equitable work environments
  6. ROLE OF THE EQUITY ADMINISTRATORS Provide assistance at the unit level with: • Developing unit policies to ensure compliance with state and federal statutes in accordance with university-wide policies; • Assisting in the development and review of diversity goals within units; • Monitoring searches and hiring for all faculty and staff positions; • Conducting periodic reviews of progress and suggesting the need for re-evaluation and corrective action; • Working with other unit members to analyze tenure, promotion, and salary equity processes and policies; • Serving as an intermediary in the unit to resolve faculty, staff, and students complaints of unfair treatment.
  7. THE EQUITY COUNCIL Chaired by the Chief Diversity Officer & Associate Vice President, the Equity Council: • Serves as an advisory resource to the President, individual council members, and the campus community; • Provides leadership in the articulation and development of affirmative action policies and procedures for the campus community; • Reviews and recommends, as appropriate, search and selection policies and procedures for the University and its colleges and departments; • Provides analytical reports and observations to the President.
  8. SO WHAT DO I ACTUALLY DO? Advise on many phases of Search and Selection process: • Approve job descriptions • Deliver the Equity Charge at initial search committee meetings • Approve Search & Selection Plans • Approve phone and in-person interview questions • Respond to questions from search committees and LHR re: equity concerns during the search process • Review and approve committee minutes and documentation to ensure all candidates are evaluated equitably • Review and approve requests for search waivers
  9. SO WHAT DO I ACTUALLY DO? Other tasks: • Track data on the Libraries’ efforts to recruit, hire, and retain a diverse workforce • Meet with the Dean and LMG to discuss Libraries’ efforts in these areas • Meet with Libraries Human Resources regularly and monitor list of searches in progress • Attend monthly Equity Council meetings and respond to requests for information from the University’s Chief Diversity Officer or designee • Act as a resource for Libraries’ staff regarding perceived inequities in the workplace. Escalate or refer cases appropriately.
  10. HOW CAN I HELP YOU? • About the Equity Administrator and Equity Council • Standard Equity Charge • Campus, Government, and Other Resources • Interview Questions and Interviewing Tips • Libraries EEO Data (in progress) • Report an Equity Concern

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  1. Stats? Libi and other resources; what are my goals, what is my approach? How does the libraries’ equity admin. fit into campus structures?