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XCC Benefits - Who profits from XCC?

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XCC Benefits - Who profits from XCC?

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XCC Benefits - Who profits from XCC?

  1. 1. Who profits from XCC ? Web Content and Custom Applications for IBM Connections
  2. 2. Community Managers Line of Business IBM Connections and XCC for... Internal Communications Customers & Partners Mobile Users Anonymous Access Custom Applications Cloud Lovers New Users Average User
  3. 3. XCC for the New Users Improved Onboarding Experience with step by step guide, e.g.: Welcome Introduction -> Message from the chairmen Video -> Motivation & training Social Media Guidelines / Terms of Use Acceptance My Picture -> Upload your picture My Profile -> Edit your profile My Suggestions -> Build your network, follow people and communities My Preferences -> Set your Intranet preferences Intranet Home -> Proceed to the Intranet homepage See Video http://youtu.be/Kc7qqVzQG9U New Users
  4. 4. XCC for Internal Communications With XCC Internal Communications is made social, i.e. its content can be liked and commented (unless commenting is disabled) Content publishing, liking and commenting is integrated into the Activity Stream and will be noticed by peers Content maintenance can very effectively be delegated to Line of Business, this reducing work load for Internal Communications Content masters can not only create and publish content but curate content too (i.e. publish blog entries from employees on landing pages / homepage) Internal Communications
  5. 5. XCC for Line of Business Web Content Management Systems are excellent for communication professionals, but too complex for part time users from Line of Business IBM Connections is made for end users without training, i.e. it is very easy to use and thus “management compatible” Create Landing Pages for each Business and Service Unit. Link all landing pages thru one or thru cascading navigations. Delegate maintenance to Line of Business managers and their assistants. Business and Service Units can even have their own interpretation of the corporate style guide. Line of Business Intranet Homepage (personalized & targeted) SU1 BU1 BU2 SU2
  6. 6. XCC for Community Managers With “XCC for Communities” Community Owners can completely customize the community landing without any HTML Aggregate content from the community, sub-communities, external content and custom applications Structure content, let community members and visitors notice important content at first sight Visualize with complete layout control Very easy, very fast, very flexible to use See Video https://youtu.be/fPksMAuJ2SE Community Managers
  7. 7. XCC for the Average User Improved content quality, reduced content fragmentation, overlap, redundancy and inconsistency Improved user experience, no need to choose between different websites. Communication and Collaboration are either on the same page or available within one click “Everything is in one place, employees do not need to choose where to browse and search content” High degree of personalization and targeting - most relevant content is displayed most prominent (personal preferences, region, location, department, branch etc.) The threshold to participate and engage in the Social Intranet is lowered, content creation can be rewarded Average User
  8. 8. XCC for Custom Applications Integrate Custom Applications using with Single Sign On iFrame Widgets Clipping Widgets Custom CSS Custom JavaScript JavaScript Event Handler Framework Create an alternative to the Notes tile workspace for younger generation See Video http://youtu.be/GMvT-fUBg1g See Presentation Custom Applications
  9. 9. XCC for Mobile Users Mobile User Support causes no extra cost XCC is integrated into IBM Connections Apps for Android, Blackberry and iOS XCC uses the latest Bootstrap templates and is responsive too See video http://youtu.be/jv4CrO4DQHE Mobile Users
  10. 10. XCC for Anonymous Access Provide Internal Communications to Blue Collar / service workers that do not have an LDAP account Anonymous Access must be activated by an Admin Anonymous access is restricted to reading only (no comments, no likes etc.) to XCC pages that have been explicitly been by Web Masters marked as “Available to Anonymous Access” to IBM Connections Content from public and moderated communities. Content from restricted communities will never be exposed to anonymous access. Access Restrictions and Personalization must be achieved on a Network level (i.e. identifying IP address) Anonymous Access
  11. 11. XCC for Customers & Partners Create an Extranet for Customers & Partners Create and maintain content once, use it in the Intranet and Extranet Communicate to Customers & Partners with targeted and personalized landing pages - IBM Connections is for free for external users  Manage external user invitation, registration, passwords with UAM – User Access Manager for IBM Connections Customers & Partners
  12. 12. XCC for Cloud Lovers Create a complete and deeply integrated Intranet with Communication, Collaboration and Custom Apps without any investment in software licenses or technology XCC for IBM Connections Cloud is available on Premises, on IaaS/PaaS Offering now and will be available as SaaS Offering soon Cloud Lovers IBM Connections Cloud + XCC Cloud = Intranet as a Service
  13. 13. Bonus
  14. 14. XCC for the IT Department XCC dramatically reduces Intranet complexity as it eliminates the need for an extra Web Content Management or Application Integration platform and all requirements for platform integration (single sign on, search integration, access management etc.) XCC can be installed within 60 minutes, and can be tested and customized without any interference of the production environment. Even complete Intranet re-launches can be prepared in “Stealth Mode” With XCC Intranet projects shift focus within hours from technology to content. Intranet projects are tremendously accelerated. IT Department
  15. 15. XCC for CFOs Eliminate Web CMS costs for Selection Purchase Implementation Integration Training and Running another platform besides IBM Connections. CFOs
  16. 16. More Information http://connections-apps.com/xcc Call or Mail us for Questions ! Felix Binsack (IBM Champion, XCC Product Idea & Sponsor) +49 221 97343-10 felix.binsack@timetoact.de Philipp van den Boom (XCC Inside Sales) + 49 221 97343-66 Philipp.vandenBoom@timetoact.de xcc-support@timetoact.de http://xcc-support.timetoact.de + 49 221 97343-53
  17. 17. Appendix: TIMETOACT Products for IBM Connections
  18. 18. Simplify and Improve IBM Connections Administration, Content Management and User Management http://connections-apps.com/cat Self Services and User Management, Password and Security Management for External (Guest) Usershttp://connections-apps.com/uam Integrate Internal Communications and Custom Applications into IBM Connections http://connections-apps.com/xcc