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Future Proofing SEO

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Tim Grice talks about future proofing your SEO strategy to prevent being penalised by one of Google's frequent algorithms. SEO has to be an integrated part of the marketing campaign and not in a silo.

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Future Proofing SEO

  1. 1. Future Proofing SEOFuture Proofing SEO Tim Grice
  2. 2. Future Proofing SEOWhy?
  3. 3. Future Proofing SEO
  4. 4. Future Proofing SEOPanda
  5. 5. Future Proofing SEO
  6. 6. Future Proofing SEO Forum Profiles Link Directory Exchanges Submissions Content Comment Syndication Spam ArticleBlog Networks Marketing Text Links
  7. 7. Future Proofing SEOAdvertorials
  8. 8. Future Proofing SEO SEO has changed…..For those who cut corners
  9. 9. Future Proofing SEOYou’ll Never Beat The Algorithm!
  10. 10. Future Proofing SEOContinue to fight the algorithm? Panda Unnatural Links Penguin
  11. 11. Future Proofing SEOThe Disavow Tool is Live!
  12. 12. Future Proofing SEOAnd it works…..
  13. 13. Future Proofing SEORemove thembefore weremove you!
  14. 14. Future Proofing SEOSimple Strategy• Have the best landing pages• Have a ‘real’ reason for people to link to you• Make sure people do link to you
  15. 15. Future Proofing SEOPage Quality
  16. 16. Future Proofing SEOLoveHundreds of user engagement signals are analysed and fed into anartificial intelligence algorithmThe algorithm learns how to detect whether users love a site or not(probably with the help of seed sites)Remember, Chrome has 33% market share & Analytics is in use on over10m websites
  17. 17. Future Proofing SEOBBCRanks higher than the Met OfficeLots of ‘engaging’ contentEasy to use and navigate
  18. 18. Future Proofing SEORankings won’t be future proofed unless you have the best page
  19. 19. Future Proofing SEOReal Assets
  20. 20. Future Proofing SEOIf a piece of content doesn’t warrant a share, it probably doesn’t warrant a link….
  21. 21. Future Proofing SEODoing Real StuffWould you do this if it didn’t help withSEO?When you release a new page or pieceof content would your MD or PRdepartment tweet about it?If not then you probably shouldn’t bedoing it
  22. 22. Future Proofing SEOWhat assets can we leverage? Competitions Data PR Videos Charity Work SEO Images Content USP Products
  23. 23. Future Proofing SEOEverybody has an opinion!
  24. 24. Future Proofing SEONews Strategy Shortlist Target News Brainstorm Launch Content Sites Rewrite Social Use Quote Publish on Target Sites
  25. 25. Future Proofing SEOAn Integrated Outreach Approach Data Insight Industry News PR Integrated Outreach Marketing Campaigns Significant Events Social Media External
  26. 26. Future Proofing SEOSponsorshipsLadbrokes’ sponsorship of the 2013 World Darts Championships byworking with high profile websites such as Londonist to host ticketgiveaways.As well as creating high quality links this also generated lots ofsocial noise with the total social reach of the campaign over 377,365people.
  27. 27. Future Proofing SEOMixing Offline with Online
  28. 28. Future Proofing SEOHow It Works For Vue CinemasConstant communication and a weekly update withPR and Social agencies for Vue results in top qualitycontent and links from trusted established resourceswhich are relevant to their target audience.Radio Times78 retweets179 Facebook interactions*Link from high authority siteDomain Authority: 74
  29. 29. Future Proofing SEODon’t chase the algorithm, work on what’s real….
  30. 30. Future Proofing SEOMake Sure People Link to You (aka outreach)
  31. 31. Future Proofing SEODon’t Chase Competitors’ Bad LinksThey’ve Probably Disavowed Them…
  32. 32. Future Proofing SEOThink About the FutureGoogle has a history of devaluing every type of link that was created for SEOpurposes• Directory links• Press release syndication• Article syndication• Blatant paid links• Wordpress theme links• And many moreUnless the links you build are part of your overall marketing & communicationsstrategy they will only work for a limited amount of time
  33. 33. Future Proofing SEOTargeted Outreach?• We spend so much time looking for link targets• Content is placed on any relevant website• Who is going to read it?• Who is going to share it?• Are we putting our content in front of the right people?
  34. 34. Future Proofing SEOIf it was for Branded3?
  35. 35. Future Proofing SEOWhat about a much bigger audience?
  36. 36. Future Proofing SEOFollowerwonk – Finding Influencers
  37. 37. Future Proofing SEOhttp://www.tweetarchivist.com
  38. 38. Future Proofing SEOOutreach List
  39. 39. Future Proofing SEOWe can still use this…
  40. 40. Future Proofing SEOJustifying a Link• Relevant• Great Metrics• High Traffic• Socially active• Target AudienceWould your PR/Marketing Director sign off a piece of content/link?
  41. 41. Future Proofing SEOWe can apply the same principles to content
  42. 42. Future Proofing SEOThis is useful, but it’s not a content roadmap
  43. 43. Future Proofing SEOIt’s not just about keywords…. Awareness Interest Consideration Purchase Retention Advocacy • Blog • Demos • Benefits • Locators • Blog • Emails Posts • Videos • Compare • Geo Posts • Newsletters • News • Imagery • Features pages • News • Fan pages • Video • Giveaways
  44. 44. Future Proofing SEOEvery piece of content can be used to justify/earn links!
  45. 45. Future Proofing SEOIt’s about SEO marketing not SEO manipulation.
  46. 46. Future Proofing SEOSummary• The industry needs to mature and stop fighting the algorithm• Shortcuts will be short lived• SEO is about Marketing, NOT manipulation• You develop relationships with industry influencers… or become one!
  47. 47. Future Proofing SEOQuestionstim.grice@branded3.com@tim_grice